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    posted a message on Caprica SMP: Enjoy the Simplicity of Minecraft!
    • Real Name: Brad
    • IGN: DakkyPG
    • Skype (Required): minecoolbroz0
    • Location/Time Zone: Central Time Zone
    • Age: 15
    • Have you ever been banned on another Server? If so, Why? No I do not believe I have ever been banned on any servers.
    • What experience do you have on Minecraft/What skills do you have? I have been playing Minecraft since version 1.2.5 I am a decent builder I usually play on multiplayer I am very much informed on the 1.8 update and I know what it adds.
    • How often do you think you will be on the Server? I will probably be on the server 2-3 times a week depending on if i'm busy.
    • What do you enjoy to do in your free time, outside of Minecraft? All my free time I have I use it to play Minecraft, Minecraft and youtube and some other games, is my life. Yes I know it sounds like i'm a loser, but still I made most of my friends on Minecraft.
    • Why do you want to join Caprica SMP? I would like to join Caprica SMP because lately I have been really into SMPs and I have been wanting to start a SMP series on my Youtube channel! I would also like to join Caprica SMP to become a better builder!
    • Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, what is it? http://www.youtube.com/user/dakkypg/
    • Send a picture of your best Minecraft build, or explain it if you do not have a picture. I don't have a picture of the build I built, but I did build this amazing mansion on Minecraft skyblock. It was 3 stories high. With stonebrick and oak planks and oak logs. It had big glass windows. The roof was done with stonebrick stairs. The stairs was the hardest part.
    • Would you like to add anything else? I know my Youtube channel is not that popular, but I do have some fans, and I would really like to share my fans this new series of Caprica SMP!
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    posted a message on Mystical More Mod [1.7.10] [W.I.P]

    This mod is still a W.I.P the full mod will be updated when I finish the Mod.

    Mod Creator: DakkyPG

    Designer: DakkyPG


    Coming Soon!
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