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    posted a message on Round or Square Moon\Sun Poll [BY NOTCH]
    This isn´t precisely new, all thes poll stuff has been in the forums since yesterday, and there are a lot of topics talking about this and the round/square moon/sun, you don't need to add the topic number 100 about it. You're not so new that you can't use forum search -.- please don't be noob
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    posted a message on Which Update you think got more Features?
    You can't really ask for an opinion on this. It's exactly the same thing for all of use, even if some people think it was 1.8 and some think it was 1.9, the truth is that only one of them has more features, and so far, 1.8 is that version.

    1.8 included a whole lot of new and different stuff like: strongholds, villages, abandoned mineshafts, new biomes, new mobs, improved combat system, food/hunger system, more farming options, creative mode, sprinting, experience, etc,

    While 1.9 is mostly improved nether, new world the end, some new items+mobs, animal breeding, hardcore mode, potions, item enchant/repairing and a few minor stuff

    Frankly, 1.8 presented a lot of bigger features, 1.8 simply adjusted and corrected most of them and added some stuff to already existent features.

    People will vote 1.9 not because it's better or because it has more features, but because it is new, and people always do that with new stuff.
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    posted a message on Minecraft more addicting than Runescape?
    Runescape addicting?¨That game couldn't be more boring :/
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    posted a message on What you pay is what you get
    Quote from Mr_Saxobeat

    That was amazing for someone who does not have english as their main language.
    Anyways, I disagree with you
    For me, most people who started with alpha were older then me
    Even if alpha was already out when i was born
    I got hooked in 1.5 by watching videos(yogscast,ethoslab,captainsparklez,antvenom, and a lot of other good lpers)and then i tried to find a pirated version since i was just a kid without a credit card.I finally got my parents to buy me the real game in 1.8.
    I also introduced the game to my friends and when they diden't believe me, i lent them the pirate version and they were hooked like i was.They also got their parents to buy them the game and now we play almost everyday on our private server.So pirates can actually be helping to make the game more well known.

    Edit:Some pirates actually get so hooked that when they can't play multiplayer, they buy the game.

    Hmm I'm not sure I understand your post, I really can't find what did you read that actually make you think I said pirates weren't helping with that. Basically, the only thing I said about piracy was that a lot of people would probably pirate extra content, but I never said anything about if what pirates do is good or bad xD
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    posted a message on A little tired of pre-releases....
    Quote from zendesuka

    I hear you man, these pre releases are dampening the fun a bit. I have been waiting for 1.9 to come out to play (1.9), but I don't think I want to wait through every single pre release. Each pre release is just another unfinished, glitchy tease.

    You want to treat us like animals Notch!? WE ARE GOING TO ACT LIKE ANIMALS! *Downloads latest pre release*

    Don't worry, if you aren't able to make your own decisions, like, for example, saying "I won't download pre-releases so I don't blow up the fun, I will wait for 1.9", if you can't do that, then you are already an animal and you don't have to worry about becoming one :wink.gif:

    In the end, being able to make decisions, and being able to think, are the things that makes us human, if you don't have those two things, well, you really would be more like an animal.
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    posted a message on New Block Ideas
    Quite boring :/ frankly this is all such a common stuff
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    posted a message on Scariest mob in game?
    Well, none of them is scary unless you're like 12, frankly, if you're 15+ and you get scared with a game like this, you probably haven't seen a horror film, like ever :/
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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    Quote from Cryazote

    First, thanks for your job on this tool, I use it in many ways, it helps alot.

    Same problem for me.

    With 1.31 version I had a warning that the program couldn't find msvcr100.dll, but when clicking OK, it worked fine anyway.
    With 1.4 version I had the same warning but Stronghold Finder wouldn't open, so I downloaded the requested dll and now I have no warning anymore, wich is fine, but your tool crashes with the same error wndow as Wiesl...

    You can't simply add msvcr100.dll file to your PC, it's a part of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package, so if you don't install all of it, it's just useless to add simply the missing file.
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    posted a message on Silk Touch Enchatment>?
    Quote from LoneWolf2142

    wrong pre-release version? you need number 4,
    If it was the wrong version this user probably wouldn't be able to enchant at all.
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    posted a message on Anyone else notice the past few updates are stolen mods?
    There isn't such a thing as stolen mods. It's THEIR game, and everything you can do with it, they can do it too, just because people does a mod, that doesn't mean they can't add it, that's not stealing, that's simply adding things people wants, who cares if someone made a mod first? it's not like you actually know what they have planned, so you actually CAN'T say they didn't plan for that things before mods were released. Stop being so noob people.
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    posted a message on Notch is making a mistake
    If you don't like them, DON'T download them, no one forces you to do it, you choose that by yourself. Thanks to pre-releases they get a lot of feedback allowing them to make final 1.9 better. If you don't like them, then just wait for 1.9 to be released and stop complaining like a baby, because if you don't like that, it is YOUR FAULT for downloading it.
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    posted a message on A little tired of pre-releases....
    Try to READ before you create topics. It was said WAY too much, even in the official developers' twitter accounts, that they will be givin' only pre-releases untily October 18th, when the code is freezed and they will stop adding new stuff to start optimizing the game.

    Plus, you have nothing to complain for (yes, you ARE complaining), because NO ONE forces you to play them, you want full 1.9? wait for it. The game is WAY better thanks to pre-releases, thanks to people's feedback.
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    posted a message on Free future DLC for Alpha buyers.
    Quote from ottoguy2

    But if the admin on a server have lets say, 2 add ons. That means that everybody o nthe server must have it. Right?

    People needs to have exactly the same basic stuff the server has, and then players may add their own mods if they're allowed by the server, but it has to be the same game version, so if someone made a server of some version with DLC, then people would need to have it to play there.
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    posted a message on Free future DLC for Alpha buyers.
    Quote from Modern Caveman

    I agree with, that DLCs would split up the community. It's also unfair. Alpha players don't get a privilege, Beta players get rather cheated (or was any Beta player clearly informed, that there would be paid-for DLCs in the future, when he/she pre-purchased the game?). Besides, there are only like 1% of the Alpha buyers, who really helped to develope the game. I had prefered it, if Beta players had to pay 40€ instead of 15€ and would get DLCs for free, too. This way, Beta players would at least know, that they don't have to pay for the game ever again during it's development. But it seems to be a cleverer move to sell it cheap and charge more money after a certain point during the development, which is the "release" in this case. It's actually not a real release. What about underwater content? It was planned to be introduced "soon" half a year ago. What do we have now? Squids and Fishes. That's everything. But there's probably gonna be a DLC for "more underwater content
    - The ocean update".

    What's the point of pre-purchasing, if the game costs 50€ at the end, if you pay for every DLC? It is a lie that you pay only once for Minecraft.

    Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with how fast the game is developed and there are actually more good changes than bad changes, that are being introduced into Minecraft. It's an awesome game and I will probably always like it. The flat terrain will probably not bother me anymore soon, when we will be able to select the World type.

    If we won't have to pay for more content, I'll take everything I said back, but it's very unlikely.

    Well, that's why I made a topic about this, frankly, it isn't logic to try to sell DLC for a game like this, with modding and other stuff, it would be highly complicated and really unproductive :/ I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens, but I don't really thing they will actually charge for extra post-release content, specially since they really never said they wouldn't give it for free to beta players, they just said they won't promise you anything, it's just legal stuff, to make sure they don't legally owe you anything.
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    posted a message on 1.10? doubt it
    Not this again. I'm so tired of noobs posting cr** because they just CAN'T use forum search -.- it was posted a lot of times that Notch CONFIRMED in his twitter that there won't be a 2.0 version, that after 1.9 would come 1.10. Why are you even saying all this nonsenses again? there are like 50 topics about it, and sadly, I'm not exaggerating :sad.gif:

    (And no, I'm not posting the source, go and look for it by yourself, it's posted all over the forum, learn how to search)
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