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    posted a message on Is The Potion Of Invisibilty Overpowered?
    It won't be bad in PvP, because your armor and weapons are still visible. It's not OP, it does exactly what the name implies.
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    posted a message on Guilty of cheating in MC?
    I've used TMI before, along with xray, fly, even Nodus at one point (I don't recommend it). I never felt bad, I just knew I was cutting corners and it wasn't as rewarding as it would have been had I done it vanilla. The great thing about Minecraft is I can switch jars and play completely vanilla if I want, and switch back to mods whenever.

    Minecraft is whatever you make it.
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    posted a message on biome bosses
    Actually it shouldn't be in any section at all. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but that "boss" very clearly has no place in Minecraft.

    It's made of metal, yet we only have swords and bows. How exactly would we beat it?
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    posted a message on My sad and tragic MineCraft story
    First of all, if the server would not have updated and reset you would not have been able to update Minecraft yourself.

    Second, it seemed like you thought you deserved co-admin position and got angry when it was given to someone else. Just because it's a group of friends doesn't mean everything should be ran by you before it happens; especially since you were banned or "boycotting" at the time.

    This story is about things that **** you off and how you threw a fit about said things.

    They banned you for constantly complaining about something that was required and the owner okayed themselves.

    You boycotted because they didn't agree (as if it would have brought the world back anyway)

    They went to play xbox like a lot of people did and shut down the server. This one kills me. You think they should have kept paying for the server just so you could play on it by yourself.

    Like I said, a story about things that **** you off and how you threw a fit about said things.
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    posted a message on do you think dimonds should be easier to find yes or no?
    Quote from Rcjetflyer2

    Yea. Let's just make minecraft even easier than it already is. Everything is almost given to you now

    Please elaborate.
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    posted a message on Build on Clouds
    A lot of people mention how the height limit is ~256 blocks and the terrain hardly goes 150 sometimes. So why not make it possible to build on clouds? I mean we can already build on air, imagine a house that just floated around; or once you build on a cloud it will stop moving.

    Just an idea I had, share your thoughts :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Dead suggestions people keep bringing up.
    I think it boils down to people not quite understanding the definition of vanilla. They come up with an idea,"hey tornados would look so cool!" then without further thought besides how cool it would be they rush to the forums and make a thread suggesting it.
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    posted a message on Would you play with this plugin?
    This sounds great. I love it. It all makes sense, it makes things more complex and challenging, and there isn't just random things thrown in. Everything fits.
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    posted a message on Being banned for no reason
    This guy found my friend and I's base underground with xray and tunneled down to us. He dropped into an abandoned mineshaft and made several tunnels trying to sneak up on us. We killed him a couple times but he kept coming back. He told an admin that we were hacking because we had diamond swords, pickaxes and boots. Four spare diamonds in the chest.

    So the admin teleports to our base while invisible and takes our diamond armor and tools off of us, which I didn't even know you could do. Then every mineral from the chest. As if things weren't ridiculous enough, he starts hitting us (still invisible) and asking us to fight.

    In the end, the guy convinced the admin we made the tunnels and were xraying. Ban message: "Xray B**** ­ ­"
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    posted a message on Anvil
    I just loaded the snapshot to mess around with the anvil. So I threw one down, spawned a shovel and dug around until it was damaged. Assuming it would work like the Mcmmo anvil I right clicked and this menu pops up. Turns out, it's the same system they had before, now you just need an anvil to do it. Personally I hate the way you repair things and I never do. Mcmmo has a very good method of repairing tools and armor.

    The only feature I like is the enchantment combining. That is a silver star for Mojang.
    I just thought I would share my thoughts on the anvil and hopefully you have some opinions as well.
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    posted a message on Why my server is 18+ only.
    When I open my server there most definitely be an 18+ rule. Or if choose not have a whitelist I will post in spawn that any excessive immaturity will result in a ban. Basically if you annoy people you're gone.

    I've been an Admin a few times and let me tell you, the whole underage community can bug the hell out of you. I once saw a kid that wouldn't leave spawn until someone gave him armor and a diamond sword. People eventually gave in just to shut him up.

    Point is, adults and children shouldn't mix in Minecraft. They have completely different agendas.
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    posted a message on What is fundamentally wrong with Minecraft & the last few updates
    Quote from MagicCreeper

    This is timeless.

    Notch: Hey guys, coming to have a looks at - WHAT is THAT?

    Jeb: Oh right, this is a new boss!

    Notch: Uhm... Ok, give us a look.
    *sits at computer and tries to defeat boss*

    Notch: Jeb, this is not even anywhere near fun...


    *Notch walks over to DinnerBone*

    Notch: So you're the new guy here?

    DB: Yeah.

    Notch: What cha doin?

    DB: Fixing your terrible lighting.

    Notch: My lighting was fine. It's because you and ginger over there left the bugs too long!

    DB: You know what? ­ it! I give up. Now... Where is my beacontextures.rar that I need to send to Jeb...

    And from that day on-wards, Notch cried every night.

    I'm gonna guess that's supposed to be a joke. Everyone makes Jeb and DB out to be some immature ­s and portrays Notch to be some good hearted honest guy who hates everything that's added.

    I'm not some fanboy, but it's annoying how everyone lobbies for Notch back just because they don't like some new features.
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    posted a message on What is fundamentally wrong with Minecraft & the last few updates
    Basically people just want Mojang to work on the game and spend the time that they are not working on the game reading the forum and addressing every complaint. What right do they have to a life when we bought their game? I didn't pay ~$25 for them not to work tirelessly to make this game amazing in every way.

    Stop adding new things and replace new things with old things. That's what we want. We want a bug free beta Minecraft. Leave it at that and the community will be satisfied.
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    posted a message on Tired of So Many Rules?
    Wow, do you have enough rules and restrictions? That server doesn't sounds fun at all.
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    posted a message on Timber Axe Enchantment
    Think of the timber mod, now think about an axe enchanted with the timber mod. Pretty cool right?
    It would be as rare as infinity on the bow and a standalone enchantment (meaning you couldn't any other enchantments on the axe besides the Timber enchantment.).

    I think it's a great idea since most people love the timber mod. Of course it would have to be tweaked so it wouldn't knock down your wooden house by accident.

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