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    posted a message on How long does it take to slap a wither to death with a salmon?

    Dude, these results are old news. How has nobody hear been to the annual wither slap salmon run before?

    Im disappointed.

    Q. Is this a reference to Monty Pythons Holy Grail? Knights who say Ni? Cut down a tree... With a herring!!!

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    posted a message on Sneaking- The Stealthy Way Out

    And honestly, how many times have you used leather, gold or even chain armour pvping? This would be awesome.

    Could gold armour potentially have more of a buff in some way here? Given that one hit can damage your gold armour to the point of no return, this sneak thing could pump it up?

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    posted a message on Finite World with Seasons

    A white Christmas? Never experienced that. Don't forget us Southern Hemisphere legends.

    What about the old Aussie Christmas season?

    You can't walk on cobble, stone or dark blocks without lighting on fire

    Having iron in your inventory or any iron/metal block ie hoppers, iron blocks, cause both fire damage on contact and light other things on fire!

    Spiders and cockroaches quadruple in spawn rate and size

    In all seriousness, I like the idea. But I think this would work best as an option, toggle able at world generation. This will allow regular play aswell as enhanced seasons.


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    posted a message on Why Get Rid Of Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe
    Quote from arthaiser»

    that doesnt make sense to me, if gold apples are op and gold farms are op the comunity can regulate them in the servers where they are a problem, that is what has been happening on minecraft since the game was in alpha. in single player, you can play with an extra ruleset that prevents you from abusing the op mechanics if you dont want to abuse them, for example, the solution to gold farms being op is to not use one if you dont want them. the same for notch apples, if they are to op for you then dont craft them and you are good to go. but there are people that want these things and i dont see why they have to stop them from having their fun.

    for example, i remenber that when 1.5 came, hoppers were banned in a lot of skyblock type servers, because of lag and op-ness. the same could happen on the servers on 1.9, if notch apples are op then you ban notch apples in the server, and if gold farms are op then you change the pigmen to only being able to drop gold if killed by a player or something like that and everything would be fine. you can also set a command that kills any player that is located beyond Y130 when they are in the nether and you kill gold farms in that server. a good addition to 1.9 would be a set of commands that lets players disable crafting recipes at will, that way everyone could regulate the game, instead of forcing a specific regulation.

    right now we have a give command, if they add a "craftable" command that works in the same way (/craftable minecraft:golden_apple false) they could make all the comunity happy.

    The point is, they don't want the game being too easy and full of OP items in vanilla. If they kept the notch Apple, then that's one extra overpowered item in the game that they don't want there. It's not the case of 'If YOU don't like it, don't make it', it's 'It's overpowered and causes holes in the flow of the game' situation.

    I for one, am happy with the change. I look forward to seeing a challenge in fighting withers and enderdragons and the introduction of the tiniest smudge of skill into pvp. Good riddance
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    posted a message on Scorched Forest Biome

    Who doesn't love biomes? Minecraft has a good variety of them, and I enjoy being creative... So here's my idea!

    Scorched Forest

    Overworld OR Potential nether biome (CriticalPrime9)

    The scorched forest is a new biome that spawns as often as a Mesa, so it is decently rare but is also as spectacular. These forests consist of charred oak trees but without leaves. These trees would be new generated style of oak,math the branches growing upwards and random, and of course without leaves. In order to get saplings, you have to dig up ash with a 1/20 chance of getting a charred oak sapling. Charred oak is a slight grey in colour with the centre being a darker shade of brown. The plank version and fence/fence gate versions are the grey colour.

    Charred oak is fire resistant and will not burn, but will spread fire.

    The grass colour and foliage shade is a dark shade, dark like soul sand. On top of this dirt floor would be a new 1/8 block called 'soot' or 'ash'. This ash can only be picked up by either a shovel, with a 1/15 chance of yielding 1 ash, or broken by silk touch to receive the block. It is essentially a black/grey snow layer that spawns naturally in the biome but not as abundant and drops ash instead of snowballs. Ash stacks to 64, unlike snowballs. Placing 9 ash in a crafting grid will craft 1 charcoal.

    Scorched forests have naturally spawning fire that doesn't burn the charred oak. This fire is newly generated, spawned like mobs where it spawns in a 128 block radius of the player but no closer than 24. Spontaneous combustion is a slight problem in some cases. It's a hostile environment.

    In this biome, many flowers grow in the burnt soil.

    I'll accept any critiscism and after all, I had fun thinking of this

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    posted a message on Scorched Forest Biome
    Quote from CriticalPrime9»

    I agree that minecraft is in need of more biomes, and blocks... (1.10 The building update (PLS)) However, I think they should focus on adding biomes to the NETHER, in 1.7 we got new overworld terrain/generation, in 1.9 we got new end terrain/generation, so I think its past time that the nether got its overhaul. However, some of the suggestions here would make a great addition to the nether. So, I guess that would be considered partial support? Great idea!

    Very true!
    A scorched forest would fit with a nether theme... I might add that to the suggestion
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    posted a message on Wings

    OP and have you heard of the Elytra? Allows Gliding and goes in the chest slot.

    and as many will say, any form of flight that allows you to gain altitude is massively OP

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    posted a message on Elytra doesn't really live up to expectations

    Name all of newtons laws for me please. see if you know them all. what i meant was its just common physics. everyone whos over at least 13 should know that simple rule. plus, i have a flying license so im pretty sure i know how a plain works :) no offense, just dont hate.

    Ummm... I'm a bit concerned if you have a "flying license" yet cannot spell 'plane' correctly. Yikes!
    I don't think the rule that two things fall at the same velocity in a vacuum applies in this situation. You are talking about air resistance in this case but minecraft doesnt have air resistance... And there is no weight in minecraft so I don't know where this idea comes into reference.

    And i I also don't know what part of newtons laws come into practice in minecraft. There isn't anything to do with either mass and acceleration relationships, equal and opposite reactions or tendencies to maintain uniform motion within the game O-O
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    posted a message on Yo put notch apples back!
    Quote from arthaiser»

    so basically the people that want the notch apple to stay uncraftable want that because they either think that is was too op for the game or to easy to obtain right? well you can always not use it is that is the case, if you do regularly pvp and notch apples are such a disbalance on these games fear not, the administrators of those sites or you if you are the administratos can always ban their use and problem solved. that is the right thing to do, is what this game has been about really, if you dont want something is perfectly ok, but there are other people that maybe want it, so when in doubt, leave everything in the game and people will regulate themselves.

    i for example have never really tinkered a lots with rails and stuff, but that doesnt mean that is they remove the hopper minecart recipe in the next update im going to be ok with it, maybe i am not really affected by that, but there are going to be people that actually use that thing.

    if you want another example, i usually play with the natural regeneration off, the game is too easy for me otherwise, but i would never aprove of he natural regeneration to be out of the game, what i want is a command that lets everyone play the way they want to play.

    this notch apple issue is not being done well, is ok to have them as dungeon loot, but removing the crafting recipe from an item that has been there since 2012 is not a good thing, adding the recipe was actually a feature that 1.3 added, removing it now in 1.9 is ilogical.

    Why don't we just remove all the unwanted features and that tiny majority can just go get mods to use them if they really want them. Mojang aren't going to add features so that server mini games work better. And hopper mine carts are hardly overpowered like Notch apples were. This is somehow your argument, that if there's a feature that is sorta disliked by you, or not used by you, it is equal to a feature that is overpowered and game breaking in terms of challenge in the game.

    And if if you play with natural regen off because it's too easy otherwise, but then want God apples back. God apples make the game easier, why not just play with natural regen of instead of having invincibility on?
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    posted a message on Yo put notch apples back!

    Most people made gold farms in the nether. None of the changes make sense, they nerf everything thats fun about Minecraft then watch as people either get enraged or don't care and accept the coming fate.

    Oh sorry, I didn't realise being 100% invincible and overpowered with a mass craft able item (gold farms) was "fun".
    I always thought the best part of minecraft was the challenge.

    I have a solution if ion if you are going to be sad about not getting your vanilla invincibility..

    Go into creative mode. It's called "survival" for a reason. Not "invincibility" mode
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