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    I just thought I should drop this as you probably won't read it in the official central.
    Quote from DanCraft

    You cannot make a new thread as it was given to Blaziken by the original author, I think that if Blaziken cannot do it, then she can send it on to someone else, but we should just wait for that. Also Gamex101 I do not think you are allowed to take a thread like that, you should ask Blaziken for permission and if she says yes, then you may upload it, but for now, ask a moderator or admin to lock it. Reason being, as I said before, this was Lilyo's thread, he created the idea, and he sent it to Blaziken because he would no longer update it. Also how do you guys now Blaziken isn't updating it right now? A whole new update came out and you have to go through all the threads to see if they are updated and you have to move everything around. You guys are just not patient.

    EDIT: Also, i'm pretty sure that is plagiarism, you didn't give Blaziken or Lilyo any credit. You should at least give a link to the "old" thread, give credit at least. Also I am pretty sure it is illegal for taking their idea, and putting an adf.ly link to the thread in your signature, and giving people the signature with the adf.ly link in it just makes this 200% worse. I suggest just locking the thread, take down the adf.ly links, ask permission, and give credit.
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    posted a message on New TexturePack Soon
    I was making a texturepack, it is my first 32x texturepack, please give all feedback so I know what to improve on.
    Hope you guys like it because it was fun making it.
    These are changes I liked into the game. Any suggestions can be commented below.
    Also please leave your name suggestions :happy.gif:.



    Gimme some texturepack suggestions!

    Quote from DanCraft

    Download is now up!
    Version 0.1
    Anything that does not work right, please comment below, and there are many changes,
    I will start working on this more.
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    posted a message on [x16] Dancraft v2.1 (Minecraft 1.1)
    That is actually really good. I don't like the creeper doors, but alot of the textures look very nice.
    Also fix the repeaters and pistons, those look a bit too plain.

    Btw nice Texturepack Title :happy.gif:
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    posted a message on ComputerCraft
    Wow that is amazing, I guess anything is possible in Minecraft ^-^
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    posted a message on [32x32] RP_Pack [1.0.0] 100% AWESOME
    I am sad to report that this is about 90%, of what I can see, a rescale of another texturepack, when I find it again I will put the link to it here. But it is a rescale.

    To not bump this thread i will edit this post and say I found the thread and it indeed fake. Not a rescale because the creator already made a rescale.
    This is a repost. (With some changes this guy may have made)
    Show permission or its stolen :/
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    posted a message on New TexturePack Soon
    Download will be added soon.
    I am currently working on this Texturepack and my Holiday Texturepack so not many updates to come very soon, but it will happen. Look forward to alot more textures.
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    posted a message on Arz0n's Christmas Texture Pack [Made with Painterly]
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    posted a message on [16x16] [1.0.0] Puddle Place, 6000+ downloads[WIP]
    Looks great ;D
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    posted a message on Halloween Candy Pumpkin
    This was a texture I drew for a friend who I was talking to, and I made her this to make her feel better.
    Well its a drawing over a course of a day. I wanted to see some feedback on how good it was.
    It is 128x so it is a pretty big picture for minecraft, but you can see the textures below.

    Please all feedback on how it was. This was my biggest texture drawing, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on Mod/Texturepack Textures
    I will be drawing anything you send in, just ask, if it is for a mod I will do it first before any texturepack requests as mods are outdated, and texturepacks you can just paste in the new updated things into the folder to update it.
    So basically just fill out the application below, and I will draw them A.S.A.P. I will also put the textures I draw below so people later can see my work, but not use them as they are given to the person I drew them for.
    Also please no textures over 64x, maybe later but atm i'm not as good with those.
    Please give me any credit when putting this into a mod/texturepack or anything else when you release it somewhere.

    Mod Textures
    None as of now.

    Texturepack Textures
    Large Scale

    16x Picture
    Large Scale


    Large Scale

    16x Pictures

    Large Scale

    16x Pictures

    32x Pictures
    Leather Armor

    Iron Armor


    Textures Changed:
    -Sticky Piston

    Mod Application
    What is the name of the item?
    What would the item look like?
    What type of item is this?
    Time period? (Future,Present,Before)

    Texture Application
    What item to be drawn?
    Style of the texturepack?
    Time Period?

    Users Line

    Remember that I will not always reply RIGHT after you post it but I will get started when I can. If you would like to see some of my work, click my signature, its my texturepack, so you know if you want textures like mine or no.
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