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    IP: skyland.serv.onl

    Everything is W.I.P. and subject to change.

    I am currently running a Java 1.14 server in the Open Testing InDev phase running a combination of datapacks I have created and modified versions of others. (Make sure to accept the resourcepack when joining)

    My ultimate goal is to create a pack you can plop into any Minecraft world and transform it into an RPG experience.

    Gameplay is meant to still have Minecraft elements while introducing RPG progression in a new way. The aesthetic of the resourcepack and all textures is to stay vanilla-like.

    Inspirations include Breath of the Wild, Hexxit (Technic Modpack), Dungeon Realms, Zentrela, Realm of the Mad God, and a ton of Minecraft RPG servers.

    I want you to explore it but some notable things to get you started since there's no in-game hint yet:

    - break leaves to get sticks and break grasses to get straw and flint

    - throwing straw on the ground in a stack of 4 will make it turn into a haystack (try breaking it again with your scythe)

    - fish is earned from fishing and fruit and berries are gathered from foraging grasses/leaves

    - throw 3 sticks and 2 flint on the ground to make a campfire

    - cookable foods such as fish can be cooked when thrown around the campfire unstacked

    - you may receive loot chests from mobs and from finding them around the world. they currently provide weapons, shields, coins, and other loot.

    - there is a rarity system that encompasses all items and mobs akin to BOTW



    displaying the rarity system

    (these are only major updates. check the discord for every update and hotfix)

    InDev 1.0

    - new players spawn with a harvesting scythe, basic fishing rod, and loot chest
    - loot chests properly award players with the respective loot table now
    - neutral and invulnerable mob handling is working and enabled
    - neutral mobs drop coins and occasionally loot chests
    - mob health bar datapack by divano242622 (https://datapackcenter.com/projects/mob-health-bar-ssp-smp-1-14-x.40/)
    - a plethora of new food types created by Athesial have been added to the loot drops of leaves (https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/maps/2966140-vanilla-1-14-32-new-fruits-variations-on-a-theme#c1)
    - create thatch by throwing down 4 straw items
    - fishing loot has been expanded slightly

    Update: InDev 1.1

    - villagers now trade gold coins for gold bars
    - animated skeletons have invaded the skylands. their skulls bounce away when defeated so make sure to crush em before they reanimate!
    - bug fixes

    Update: InDev 1.2

    - a new stamina mechanic has been added. Running, Jumping, Attacking, Diving, as well as a new mechanic: Climbing, all drain stamina.
    - climb by looking up while facing a block and holding sneak(crouch)
    - to prone, another new mechanic, you look straight down and keep holding sneak(crouch)
    - skeletons show their name always now
    - mobs underground are teleported to the surface
    - items on the ground are now initialized with the RPG system (Ex: eggs, sticks, ...)

    climbing and proning

    stamina drains from sprinting, jumping, attacking, and diving. if you run out of stamina in water, you drown!

    you can probably see that this mechanic was inspired by Breath of the Wild!

    Update: InDev 1.3

    - Zombies and Skeletons can be found roaming around. Only the common variety is available as of now.
    - When you attack a mob their health will now be shown above their names
    - Loot chest textures fixed
    - under the hood changes
    - loot chest giving you more than what you're supposed to is fixed (hopefully)

    Update: InDev 1.4.1

    - Mobs no longer spawn randomly and are now spawned by dark and light mana crystals
    - These crystals can be broken to stop them from spawning by attacking them
    - Loot chest drops have been changed, and no longer guarantee a weapon
    - Spawn location has been changed from Riverhallow to Anvilstead
    -There is a path to the Riverside Castle Ruins from Anvilstead which harbors many enemies as well as a plethora of loot. follow the lanterns and wooden arrows
    - Loot chests spawn around significant areas and can be picked up with an empty hand

    - New player's starting loot has changed

    Join the Discord to keep up with development (I'm practically updating the game 24/7 right now) and discuss/suggest stuff!

    IP: skyland.serv.onl

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    you should post this to datapackcenter.com

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