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    posted a message on Riding Double on Horses

    Since 2-seater boats were added in 1.9, why not have something similar for land?


    Horses will be able to hold 2 players / mobs, (possibly at the cost of a slight speed reduction). Just like in boats, the second player riding will not be able to control, but when the driver dismounts, the second is now in control.

    Ways to achieve:

    A new, craftable saddle made from two saddles (or maybe one saddle and an extra leather?) to replace the current saddle.


    A new slot in the horse's inventory that allows placement of another saddle.

    Opinions? What do you guys think?

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    posted a message on Dragon Scale Armor

    Considering as of now that the Dragon can't be fought more than once, the idea of a depletable item coming from the dragon isn't that appealing.

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    posted a message on REAL Final Boss
    I can't believe this thread came back alive. I thought it died half a month ago.

    I will say, like I have said before, redundant. Minecraft doesn't need a new boss, nor should it matter which boss you fight first. They're simply bosses for each dimension.
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    posted a message on Diamond Cookies and Range Potions
    72 diamonds for a slowness potion? Oh, nevermind, I can make it into a super potion that extends my block placement by a few blocks for a few minutes!
    ¿porqué? ;-;
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    posted a message on The sonic homing attack or boost
    Quote from metroidisendless


    1. Grammar is your friend here.
    2. Above post says it all.
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    posted a message on Current member title list
    Will more hidden ranks be here soon? Looking forward to some ^^
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    posted a message on Summonable Lightning! 34 supporters!

    I have searched the Suggestions forum (in what I think, a thorough manner) and haven't seen any sign of this suggestion.

    I suggest that Lightning, the rare, under-rated, and powerful feature in Minecraft since Beta 1.5, should be implemented into the game as a summonable entity.This would be a powerful addition to Minecraft map makers, being able to summon lightning through Spawners and the '/summon' command


    Spawn: Randomly during Thunderstorms
    Savegame ID: Lightning
    HealthPoints (HP): 6 (), Unstrikable (cannot be damaged)

    Potential NBTTags:
    Fuse: Determines how long the lightning will last in game ticks. (borrowed from PrimedTnt)
    Type: Determines what "form" the lightning will be. (Branched, Single, etc.)
    Can be spawned/summoned via Mob Spawners () and/or the /summon command.

    /summon Lightning ~ ~ ~ 

    Map makers could extend this to a variety of uses:

    • A set of commands to teleport lightning to the shot Arrow, when an Arrow entity has touched the ground or any certain spot. Inspired by SethBling's weapons video.
    • A clock spawning LightningEntities at a certain XYZ coordinate multiple times for a nice decoration.
    • A /testfor constantly running to check for players in a certain radius (the killzone), when the player is in the killzone, a command
      /execute @p ~ ~ ~ summon LightningEntity ~ ~ ~
      Which instantly strikes a player/entity with lightning.
    • Quote from Dr_E_Clandon
    • You walk into a strange field and then a ring of lightning strikes, leaving monsters in the places where they struck.
    • Quote from Dr_E_Clandon
    • Another interesting use would be in a duel against the boss of a map, to have lightning randomly striking all around.
      As an attack.
    • Quote from Dr_E_Clandon
    • Server owners could use it as a more humorous way to kill rule breakers.
    • More to come!

    Spread the word!
    If you want, put this in your signature to support!

    Thank you for reading, and I would appreciate feedback.

    This is just so I can keep track of supporters. Please let me know if I missed you or put you twice/more.
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    posted a message on Sponge in survival, an oversuggested idea with a new twist
    Quote from zerasintherain

    Why are you suggesting stuff to Mojang? You think they read this?

    Say that to Colored Glass.
    Why are you not thinking before typing?
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    posted a message on Flying Block Printer
    Very nice work. How long did it take to build?
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    posted a message on World Version Detection System
    Quote from layman9


    I've seen a newly spawned with the most beautiful post ever. Seriously, it was like the OP was Disco_. That's how well it was formatted. Sadly, I never posted on the thread and I can no longer find it ;-;

    [ON TOPIC]
    Quote from Hurricane_32


    This would be helpful, considering that the new launcher can change the Game Version. But since we can rename worlds and just add *gameVersionHere* to the title of the world, this suggestion is rendered superfluous and redundant. But you have my partial support.

    P.S. The orange is too hard to read. Change please ^^
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