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    Looking for a Mature Community with no donation requirement?

    32G Ram - Xeon 8 Core - Non-shared Dedicated Rack Mount
    Reply to this post to apply and to get the starter tool kit ingame.

    Server Address:
    The map is a 16000x16000 large biome map. Some of the biomes are 1000s of square meters is size!

    After being around 3+ years running a bukkit (and formerly hmod) server we have decided to restart our server after some forced downtime of a few months. Sadly lost some players in the transition.. and ready to make new friends! We have just had a recent map reset after getting it all up and ready its ready for new players!
    Before you join, realize we have NO /tpa, /warp, or such. All you get is /home and /spawn and /town spawn. To get somewhere 99% of the time you must travel.

    This is a server where the players are mature and friendly, every block is worked for, not even mods or admin uses /give or any powers to build creations, we only use our powers in situations that call for them, restoring grieved blocks, fixing bugged areas, investigating problem users and taking appropriate actions etc.
    We truly believe that everyone should mine/earn what they have regardless of rank. Everything you see in the main world was mined and built one block at a time by a member.

    When you login, you have just survived a ship sinking...you are on an abandoned island with a small shack, in the middle of an ocean. There is no dynmap, no town list, only your wits, the trees, and a starter chest of tools to make a boat with and go find a place to settle into the huge 16000x16000 world.

    There is NO central spawn, so there is no 'middle' of the map. Spawn command and dying takes you to the closet graveyard, or your bed if you have one! The shop World is a separate central 'hub' to shop.

    We never had, and never will, require donations for ranks or powers. That only encourages people to 'pay' for what they get out of it..not because they want to donate. In that regard the server is totally free. Play a day, or a year..you will never be required or asked to donate. Donations are purely your choice.

    We have always tried to stick with a mature playerbase. We don't worry about being a 'most popular' server. we go for quality over quantity. To be a server that adults enjoy playing on, but also mature enough that if you have children of your own, you feel comfortable with letting them play alone with the other members.

    This is a "Greylist" server. It is open to everyone. but Guests have no build rights until promoted to CastAway.
    As we are starting a fresh map..not much to show off but here is a few images:
    Shop World

    PvP Arena

    The Tiny Island you start on

    What type of people we are looking for:
    Mature players that get along well, learn to leave attitude at the door, and can play in a laid back, friendly environment.
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    Quote from Zeroniite

    You're views are your own opinion. The part where you say whether you "are one of us" made me laugh pretty hard. Us griefers are aliens, huh? People like you are the people that are the funnest to grief. The ones who are so against it.

    (Hands over doll)
    Show me where the bad man touched you, or if its not that:
    1)What part of your life are you unhappy with?
    2)What in your life do you feel you have no control over, and need to show patterns of destruction to cope with it?
    3)Pinpoint the event in your past that made you feel inferior to cause this reaction of others pain is your joy...
    4)Who in your life is bossing you around, in situations you have no say in, to make you have this rebellious streak in other areas of your life?
    5)Who has humiliated/embarrassed you with rejection before to the point of showing anger towards those that don't accept you?

    its got to be covered in one of those above...
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    But the risk is there, its underhanded, but nothing saying it isn't allowed.
    If someone stole my server setup, would I be upset? perhaps not upset, a bit miffed at first. but nothing I could do to stop them.
    Because I know the underlying code doesn't make the sum of the server. How its ran, and by who, and the level of interaction, administration, and quality of that service is what matters. Someone want to steal my entire server setup, and run a shittier version of it? go for it, none of my players will leave to goto a worst ran version of the same thing.

    Most you can do is go 'well this sucks'. starting a thread, banning the owner, ranting at them, slinging mud over it is childish. Because at the end of the day, they did nothing 'wrong' other than upset you, which is a personal issue, not a publicly prosecutable one.

    Your whole intent was along the lines of gathering "approvers" of your anger of them doing what they freely are able to do. You got angry, and instead of going "well we knew it could happen, we just wished it wouldn't have".
    You go and try to rally the pitchforks and torches making publicly known an issue that really shouldn't go any father than the persona level between you and the party in question.

    Thats my irk with it. Does it suck they did it? yes. Is it sneaky and underhanded, yes. Is it something you need to shout to the masses and inform many people not involved with it to gather support? no.

    It boils down to a personal grievance between the 2 servers by one of them doing something thats sneaky but not disallowed, and should stay a personal one until its resolved, or assumed the other party wont change their mind.

    The thread comes across as having that "they copied us, and they wont change! look everyone they copied us! and when I ask them to stop they wont!"

    has a very "I'm pissed, and I want to let everyone know these guys pissed me off" high school drama feel to it. remember no matter how much you hate plagiarism, there is nothing 'wrong' in the sense of punishable by what they did.
    its a personal hatred, your pushing into the public for no other reason to point out how much you hate it.

    Again, like someone buying the same outfit as you at work because they liked it and wanted one. Standing around the water cooler talking down about them, and informing everyone "I wore that first" just make it look like you like to gossip about them, and want the recognition you was the first to do it, regardless of others care if you was..

    Im in no way trying to rant at you. More of a suggestion.
    If you want to seem the better man in this bad situation. keep the high road, keep it civil. You aren't the one in the wrong here. So keep it professional and between the parties involved UNLESS other need to be included. ranting about it randomly with no other purpose than to rant at others give that tainted feeling of 'hes went from trying to resolve it in a professional manner, to making it a childish personal vengeance goal".

    I DO support you on your goal of getting them to see the issue and change from the same exact theme. Just as the thread went on, its hard to fully support the actions when its slowly went from the thoughts "hes a guy trying to get this resolved, even if a bit over zealous about it" to a slight hint of "hes a guy kicking and screaming on the floor about this".
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    you need HD patcher or optifine
    your using a HD texture pack without support for it :smile.gif:
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    After being around for over 2 years as a semi-private, unknown public server. We are officially going public.
    You must read the 'READ ME' on the site to get build access
    Server: mc.alttabgamers.com
    No whitelist, NO join fee!
    Monthly MC giftcode giveaways!

    Got a friend that wants to play? doesn't have an account? every 1st of the month we give out a MC gift code to anyone that enters the drawing that's a full member of the server, and has 30 hours ingame!
    (this is to stop new players from joining just to and apply for codes and never returns)
    To join just reply with why you would like to join, your age, then visit the site and read the "READ ME" page.
    It gives you all you need to know about joining. there is no 'donation' fee, all are free to join! We are aiming to be one of the more mature playerbase servers, catering to the older crowd for relaxed and enjoyable gameplay.

    We have 3 worlds, the main world, and one called "Sky" which is a mix of a skylands/main world/fantasy based water world thats truly unique to our server, and a 'travel' map that's also a unique set of wormhole portals to shorten distance to established towns...as well as normal nether and the-end
    What we are about:
    Do you want a server where the players are mature and friendly, every block is worked for, not even mods or admin uses /give or any powers to build creations, we only use our powers in situations that call for them, restoring griefed blocks, fixing bugged areas, etc. We truly believe that everyone should mine/earn what they have regardless of rank.
    Everything you see was mined and built one block at a time. Hacks/greifing/stealing is dealt with immediately and not tolerated, and many checks in place honed over 2 years of uptime and dealing with many different types of players to protect our players from such actions.
    This is what we thinks makes us different than all the other 'city' servers. Sure we follow a theme similar to many other servers, but we strive to make the community and playtime enjoyable for our players.

    We have a thriving economy, very friendly playerbase that's more than willing to help out new players and make them feel at home, and strict on who we allow to become members. We don't worry about being a 'most popular' server. we go for quality over quantity.

    For the playstyle/theme:
    Think Sims 2-3/SimCity 4/Populous...
    Houses/Cities that are slowly created my members, something they take pride in building and showing to other players.
    Or smaller quiet out of the way villages for people that want to be more secluded but still have protection.
    You can even live ‘In the wild’, with NO taxes as a lone wolf, but also NO protection so hide your valuables well.

    We are working for a "simulation" server of sorts, we have villages, a main hub, village taxes, global and personal 24/7 markets..and much much more! Slowly grow from nothing to a huge city to be proud of!

    Every town cost money to form, and has taxes to pay to stay a town.
    How much tax, and how many ‘blocks’ you get to claim for your town is dependent on how many residents your town has.
    Starting at 4 20x20 for 1 person, up to a 400x400 area for the largest city size.

    It’s about building “cities and villages" by the members of them, working slowly to dig/build/create the cities they can be proud of and call their own, from scratch.
    This is a more mature server with coordination and teamwork, strict regulation and rules for a growing civilization to keep order.
    It is currently running Bukkit 1.1r3 for MC 1.1 with the following key plugins (not a full list, just the important ones):
    • Mob Arena
    • Towny
    • Spout
    • Spout Textures
    • Spout Sounds
    • World Border
    • World Guard
    • McMMO
    • FalseBook
    • iConomy
    • LogBlock
    • MoneyDrop
    • Multiverse
    • Advanced Mobs
    • Shops
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    Quote from splinterize

    It's an issue with your map, not with the host.

    this is why me, with the same issue, can download my entire MC folder, start it up on my old home server, its fine..
    and now on my new host I got yesterday with 3x the people that id spike to 100% on this host, now runs at 25% cpu? of course its got to be the map.

    as replicating the exact files onto new hardware, and getting different results means its the software in questions fault...cant be anything to do with the hardware :blink.gif:
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    Quote from LqdSens

    I signed up for a server back in July...maybe June, I really don't remember. However, it seems that the small start has grown too quickly and "[1400+] served" are starting to affect performance and quality. I think that after this month's subscription ends I still be cancelling service; I've been dealing with too much lag and server downtime/instability for it to be worth the 6 less dollars per month for a similar service. I would have recommended them, and still might if you aren't an avid MC player (won't notice the lag and such as much), but I will be leaving.


    same here, got tired of the "outdated plugins, map problems" excuse..sure many users may be clueless on MC and the basic workings on how to setup/maintain/correct usage of bukkit/MC/etc and this default reply is applicable to some end users. but Im 99% sure the plugin/map wasn't my issue, as I had no issue at all using same files when I was home hosting.

    went to fragnet.net, bought a similar stated package to what I had here, uploaded the EXACT same files (downloaded off this host my entire MC folder plugins and all, uploaded to new one) and CPU usage, lag, and such, is MUCH better on fragnet host. went from 25-30% cpu load when idle and no users on this host, to 10-15% usage while i was on and forcing dynmap and worldborder to generate the entire map on fragnet.

    An issue on my end, an issue on hosts end, overselling....who knows. pointing fingers wont solve any problems.
    but sadly I have to say Im moving to a new home,
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    Quote from kbasil

    I see people are pissed, but is that due to RedStone or due to this limbo state of Minecraft where we're sorta 1.8 sorta 1.9?

    the lag and CPU usage (even though I can copy FTP to my machine, and runs well) I don't blame on them, too many variables to do so. it may well be something in my MC that the server just doesn't like.

    but the drop Ping issue I'm having, the random not being able to reach my VPS control panel, and such can have nothing to do with 1.8 or 1.9.

    But I'm waiting it out, they DO have their plate full with TONS of tickets, most from young or impatient customers flagging every ticket as high priority, even if its for a "my plugin wont start" I'm guessing.

    if after the dust settles, and the support is still just as bad, then I will move on.

    Unhappy, yes...
    but understanding they might have a huge amount of incoming requests and cant get to mine, also a yes.
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