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    posted a message on Smoogl3 Craft!
    Hello And Thank you for Looking At our
    Minecraft Server.

    Our Server was Created just nigh of a week ago and we are looking for like minded bunch to play with.

    While we do not have a spawn town - We have a Start Town where everyone is free to stay in the Boarding House right outside the Nether Portal!

    Where you will receive Free Room and Armor until you're comfortable enough to venture out into the uncharted wilderness.

    But Hey! before you go naming the unknown, Make a house in Smoogl3ville to show off your style.

    While we are Vanilla, we do have Dyn-Map for you to Enjoy!

    A couple rules for our Server:

    No Griefing or Stealing

    No Xray - Modified Clients - Cheats

    No Bullying - Pranks are ok unless they destroy someones base (No TnT junkies)

    Do not Build on or Near someone elses base unless they give you permission

    Age: 18+ (We are an Older Bunch of Smoogles) ((Exceptions Can Be Made For the Right Person))

    No Pixel Art - I'm sure your art is really pretty, but no

    Killing a Player Without Permission

    We are a White-listed Server and would love for you to join us,

    So Please fill out our Application Today, and if you do not wish to post here publicly you can go to our Website and Complete an application there!

    Application Format:

    1. IGN:

    2: Preferred name:

    3. Age:

    4. How active will you be on this server?

    5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    6. Tell us something about yourself that isn't Minecraft related.

    7. Are you able to follow simple Rules?

    8. What Build In Minecraft are you the Most Proud of? (Link your Pictures if you have some!)

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    posted a message on Adult Craft - Small Community - 1.8 - Vanilla

    In Game Name: Dajani

    Age: 30

    What do you hope for out of this server: Adults to talk to while Playing Minecraft (Talking with my 6 year old is getting weird)

    Your play style:I enjoy adventuring - Finding Mineshafts and the like. The Building is fun too. I have made a couple farms on my own single player game but nothing to fancy.

    Your time zone: Mountain

    How often daily/weekly would you play: I play almost everyday - Play time varies from 2-5 hours

    Something interesting about you: I am a old female gamer >.> I still have my NES Games <.< I also have 2 children

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: Dajani
    • Age: 30 >.>
    • Gender: F
    • Country/Timezone: USA, Mountain
    • How someone should contact you: PM on the Forums
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: I am brand new >.> I started playing 5 months ago - So I'm still learning
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: I love to Explore! and Make my own Utopia
    • Any additional things you want to say: I juggle many projects at once to keep from getting bored

    I found a home on a server, Thank You!

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