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    posted a message on 1.9 Updates: Possible Potions, Exciting Enchantments
    All this talk about potions and enchantments reminds me of the Elderly Scrolls. I wouldn't be surprised if this came out half backed or late.
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    posted a message on MineCon 2011 Premium Sweepstakes Contest Starts Now!
    Quote from BanzaiBob

    If the statement by coldbladed is true then it seems the US is the only market that has any value for curse.
    Taking the statement as it is, the issue appears not to be that the prizes cannot be offered to non-US citizens but that curse was unwilling to give the same level of time, effort, and investment to other nations.
    This says to me that I am worth less than as US citizen and gives plenty of opportunity to those who like to make anti US comments which solve nothing and make the situation worse.

    If curse are faced with this issue again it may be best to simply not run a promotion at all as it may well anger more potential customers than it brings in which is never a good idea.

    If we were to offer it to even one non-US country all that red tape would have to be repeated, weird tax fees would arise, and a handful of European countries would require us to pay tons of extra taxes and regulatory fees to offer a contest to their residents. Additionally, some countries just outright make it impossible to run contests.
    Blame your government.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!
    Quote from Gina_turkish

    So I noticed a couple bugs that no one has talked about yet.

    When Inv-edit is installed, you cant pick up anything/nothing drops

    Also you cannot destroy the blocks the dungeons are made out off. I also found no Valkyries, or anything for that matter in a silver dungeon.

    Im not sure if its just me, but its strange.

    Also, If i walk on top of the red blocks the gold dungeons are made out off i catch on fire. >.>

    Any help here? Do you think its just because of inv-edit?

    idk, I tried using an old copy of inv-edit to give myself a compass after falling from the aether but it didn't work. I havn't had any new problems after that though.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!
    Quote from kciD

    Idk if anybody else realized the diamond next to the lava bucket for the hot topic on the released mods page for the Aether mod, but what does it mean cause its not on the key. nobody responded to it on the other website http://failedsite.net/t32-aether-is-a-diamond-hot-topic#119

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    posted a message on Digital Diamond: Fully Functioning TV
    Quote from teapoted2

    I made this exact same thing, (but 64 pixels) 2 weeks ago. The wiring is identical. The memory is identical. (and it got a fair amount of views)

    The technical bits aren't especially complicated for it at all and I've covered it several time. Nice video, but it's a bit too similar to what I made for me to not be skeptical.

    Mad? Jealous?
    Are you skeptical of all the other displays?
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