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    You can look into the BlockTorch class, and see where it does the attaching-to-the-block-sideways part, and edit it into your spikes class, that might/might not work...
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    Okay, so I have made my first, working mod, it's a bacon mod [:D], and I am wondering how to publish it for others to use and how to add it into the .ZIP folder like all other mods. Can't find any good tutorials online. Now, I haven't made any new classes, just edited the pre-existing ones, such as Item.java, FurnaceRecipies.java, FoodRecipies.java etc.. And, it would be really helpful to know how to get this mod into the .ZIP folder and publish it.

    Also, I am a newbie, or noob if you want to call it, to mod-making and Java, so please make it English in the instructions. ;)
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