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    posted a message on Best Free Screen Recorder?
    Quote from 16cadrian

    You do realize that Camtasia compresses the video as it records, which puts more stress on you system. If OP's PC can't handle Fraps then Camtasia won't be any better...

    Actually camtasia is like the best for me right now. It is probably the least laggy thing I have. :P
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    posted a message on The Pielands! [WorldGuard][CoreProtect][24 slots]
    The Pielands v3.5
    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Dalant117 and I am a youtuber but I also own this server called "The Pielands"... The pielands has been around since Beta 1.6.6; The current map was build in Beta 1.7.

    We are looking for more members. Anyone can join if they wish, but they can only build outside of the Main City. Go ahead and start your own city for people to live in. It's up to you! Any other YouTubers that join looking to start a survival series will be given a special tag. More info below.

    Wall of Staff
    Owner - Dalant117
    Co_Owner - coollemons
    Head_Admin - jsds3000
    Super_Admin - mikinater5000
    Admin - joe1671
    Moderator - ...? Maybe you?

    Dalant117 - /TheDalant
    mikinater5000 - /mikinater5000

    Rules of the server are explained on a sign at spawn.

    Are YOU a YouTuber? Talk to Dalant117 and he will give you the tag depending on how good your channel is.

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    posted a message on [1.4.7] CameraCraft [2.3] - Take photos in Minecraft!
    Mod review! Great mod BTW!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Build off - Christmas Special
    Hey guys! Dalant117, the editor/co-host/manager of CatKixGaming here! For Christmas we decided to do a build off. The rules were:

    - Stay in your area
    - No peeking
    - Must be Christmas Related

    So me and Catcracker went off and did that at 10:30 on Christmas eve! Comment on the video for who you think won!

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    posted a message on Introducing... CatKixGaming.
    Hello everyone. I am Dalant117, the Editor and Co-Host of CatKixGaming. We do minecraft videos and lets plays... Sometimes it's building and other times it's adventure maps! We would love if you would like or subscribe even! It means alot! Thanks!

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    posted a message on [1.4.6]The Pielands 18.2 CHRISTMAS UPDATE![Survival][Fun]
    The Pielands 18.2
    Christmas Update!
    Hello, and welcome to the Pielands 18.2 Christmas Update!
    The Pielands is an awesome server owned and administered by awesome people.

    Rules Are at spawn


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    posted a message on [1.4.5]DwarfCraft survival![Skyblock][Vanilla][PvP]
    Hey guys! I am Dalant117, One of the Owners of DwarfCraft! And I am telling YOU about it! There is not nearly as many players as there should be! So we want you to join!

    - No Hacking
    - No Griefing
    - Don't build near spawn
    - Don't harass people
    - Respect the staff
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    posted a message on Script Music - .Electro(); album
    Some awesome music by Script Music (One guy). Deserves more views.

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    posted a message on Underground with Nick, Logan, And Dalant - Part 1

    Today, Nick, Logan, and Dalant play some minecraft UNDERGROUND! Go check out this map. It's awesome.
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    posted a message on i saw herobrine
    Allow me to fix...

    Quote from Epic Story Fix »

    It was a dull morning as usual... I woke up, ate some steak, grabbed my pick in search for diamonds as usual but when i went to my mineshaft somthing wasn't right... There were holes where I never dug before... I thought maybe I just forgot that I dug those holes so I went in one of them but something wan't right...

    When i got near to the end then I saw gold with netherrack on top of it, and on that netherrack there was netherrack with a face that looked like mine but with no color or pupils. I ran out of my mineshaft and grabbed my sword. I knew it was Herobrine. I just knew it, but nothing happened until my dreams... In my dreams, he was attacking me with the purple eyed men I herd of when I was a kid...

    I just can't believe the low level of grammar. It even had the red line underneath yet you didn't pay attention. Proofread your stuff before you post. And herobrine does not control endermen. Plus, the spawner you described was the crappy one from the Herobrine mod. Not the one in the legends.
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    posted a message on Dragons and Thieves - Season 1
    Dragons were thought to be long extinct, But a guild name "The Dragons" are bringing them back to life. As Detective Dalant attempts to find Nick, a man running from the dragons, he gets captured himself. While in jail, He meets a man from Avalon city... The man is a tad bit crazy. Dalant and Hunter (The crazy) escape and begin running.
    The two stop in an abandoned Thieves hideout. From there, Hunter goes back to Avalon while Dalant goes to Obsidian city to tell of the Dragons guild. An army is formed and an attack is launched agaist the Dragons. When the thieves guild hears about Dalant's plans, they get in contact and work together to destroy the Dragons.
    In the battles, a member of the dragon is forced to tell where any other dragon outposts are. Dalant sneaks in to the second outpost and rescues the lost Nick. The dragons are destroyed... For now.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2 will be posted once it is out. So stay tuned Thursday for that!
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    posted a message on Need help with redstone?
    Do you need help with something involving redstone? I can help! I am dalant from the Redstone Development Foundation, And I will respond to your problems WITH A VIDEO! Post in the comments if you need help! :D
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    posted a message on Redstone Tutorials! (UPDATED FREQUENTLY!)
    Hello there!
    I am Dalant117 from the Redstone Development Foundation!
    I made some tutorials on redstone that might help you!
    Here they are!

    T Flip Flop! (Button as a lever)

    Binary Adder

    RS NOR Latches

    Block Update Detector (BUD Switch)

    Monostable Circuits

    Simple Logic Gates

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    posted a message on Need a sound guy for videos?
    Hey everybody! I am Dalant117 and I am a gamer. But I also do other things. I make videos, Post on youtube and, You guessed it, Make music.
    I have a sound studio. I can make anything audio related pretty much. I have a high quality microphone, a 5 channel mixer, electric guitar, and a Yamaha keyboard. Along with a recorder and an interface to plug into computer with Pro Tools.
    So what does all this mean?
    Well if you had a youtube series that you needed music for but did not want to take copyrighted music?
    Or maybe you are making your own song/parody! I could do the vocals or maybe instrumentals for it.

    I am not gonna be in my studio until this weekend and I don't have internet there. So it won't be until Sunday Night until I give you your requests.
    So in the time before I go over there, I want you all to make suggestions using the form below.

    Skype(If you have it. Tell me if u dont.):
    What kind of music/Vocals?:
    Any other info:

    If there is anything else you need to say just ask! :D
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    posted a message on Need People For Minecraft Parody
    IGN: Dalant117
    Skype: Dalant117
    What position: Editor
    Why you want it: I am pretty good with editing if I put my mind to it. Usually I am just lazy and just slap a video together but I can do some epic stuff if I wanted to...
    Past experience(gives you a better change to get picked): I have been messing around with editing for about a year. I have gotten to be quite good at it. I was using Vista's Windows Movie Maker, Then I went and used Windows 7's Windows Live Movie Maker. From there I got VideoPad video editor, which served me well for months creating overlays and such. Then I went and bought Camtasia Studio which is what I use today. I have some skillage in Camtasia.
    Age( I don't care at all what age you are, I'm pretty young myself): 12... >.>
    Examples(you can post a link or send me a file via email.): Like I said before, I am usually lazy with it so I don't have any good examples. But I know I can do better than what I slap together. My normal level of Video Editing can be seen in my latest Tekkit youtube videos:
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