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    posted a message on What don't you like about recent updates?

    I'm running the snapshots and finding gameplay to be quite choppy on my fairly high horsepower rig. Video friendly settings helped a bit, but still no bueno.

    I had no problems (with maxed video options) with 1.8.

    If that doesn't improve when the 1.9 releases- then my heart goes out to anyone with a so-so system.

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    posted a message on Beetroot Seeds

    Same result with me.

    I even tried to creative mode to plant 100 roots and see if it would sustain itself.

    Nope- it seems to "lose" about 15 to 20 percent with each harvest.

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    posted a message on • COBBLETON • ♦ A Friendly Community ♦ CUSTOM RESOURCE PACK ▬ Random Spawns ▬ Grief Prevention

    IGN: Daddums

    Age: 52 year old kid.

    Status: Married 32 years with 2 kids. My son got me playing this game when it was alpha.

    I live in Minnesota (ya sure- you betcha!)

    I normally play single/survival/normal with cheats enabled so I can switch to creative sometimes. I use creative for building big stuff and making command blocks used for fast travel between hot spots.

    I understand that may not be an option on your server. If so- I need to have a go at old school gamery anyhow.

    Griefers should be killed and eaten. My goal would be to find a quiet spot to set up shop and build myself a luxury man-cave with quick access to mob traps, farms and mining honey holes.

    I need to afk for a bit (wife aggro), but will be back to see if you think I have a place in your world.

    Be well,


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    posted a message on [Closed]

    IGN: Daddums

    I'm a 52 year old father of 2.

    I live in Minnesota. We have snow, mosquitoes, road construction and hot dish casseroles. You betcha!

    Married 32 years to a hottie who doesn't understand why I like playing Minecraft.

    Playing Minecraft since beta. My only other experience with a server was a vanilla smp ran by my son.

    My usual style is single player survival (normal) with a twist. I've started enabling cheat mode, so I can switch to creative once in a while. I like the danger factor and gathering what I need, but I use creative when building something grand or making a command block to fast travel to frequently visited points. I've never used a command block for anything else and never would.

    This begs a question: Are commands available that work along those lines? Examples could include /tp, /gamemode, or /give (command block). Starting out with no such options and earning them later is not a worry.

    If it's strictly vanilla with no cheats- that's cool too. I'm due for another go at doin' it old school anyhow.

    One more: normal or hard mode?

    Last word: Griefers should be killed and eaten. I have no interest in messing with stuff that's not mine. Truth be told- I'd rather find a quiet spot to set up shop to begin with.

    Be well! I look forward to your response.



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    posted a message on You can use a bed outside? Absurd
    Quote from Locklear308

    All these changes have made the game far too easy and boring. Everything has gotten too easy.

    Beds need to be changed back to how there once were.

    Yup- outside beds make me a god now. All of Minecraft is ruined!

    We might as well pack it up and play something else :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    Cripes! Who dug up this moldy oldy?

    Let it die. Pirates are subhumans and should be put down for the greater good.

    There- I summed it all up for everyone.
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    posted a message on Why Jeb/Notch make new stuff and dont fix old stuff:
    I'd gladly live without new content for a while to get the Mob hitboxes and clipping issues fixed.
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    posted a message on The new 'smarter' zombies tend to run in circles
    Quote from DontStealMyBacon

    Again, a post I started about the game has turned into troll warfare

    Yup. If someone has said anything remotely close to, or before your post, you can expect to be taken apart by people who feel an overwhelming need to point that out (and poke you for it).

    Of course, their contribution is even more pointless than the thread they complain about, but at least they get their digs in.

    This is why you only see whiner threads on the forums. People have been trained to keep their non-pissy thoughts to themselves.
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    posted a message on SMP mob hitboxes
    Quote from Greenfire32

    It's easier on the game to have a single hit box for multiplayer interaction, then the more complex ones that it uses for single player.

    That's really what it boils down to.

    Interesting argument that makes sense (if true).

    Anyone know if it's holy writ (documented somehow), or just a viable opinion?
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    Quote from kaelvin

    it is religious toting like this that sullies the very nature of your argument, you are judging people, judgement of people is for your god, whom you just praised, whom just damned you to hell. Have fun subjecting your intellectual properties to copyright hell.


    Wow.. Just... Wow.

    You guys do keep me in chuckle heaven.

    God bless America was a familiar phrase that brings to mind our collective freedom to speak our minds. -Sheesh!

    In case is matters (it doesn't actually), I'm agnostic.

    Your half right however- I DO judge.

    ..Just like you.

    Change of pace ahead: It's been a hoot. I'm going to see a movie with my wife now. Have fun guys. Lord knows I have. The best targets are the ones who shoot themselves :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    Quotes are all screwed up, so I'll use color to separate Lionsmane79 and myself.

    Quote from LionsMane79

    @Daddums : Nope, you got it wrong. Actually he says it increases the reach of his product in a way it weighs out the ( potential ) loss.

    He didn't say that at all. Here's the quote your referring to to support that statement:

    "But what if that person likes that game, talks about it to his or her friends, and then I manage to convince three of them to buy the game? I’d make three actual sales instead of blocking out the potentially missed sale of the original person which never cost me any money in the first case."

    Hopeful, yes. Reality?- who knows? The key words here are what if. Hardly the absolute statement your affording him.

    Also, you still didn't get it. I never said it was okay for all of us to do that, but why read before replying ....

    I never suggested you did say it was ok for all of us to do that. I'm not the one twisting words here.
    The point was that if the "piracy is ok" argument held any water- it wouldn't depend on a limited number of people doing it to work out. I also asked you who the freeloaders should be- given the fact that we all can't do it or it all falls apart.

    And for god's sake, stop using these insulting comparisons.

    It wasn't a comparison. I actually went to pains to point that out.
    It is certainly true that I have a low opinion about freeloading pirates- that's true enough and I'm entitled to that. I will continue to slice and dice anyone who supports it. By that same token, you're free to do the same to me. God bless America! :wink.gif:

    I have similar feelings about griefers and people who cut in line.
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    To LionsMane79:

    I not going to do the line-by-line thing. It's getting old already.
    Never cast pearls before swine. -Note: I'm not calling you swine. It means don't waste your breath on people who can't understand.

    Just gonna hit 2 of your points.

    Notch's quote about piracy is little more than a "there's nothing I can do about it except hope it all works out" resignation. It's hardly support for the concept.

    If it's really okie dokie like you say it is- lets all do it!

    ...See how that works out for you.

    No more games, movies, music or books. Piracy only "works" so long as only a limited few actually do it.

    Who should that lucky few be? You?
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    posted a message on Would you say greifing is part of the fun?
    Lord, not another griefing is ok thread...

    Griefing isn't limited to "no rules" servers.

    That makes is bad and the people who do it are cowards hiding behind the anonymity of their computer screen.
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    Quote from LionsMane79

    @ All : Piracy = Theft is a definition that was made by huge copyright holding companies.

    Sounds like exactly the kind of thing you would hear from a pirate. Keep telling yourself that. It makes you feel better about what your doing and supports my point.

    @ Daddums : Yeah, go on believing that. Would you mind telling what exactly you are paraphrasing ?
    Oh, found it myself. You're comparing slavery to Piracy ? Really ?

    Straw man argument...
    A paraphrased statement has nothing to do with the original intent- only the manner in which it was said.

    If you had spent less time insulting people and more time on studying how reality works, you might have noticed it is not the "Pirates" who use robber-knights tactics. It's the copyright holders.

    I think I have a pretty good hold on reality. The only people who say piracy isn't theft are pirates and the victims of said piracy. The fact that some of them are big companies doesn't dilute the crime. Theft is theft.

    So it's actually
    Copyright Law has many defenders-
    But no defense.

    The "lets stand up to the big companies and not pay for the software they develop" argument is pretty weak.

    I call it piracy cuz that's what it is. You can call beating the dog "discipline" if you like.

    ...But it's still beating the dog.
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    posted a message on SMP mob hitboxes
    Survivor Multi-player mode (SMP) has mobs with strange hitboxes that have little to do with the actual (visible) size of the mob itself.

    Single player mobs respond much more accurately to arrows and swords due to separate hitboxes that resemble the mob's head, torso, legs, ect.

    The net result is that SMP mobs can be tricky to hit and seriously bork efforts to make an effective mob trap for XP purposes. This might be a deliberate act on the part of Mojang to hinder said mob traps.

    If this is true- why the separate conditions for Single vs Multiplayer mode?

    My goal: I'm looking for anyone who has concrete word on this subject from Mojang personnel.
    Anyone hear a tweet, post or whisper about this that isn't based on rumor or speculation?

    NOTE: This is not an effort to debate the wisdom or value or either condition. Please leave opinions and guesses at the door.
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