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    Quote from zZEpiczAsianZz»

    there aren't helicopters in club penguin ??????!

    MsV, I cannot thank you enough for supporting this. I have a feeling a very popular youtuber will find Nyxcraft; the little information given seems modern and creative enough to set an impression. Keep on going, we'll be supporting you the whole way :)
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    Quote from jookes93

    The 10$ one doesn't grant Beta access, however you get a month of donor once the new prison opens

    Alright, thanks for clarification. Happy I'm supporting LDP :) gl with the project
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    I feel like you deserve one of my award winning artworks
    For your dedication to chatmod:

    pls liek coment n2 subkribes
    favrioate 2 pls
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    Quote from wolftailz


    Well guys, I have been admin for almost a year now. I love that I got to help out through this time and that I was a part of the great server this is. Unfortunately, I have a lot I need to focus on in my life. I have stepped down from warden but I will be popping in from time to time to see how everything is going. You have all gave me a great time and I hope I could return the favor. I will miss all of you and I hope the best for you all! Thanks for the greatness of the time I spent on this server.

    With love,


    You were an amazing head guard ;)
    Good luck wherever you go! LDP will always miss you <3
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    Quote from EnderTroll68

    Must be "Free":

    Must be ACTIVE on the server at least 1 month:

    Must be recommended by at least 1 current Moderator and 1 Maintenance or Warden:
    Have them from Galaxy, Catsy, Mera, Mitzu, Doodle, Wulf, and Nutty.
    (Pictures will be added later today)

    Must have a good use of the English language:
    Indeed I must!

    Must have a good attitude:
    I do have a good attitude :D

    Must be respectful:
    I have been more so now than I used to be

    Must treat all players equally:
    I do that!

    Must be liked by other players and staff:
    For the most part I am!



    Time Zone:
    GMT-5:00 (EST)

    Do you understand the rules?:
    I do in fact understand them!

    What times will you be available to be online?:
    I will be available to play online

    Can you be online during weekends? (Friday- Sunday):
    I can and will be active!

    Current Rank:

    Are you staff on any other server?:
    I am a mod on another server but Lockdown always comes first for me

    Why should we pick you:
    I think I should be picked for moderator of Lockdown for a few reasons

    » I am one of the oldest players on the server
    » I know all of the rules and was around when most of them were written
    » I know how to handle trolls on the server and can discourage some of them
    » I have a lot of experience with being staff on servers
    » I have been acting better on the server for the past few weeks
    » When I am yelled at for something I remember it and listen to what is said
    » I have not broken any rules on Lockdown in the past few weeks (other than the incident)
    » I am a very fast typist and can get warns/mute out before people can cause harm on the server
    » I know to get off the server if I am really ed so as not to cause a scene or give staff a bad reputation

    I also want to add something onto the end. I know that I have messed up in the past, and a lot, but I would like to be considered for another chance. I have matured a lot in the past few months and I have been trying as hard as i can to make sure that I behave on Lockdown and I think that I have been doing a good job. I want to be able to be given another chance to be part of the amazing staff and I want to be able to contribute to the server once again.

    Thanks for spending the time to read my application and I hope that I am accepted! Have a good day everyone :D

    [By Applying for the moderator position you will not request an admin to look at your app]

    You forgot a semicolon.

    Ya, mike fkd up before, but that was a while before. He's really helpful, teaching me a lot about bukkit code etc. I think mike is a really good applicant because he is better than all the others.
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    Merry late christmas! Donated $30 for others, and $20 for myself- the best thing ever:

    Apparently when you relog the snow dissapears doe. But everyone else can see it :D
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    Quote from pieface3450

    I have a little concern, I feel like the wardens HATE me because they never respond to my post or anything. Only nice players respond to my post. Please confided responding to one of my post, it would mean a lot


    I agree.. When some staff are chatmods or guard they're very approachable, but when they get warden they act all high and mighty and are hard to approach.
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    Quote from xhawk13

    IGN: xhawk13 and Shadow_Hawk4

    Why were you banned?: I think for disrespecting a warden? I dunno, it was a long time ago.

    What day were you banned?: about 5 months ago.

    Who banned you?: Dont remember.

    Was the ban justified? (Honesty counts here): More than likely.

    Why are you appealing?: I want to see old friends and revisit the server that I had played on and also donated quite a bit of money to.

    Why should we accept your appeal?: Its been 5 months, people change, things change.

    How do we know you won't do it again?: I dont have a reason to. I just want to visit with old friends, and see how the server is doing.

    My god.. Your avatar....

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    So you have no pictures, no download link... How is this even a mod?
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    Quote from 15jkane

    Thanks Merajur, I tried asking someone before, I think sammyb, she said she can't do anything because i don't have the coords But if it is possible to find the house then I would be more than greatful if someone could find it, thanks!
    Sammy is a boy...
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