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    posted a message on Would this be considered cheating?

    Personally, I would see it as an opportunity to do it all over again :) and since it's been done already - chances are the second time it will be easier, anyways. Just save that task for a day that you don't have anything else going on. It will still feel good to get those achievements again, a lot better than it would feel to just type in the commands, I think..

    In short - cheating? I wouldn't use the word cheating.. but it is illegitimate. Although, there is the fact that it's a MC update that is at fault so.. I dunno

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    posted a message on 1.12 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb_)

    I am very excited for the 1.12 update :) hoping it will bring some inspiration back around and I can get some worthy content up on YouTube again for Minecraft :)

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    posted a message on Dozacraft Vanilla Survival - [1.8.8] - Mature, 24/7, 18+(age), Whitelist, Pure Vanilla, MindCrack Style

    What's up guys!? It's DaDoza of Dozacraft.

    Server Status: Accepting Applications! Fill yours in now!

    **Application format available at the bottom of the post, but please read the entire post first!**

    Important: age restriction 18+
    preferably uploads regularly to YouTube

    must be familiar with playing alongside other players and know the ins and outs of the common practices of a Minecraft community

    Dozacraft website and forum: *coming soon*

    Check out all Dozacraft content on Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dozacraft-SMP/719158978190722

    been producing, directing and distributing Minecraft videos of all kinds via www.youtube.com/dozacraft for nearly 4 years now. For a long time people requested that I get my own server, and it wasn't until late 2013 I was able to make it happen! So with the help of a few people I was finally able to get a server of my own with my own preferences that I feel really create the comfortable gameplay of a multiplayer vanilla Minecraft experience, and we now have the server we affectionately call the Dozacraft SMP server!

    Since 2013 we have only been through 3 maps, when the DozaCraft SMP server first launched I only had a few people I knew and trusted from other public servers I have played on and we slowly grew our group of people which meant inviting new players, and letting some go. Not everybody was able to stick around, some people weren't cut out to be part of a close-knit group of people, and others stayed and became a big part of the Dozacraft community! As it stands now, we're a group of 20 or so people all from different parts of the worlds, different cultures and (unfortunately at times) different times zones!


    Our most recent map was created in August of 2014, which in terms of public servers is a long time to have players roaming around and exploring the land.. but with our small community of people it has remained highly untouched outside of popular areas where players decided to claim an area. We've all purposely tried to leave a lot of the land untouched and
    unexplored unless we decided to dedicate our time an effort to a specific part of the land. Along with these efforts, for the first 5-6 months of the new map all of our members stuck around near spawn and didtheir part in making spawn a liveable space which includes many builds, shops, attractions and interactive spaces.

    Need experience levels? Visit the all-in-one Cemetery where you can use a zombie grinder for experience, turn around and enchant or repair your items, and in the same instance place a flower down next to a grave to give remembrance to the many lost pets of the DC community.

    From spawn you can find a town hall, a large tree farm, and many player houses to be seen and visited around the area. When a player joins the server, as a sort of initiation all players have built a fully functioning spawn house with plenty of room to stretch in their yard before they move out into the world to create their own adventure. Also at spawn there is an
    automated chicken cooker for food, a large crop farm stocked with carrots, potatoes and wheat which is accessible any time but is mainly geared towards providing enough crops to take with you out into the world to start your own farms.

    For aesthetics and pleasure of environment there are also interesting attractions to see around spawn including the Witch Village; where Gretta, Brenda, Jenny Green Teeth and a few more of the witch sisters reside in a creepy, run down part of the swamp *ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK*, also can be seen from spawn is Santa Claus's house up on the mountain, he can often be found inside running in circles. If you need starter equipment you can visit the blacks smith where you can get plenty of iron armor, tools and maybe even squeeze some diamond equipment out of the owner of the place! If slime is what you're looking for, head back towards the swamp where we have a slime farm functioning off of 2 slime chunks and fed through an item elevator to the surface where it's stored away in an easily accessible chest located in a building that directly replicates a large slime!

    If it's PVP you're into, you can always join the Death Games (also located at spawn) or go to the Nether Hub and travel to Dozaland which is complete with PVP arenas, rides, attractions and fun things to do by yourself or collaborating with another player!

    The reason I'm opening up the whitelist again is because over the last couple years some people have had life events which makes it so they are not able to play as much as they use to, a lot of members have had to go back to work, or school or other situations. We have all of the fun things to do with MANY more opportunities to come, but what I want to do is breath NEW life back into the game!

    One big thing we still haven't completed is the epic DRAGON FIGHT! I want to make sure we have a big group of great people to come together and defeat the ender dragon and finally get the much anticipated Ender Farm build and ready for use!


    So, if you're bored of MCMMO, and bored of Factions and all other types of servers, and you love the feel of Minecraft as it should be then you have come to the right place! Because here, we go by the REAL definition of Vanilla Survival.

    Some things you need to know is this is a PURE vanilla style server, as far as the gameplay goes. This means it's basically just like single player with no mods or advantages, and you get the company of other players! Some "vanilla" servers like to turn off TNT, turn off creeper explosion block damage, turn PVP off, allow players to /sethome... and I feel that these things especially make the game, in fact, not vanilla at all. So here at Dozacraft Survival I will have TNT enabled, creepers WILL cause block damage, PVP will be on and most importantly of all the difficulty will be set to Hard at all times.

    I have a few plugins to protect the server from any 'griefers' or vandalists, but nothing you will notice and nothing to interfere with the vanilla feel. There will be NO world border, as I feel that ruins the fun in the game as well.

    Not Allowed:

    • Griefing
    • Stealing
    • PVP (unless both parties/players agree)
    • Building within someones land unless permission is given
    • X-raying or mods of any kind (rei's minimap and optifine O.K.)
    • All-caps sentences


    • Cussing (appropriately)
    • Pranks (see below)
    • Ingame filming (as long as you advertise the server somehow)

    Prank Rules: These rules should be common sense, but just to keep it clear I want to make sure we are all on the same page and understanding for what is and what is not allowed

    • Nothing destructive to property, animals, land or any progress a player has made (No lava, fire, water (if redstone wiring is around..etc).
    • No obsidian pranks unless you are willing to assist in the cleanup.
    • No pranks that could cause the server intense lag or negatively effect the framerate in the immediate area.
    • You must leave a sign with your name on it if you decide to prank someone
    • If you want to prank someone, you must know you are liable to get pranked as well.

    The above list(s) may or may not be changed or altered at any time.Additional Information:- If you are accepted, you will recieve a personal message with the IP.- I plan on getting a website with a forum up soon, as I feel it is a very good way to stay in contact with everyone outside of the game, post screenshots of builds and designs, and contact information.- I will be extremely careful with who I add to the whitelist as to avoid any possible griefers, so if you are not accepted please don't take it personally because I am only using my best judgement to protect the server and the players within it.

    - Need more information?

    1. [email protected]
    2. Skype - Dozacraft
    3. Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/dozacraft
    4. Twitter - @Dozacraft

    Now the part you've been waiting for, here is the official Dozacraft Survival application template:

    Ingame Name:
    How long have you played Minecraft?:
    How did you find this thread?:
    Why do you feel I should choose you to be whitelisted?:
    Youtube Channel?:

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    posted a message on Problems with enchantment table

    I can see in your screenshot that you have a chest between the bookshelves and the enchantment table. You can have ANYTHING between them. Not even torches. Remove that chest and it should work fine.

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    posted a message on G. A. T. O. S. - By Team Wooloo

    Updated my post to include Episode 2

    Again, I REALLY enjoyed this map! :)

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    posted a message on G. A. T. O. S. - By Team Wooloo

    Here's episode 1 :)

    I really enjoyed this map! Subscribed to you on YouTube and looking out for more maps :)

    This was especially good for content producers like myself who enjoy simple, unmodded solo type adventure maps. VERY easy to install, no worries about commands or settings - it's all handled!

    Very impressed :)

    Team Wooloo - any suggestions on some of your others maps?

    - Episode 1 -

    - Episode 2 -

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    posted a message on Snapshot 15w14a

    2.3k posts, joined 5 years ago and you're complaining about something like that?

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    posted a message on Etho explains what causes lag in 1.8
    It seems like a lot of us, no matter how intensive or relaxed we play, over time lag gets worse and worse as time goes on. What I've learned in this video, and I think a lot of you should as well, is that there are more entities in the game than just mobs, item frames and banners. Etho (a well known Minecraft Youtuber) explains in his recent episode and demonstrates using the debugger features in the game as to what exactly causes this mystery lag that nobody can explain.

    I've had a theory for a long time that the more you build, the more lag you get.. as if player-placed blocks has something to do with it, and this mostly explains and somewhat confirms my suspicion.

    Fast forward to timestamp 11:13 for his explanation.

    I'm posting this in the suggestions in hopes that Dinnerbone, Mojang (or Microsoft) may catch wind of it and hopefully be able to fix the issues

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    posted a message on Halloween Event Suggestions for Mojang!
    So for Christmas they did present chests, last Halloween they had some mobs wearing pumpkins for heads (which I imagine will happen again this year)

    I was on Facebook today, and someone mentioned how they can't wait for the Hocus Pocus movie marathons to come on (If you don't know what movie that is, get checked because it's an awesome tradition) and it got me thinking about Minecraft witches..

    Here's an idea for a feature this Halloween.. what if witches could fly around like ghasts or bats? They could be on brooms and fly around and throw potions... incredibly OP (maybe) and dangerous, but it's Halloween!

    Also... maybe players could craft brooms and fly around themselves!?

    2 sticks + 1 wheat = 1 broom? eh?

    The broom could have REALLY low durability - lower than anything in the game.. like 20? Could work with the same coding that carrot on a stick has where it naturally depletes durability as it's used (which is basically as it's held in the hand while on a pig) so you can only fly for short periods of time?

    Also the broom could function as a horse or a pig does, where it will glide up 1 block inclines - so it looks as if you're hovering over the ground on a broom in the same manner you ride a horse

    Let me know what you guys think! Feel free to share your Halloween event ideas below as well!
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    posted a message on Wither Skeleton Farm!
    A buddy of mine built his own wither skeleton farm! It yields RIDICULOUS amounts of skulls in NO time. He is a genius with redstone and mob farms... be sure to *subscribe* and give him a like! He deserves it!

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