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Hi, I am DXPower. I program for the sake or programming, because I like the outcome of people enjoying my work. I currently have no stable versions of mods, but I have a Pre-Alpha version of a mod I am making called More More More! I am expecting over 200 new items with it, along with over 20 new mobs, and new biomes and tools. PM me if you would like to help me with it, it is a HUGE project.

Also, if your wondering, I know 7 languages of code (In order of when I learned): Lua, PBASIC, ActionScript, Java, HTML, Javascript, and PHP.

Also, I am bilingual, meaning I know 2 languages, English and Swedish.

Jag äter inte sopor, de spammers göra.
Interests Skateboarding, Programming, Mod-Making

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