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    posted a message on [PS3] Daib's World

    A year ago, the PS3 version of Minecraft went through a phase where worlds would either not save properly, corrupt, or both. This issue corrupted both worlds I mentioned in the previous post.

    I started a new world at the end of December, and finally being up to date with content features is welcomed (World 1 was from December 2013 - before even potatoes/carrots - and World 2 was created just after the addition of roofed forests).

    I've been playing on this world pretty consistently for about two weeks now, and have a little settlement built in the center of the map.

    I use the farm as the "center," noting everything to the left of it (from this point of view) as the "North Side," and everything to the right the "South Side."

    On the north side, there isn't much to talk about. I've a railroad track leading from my base to a small dock. It's arguably so little distance between it and the base that minecart tracks weren't necessary, but I'm lazy and those little treks add up over time. The dock features two slots for parking boats.

    Next to the dock is a village that is no longer populated. Upon moving to this area, the village was not my priority, but I still wanted to keep its residents alive. I waited until night time, let them go in to their houses, ensured that the doors were closed, and blocked off the doors with cobblestone blocks. Apparently, I don't have a solid grasp on villager mechanics - even being sealed away with cobblestone, they died. Wouldn't be the first time (this happened to me in the previous post/world also). I'm not too devastated, there's another village not too far, but I have the ugly remnants to look at for now.

    The south side is where most of the business happens. My base consists of the single-story work room (crafting bench, furnaces) in the front, connected to a two-story storage area/bedroom behind it. The small cobblestone building to the left of it is the staircase that leads down to my mine: a room located at ~Y10 connected to a strip mine as well as the passage to the stronghold. Directly behind the Nether portal and atop the hill is the AFK fish farm, behind the house are two iterations of a cobblestone generator as well as a pen in which I plan to collect one of every ride-able mob in the game. On the far right side of the image you'll notice a sugarcane farm, and, in the very back-center, a small cacti farm.

    Here's a view from the other side of the base. The single door on the right leads to a small, fenced-in area where I'll keep my wolves (need them for an achievement, anyway...). The minecart track on my crosshair leads in to a cave, and down to a skeleton dungeon. I've modified the dungeon extensively, creating a 7x7 (I believe) quarry that drops ~25 blocks directly beneath the spawner. The goal here was this: I could sit at the bottom of the quarry and simply collect the drops/whatever from the skeletons as they fell to their deaths. I'm not having much luck getting many skeletons to spawn, though, so I probably need to take a look at some tutorials. I probably should have looked at many tutorials - village(r) mechanics, XP grinders, cobblestone generators, etc - to save myself many failed attempts, but I just find it satisfying to figure out things on my own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Finally, here's an image of the full map. I'm located exactly where the crosshair is. I appreciate that there is a desert to the south, and wintery plains to the north, as I've not had much luck getting both on a single world before. In the top left, you'll notice the brown smudge - that's a woodland mansion. A very interesting one, at that. It generated in such a way that it's basically cut in half, leaving many rooms/chambers exposed to the outside, and, consequently, Evokers and Vindicators roaming the surrounding forest/plains, though they don't stray too far from the mansion. I'll be sure to have pictures of it when I decide to go there, as I don't think too many of us have come across this...or maybe bisected woodland mansions are more common than I'm thinking.

    Currently, I'm in the process of cleaning out a pretty large ravine complex (three intersecting ravines near bedrock level). After that, I plan on either taking on the woodland mansion, or expanding my little settlement some more.

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    posted a message on What is your main food source in survival?

    Apples, and, if I can find a village, potatoes/carrots/bread. If not, mutton/pork/beef. This is until I set up my fish farm - after that, fish and salmon are my main sources for the rest of the game.

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    posted a message on Llamas aren't spawning.

    Llamas spawn naturally in savanna (plateau variant) in herds of up to four and in extreme hills biomes in herds up to six animals. Their wool colors depend on what biome they are in. In savanna plateau biomes their wool is colored either brown or creamy, in extreme hills biomes it's gray or white


    I have both a Savanna and an Extreme Hills biome in my world, but I haven't found a single llama. I've left the biomes (unloading the chunks) and come back several times - going so far as to exit and reload the world - and...nothing.

    The llama spawn egg is available in creative mode, so they're obviously present in the game, I just haven't found a single one on any of the three or four worlds I have that contain the needed biomes.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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    posted a message on Why did Mojang waste so many block IDs when they knew they were going to run out?

    Here's a dumb question - how is it that they're running out?

    Yeah, I get it, wasted block IDs, but why is there a limit in the first place? Such a limit seems so arbitrary and unnecessary, but shedding some light on why it exists would make me feel differently.

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    posted a message on Daib's "Progressively Updated" Survival Journal - Every entry takes place in a new update!

    Entry #8

    Version: Alpha 1.0.14

    We are now on the seventh (out of 10) Seecret Friday Update, and with this we have:

    • Chickens + eggs (i didn't even notice the lack of chickens until now, honestly)
    • Jukeboxes + music discs
    • Minecarts w/ Furnaces and Chests
    • Cows are now brown and white (previously black and white, but I didn't notice that either)
    • 3 new ambient soundtracks
    • Arrow tips are now made with flint (previously iron ingots)

    So, with that out of the way...

    The world has seen some pretty big additions since the last entry. We now have a tower, greenhouse, and that small building to the bottom-right leads to an network of tunnels underneath the fort that connect to mob farms (which have not been built yet). I'll go over all the new stuff in detail below.

    This is just the foundation for what will eventually be a ridiculously long minecart track. As I said in the original post, while my current base is suitable for now, I will eventually have to venture farther and farther away to take advantages of new things like blocks/items/mobs/biomes. This minecart track will connect all of it, giving a tour of everything so that, eventually, you'll be able to see how the world itself has changed along with the game. I'll probably call it something dumb, such as "World Tour Railway."

    Here is a closeup of the Mob Farm(s) building. There's not much to show, really, it's just a staircase that goes down a ~30 block long tunnel near bedrock level.

    Here is the only "Mob Farm" at the moment. Truthfully, this hasn't been touched since nearly a year ago when I was still actively updating this thread, so I forgot whose tutorial I was basing this design on. Most likely one of Kiershar's.

    Back up top and inside the fort, we have two new pathways that go to the greenhouse (left) and tower (right).

    If it's not as tall as the build limit, it's pretty close but I can't remember for sure. Its only entrance is inside the fort, and the entrance is a rather claustrophobic 1x2 tunnel featuring a glass ceiling.

    To get up to the top, you simply ride the edges of the 2x2 waterfall. I didn't realize climbing up was this slow (definitely slower than recent Minecraft versions), but at least getting back down is fast. The top offers a good view of just about everything I've done so far (above ground).

    Entry to the greenhouse is pretty much the same as with the tower - it can only be done from within the fort, and the walkway to witch is totally sealed with a glass ceiling. There isn't much to show inside the greenhouse yet as it isn't fully populated, but I am gonna eventually have to do something about the suspended dirt that I'm using to hold torches. I've yet to see it occur in these old versions, but eventually, even isolated dirt will grow grass if exposed to sunlight, which will spawn mobs that'll trample my crops.. All that aside, the greenhouse is pretty well defended from everything except spiders, but, again, I've yet to see them crawl up walls, so maybe they're not a problem yet.

    Finally, I used one of my only two diamonds to craft a jukebox, but I don't think I'll be coming across any music discs soon.

    At this point, I've done pretty much everything I wanna do (for now) on the surface. I've got my big pointless tower, a greenhouse that, in addition to the frequently-spawning mobs inside the fort, will provide a steady health supply, and a dedicated tunnel system for playing with mob traps. What I do next will be underground - either staying in the mines or creating one of those aforementioned mob traps. We'll see.


    • Fort Infdev Tower complete
    • Greenhouse complete
    • Mob trap network created
    • World Tour Railway bridge created
    • Jukebox created
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    posted a message on Expanding my downtown area | Please suggest me some HANGOUT SPOTS I can build!

    A park? I'm thinking of something like a "community garden." Gives you a great opportunity to use the many flowers/grass/bush blocks.

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    Quote from HeartsOfCourse»

    Does composite not support higher resolutions? 'Cause I'm not finding any display settings relating to this... :/

    Composite has a max of 480p. With component cables you can go up to 1080i, and, with HDMI, up to 1080p.

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    posted a message on No Mods In Console Minecraft! :(

    I really don't think 4J needs to task themselves with something like this. They're already maintaining seven versions of the game.

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    posted a message on Snowy Weather

    I would really like to see the option to force snowy weather via host options. I'm currently building on a very old (2013) creative world that features a snowy biome, but, due to changes in world generation/biome data, it now rains there rather than snows (in addition, it now rains in deserts, too). The entire world no longer functions correctly in that regard.

    A lot of the natural snow has since been depleted thanks to light sources, burning down forests, etc, and it'd be nice to get some of it back.

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    Quote from 4JSteve»

    The entire issue boils down to the amount of Memory we have available.

    The UI tool we use on all platforms (Excluding 360) drains a massive amount of memory - It's only really apparent on PS3 however.

    A few members of the team have spent the past 4-6 months writing a custom UI that massively decreases the amount of memory used when it comes to drawing our UI scenes.

    Sounds great. Something all platforms will benefit from, I hope. Especially the PS3, which is my go-to for Minecraft.

    I'm guessing this will come in the form of a 1.49 update for PS3/Vita? Or do you foresee this rolling out much later?


    Quote from badbat111»

    just updated to 1.50 for ps3 theres a problem where placing 1 of more crafting tables in a few seconds causes the ps3 to freeze

    also when opening the inventory the mouse thing use to navigate the inventory is away from the block your viewing so if your looking at first block itll be something like 3rd or 4th block to the right of it

    just 1 question where on crafting table is colored shulker chests i could only get them in classic crafting since i couldnt see it in the crafting table if you untick classic crafting

    just tryed using a crafting table pressing l2 causes ps3 to freeze

    same as looking directly at it and pressing square button seems like something went wrong in the patch

    Quote from SilviaLawd»

    I am having the very same issue as you on my ps3 when I go into Inventory the cursor is always 4 blocks away from block that is actually being picked up when I press A. Also, I cannot press square to open crafting or press L2 on a crafting table without freezing. I got home all excited for the new update and now I cant even play :( I have had nothing but trouble with this game the autosave feature constantly freezes for me I have to keep it on 15 min intervals because it works better like that but still it freezes every couple hours. I only got my ps3 a couple of weeks ago I reset it and Minecraft is the only game I have downloaded to the system and the only game I play so I dont think its an issue with the console can someone please help me because I love this game have been playing it since it came out on xbox 360 and never had an issue but when i switch to ps3 am having nothing but issues.

    I'm loading the game up now to see if I can recreate the craft menu issues. As for your other problem, SilviaLawd, I assume it will be fixed when the solution Steve mentioned is released.
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    posted a message on Does anybody care?

    As long as the Vita version stays updated alongside the rest of the consoles, then I'll be making a purchase very soon. These days, I'm spending less and less time at home, so being able to play my PS3 worlds on the go sounds perfect for my situation.

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    posted a message on Mooshrooms won't spawn?? Only one mooshroom per world??
    Quote from delunkang»

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    Oyster is only one of "the quite popular?"
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    Quote from 4JSteve»

    We've been making changes to the way we deal with the UI.

    This should free up a large chunk of memory and stop the Failed to Load issue from occurring.

    I've marked the Bug as fixed on the Jira database (Every instance of this bug from worlds we have been sent no longer occurs)

    We should see this fix roll out within the next few weeks (Not got a confirmed date yet)

    Thank you for the followup, though UI was the last thing I would've thought when trying to narrow down a cause for this. Best of luck.
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    Update: Just today, my 2013 Survival world fell victim to this same issue (freezes on loading, and blank progress bars). That was my last unaffected world.

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    posted a message on Saddest Update Ever...

    Am I frustrated that this saving issue has not been fixed? Absolutely.

    That said, I'm still really glad to see that the PS3 Edition is still receiving updates. It is no doubt one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult platform that Minecraft is currently developed for. I know it'll be time to let go at some point, but I hope it will be supported through 2018 (which will be five years, give or take). In an era of yearly reskins, freemium garbage, and blatant cash-grabs, $20 for nearly half a decade of continued support/updates is something taken for granted.

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