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    Quote from AspenJ »
    So I just installed planes on my server, but unfortunately, I can't figure out how to tell everyone that goes to the server that they need it installed! And no one ever checks the thread that I posted for the server, so that won't help. Is there anyway I can specify the kick message, or provide a loading message? I just need them to know.

    There is things like when a person flys it kicks from server saying no flying allowed. But really this is why u go to webs.com get a free server tell eveybody who joins to read it if they cant get on and for information so in the case they know when the server is updated also why dont you uninstall and tell ppl in a weeks time u will ahve the plane mod and then if they dont listen then u cant feel bad.
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    IGN: Dugen
    Age: 19
    Is there a different name you would want us to call you?: Dugen
    Time zone: Est
    How often do you play: To much XD
    What are your strengths? I.E. Building, mining, farming, wiring redstone: Building, Trading, Farming, Redwire, and Touring
    Have you ever been banned?: Nope
    Have you ever been suspended from a server?: Nope
    Have you ever griefed?: Nope
    What nation do you want to join? Saxony or Cathige?: I have no idea what the different is..... So Saxony
    Do you have any experience with plugins?(Not just using them in-game): Sadly no
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    I haven't joined a real RP server but it sounds to me that they would have to charge you for the lot of Plug-ins and add ons and the chance that if you screw up you have to redo the whole thing again not including making sure everything runs smoothly. Also adding a new plug-in when a new one comes up. Now truthfully ppl become "donkeys" when they have power so the problem is of the 1 Million who bought it about 1000 of them wont be a "donkey" about it.

    The chance that this guys wish to come true is ULTRA RARE. For the reason you need to have a program running that will tell you where one person did pvp (if town is non pvp) so we cant blame others that we hate. then you have to have the server up at all times. Then you have to fix your plug ins every time Notch :iapprove: has an update. So you are asking for a holy grail.

    But..... If you do find it please send me invite :happy.gif: i would love to join.
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    Hey i noticed the server is down. Is there going to be a restriction of time when it may be down on a normal intervals
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    posted a message on KJ-Craft Survival Roleplay 24/7
    In-Game name: DUGEN
    Age: 18
    Specialty: Good miner, Shop keeper, archer, architect, trapper
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