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    posted a message on Too many mobs?
    I think the OP got the impression there's too many mobs mainly since there's actually too little mobs to back each other up; in the sense that there's a disparity between the number of biome specific mobs, I think there's a sort of wildlife uncanny valley here.
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    posted a message on Do you find mods neccesary to enjoy minecraft?
    "Yes, vanilla is now boring because it has lost its values"

    Just a yes or no will do, thank you. I don't really use mods, though with some mods, they usually fill some missing element of Minecraft that's needed.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Paid Content - Character Options

    Please no. The paid content was what turned me off TF2, and i used to like it a lot.

    Please care to explain how it ruined TF2 for you? Was it the pricing? Or was it the direct benefit from getting the item through paid methods? I'm suggesting cosmetic changes that do not provide any other benefit than looking different.

    Quote from Fishes

    Anyone could easily just a texture pack to do these things instead of paying for them.

    My gripe with using texture packs is that it mainly changes what you see, not what others see. I'm trying to aim this towards being able to customize the suggested items, and have those changes visible to others.
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    posted a message on Would you help a man in pain up from the ground?
    Do not touch him, but call for help and wait by him until help arrives. Touching him may only screw him over further, especially if you have no clue what to do. Do so, if the man's position may endanger him further.
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    Quote from Nxck

    When I suggested last week a note block interface to directly choose which note you want rather than scrolling through 24 selections manually with the risk of scrolling too far and resetting again; I've ran into the same problem with pictures.

    The alien/potion 1x1 picture gets old.

    I would enjoy the 3x3 sheep picture hanging above my wooden pressure-plate fence desk.

    However, myself being lazy but persistent, and MC being inconvenient, I must apply a picture, take it down, apply a picture, then repeat this process until I'm standing behind a picture of the sheep.

    A mod, or implement into the game of these... improvements, would be greatly appreciated. :smile.gif:

    Could work, I don't see much interface theme changes; it's gonna be pretty similar to the enchant table except it's not random. So uh... /signed
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    posted a message on Minecraft Paid Content - Character Options

    I want officially customizable capes, armor, tools, and other customizable "personal" content. No I don't want texture packs, and no I don't desire the use of mods to get I want. I want to sprite my own stuff and share it with others. And as with many suggestion threads, many of these ideas about to be presented were probably suggested time and time again with this very excuse, but allow me to do so if you would please.

    Minecraft Paid Content - Character Options

    I propose additional character aesthetic options, however they are to be rather cheap one time payments to unlock for the rest of a account's lifespan. Think of them as additional Minecraft merch. This is different from texture packs, as they require a online component to load themselves. Hopefully revenue coming in from these payments will help support the content servers holding the additional player skins. I believe that if this is implemented, the SMP experience will be greatly enhanced. Thus, I shall list out some parts of my idea (as other parts are redundant to this post).

    Paid Unlocks:
    Capes - Legacy capes given out during events should be static, as a homage, given a joke stat (TF2 like); Type chosen through account options. Brought capes are customizable.
    Armor - Uploaded texture and icon is converted to greyscale, when in play, the material's color is overlaid with the respective material (other players can wear your armor design).
    Sword - Uploaded icon is converted into greyscale, when in play, the material's color is overlaid (other players can use your sword design).
    Beds - Self explanatory, reskin the bed to your own design, beds placed by you use your designed skin.
    Paintings - Upload your pixel art to be viewable by all.

    Official templates for the above skins should be free.

    Aside from promoting your design ego, it's great for role-playing servers (blacksmithing), looking unique, or adding more to your current skin. On Mojang's side, it more money that can go to themselves and other projects. The reason why I didn't say "free" for these customization options, as much as I want to, is that "free" doesn't seem feasible with the extra work needed to implement it. After all, we're already able to customize our own character skins already.

    Speaking with a buddy about this, he said "what about those who will use dicks in their designs"? There's over four million registered players, possibly each with different skins, so I doubt that sort of immaturity will be a huge issue.

    Comments? Criticism? Hit me!
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    posted a message on Nerf cows?
    They're fine. Everything about farm animals are fine, pig leather might work. Except that I CAN HEAR THEM THROUGH THE GODDAMN WALLS ALL THE TIME.
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    posted a message on Minecraft needs to start getting industrial! Not going back to Medieval
    I'm suddenly reminded of Monster Hunter. It had projectile weapons, the bowguns and the explosive gunlances, as a addition to the swords, spears, and bows. These weapons were crafted by craftsmen rather than through a factory. Glimpses into the setting show that it's not quite industrial, but a bit different from medieval. See the video below:

    I'm getting that feeling from Minecraft, it's a adventure age setting, that cannot exist in real life, that allows for anything to happen. Can anyone agree with me on this?
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    posted a message on Refine the XP system
    It really should just drop one orb per block, regardless of what kind of block it is; considering that we often mine a significant about of blocks in our game time. Slow, but it'll work, great for dedicated builders and miners.

    On that note, while I do want to have XP instantly added to that green bar... "I JUST SHOT AND KILLED THAT THING FROM ACROSS THE MAP"... I can see why they'd design it to be drop based; Having a hunting party, it's for EXP distribution. Even though that distribution may be fairly off balanced, it's creative in it's own way.
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft lagging behind Terraria??
    Well then, couldn't we use comparisons between Terraria and Minecraft as a base for ideas to make Minecraft more enjoyable? Rather than disputing which is better than the other? Then we all go and shove these distilled nitpicks to Mojang!

    As as Minecraft fan, I think Terraria is better in terms of general gameplay due to it's completeness of features, equipment variance, persistent characters, and some simple game goals to clear. Terraria is a excellent adventure game. But Terraria for me, failed due to this: Once a map was cleaned out, all reasons to stay on the map went out the window, you had to start a new world.

    There are other reasons why I still play Minecraft and not Terraria:
    • Low character customization - More of a personal opinion there
    • Not construction oriented - Very adventuring based, construction is more towards providing yourself a shelter and for NPCs too.
    • Gameplay does not support infinite world - Content in each world doesn't really vary much, also the 2D medium reduces that quality.

    What Minecraft needs:
    • Feature completeness - This includes refinement
    • Objectives - Where are those prefix mobs? They would make a nice contribution to this!
    • Equipment Variance - I think this was attempted to be rectified through enchants... I'll want to make a suggestion topic about this.

    Now then, compared to other games, what does Minecraft need?
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    posted a message on Minecraft's current direction and what would you like to see?
    I really want every kind of feature added in! More toys to play with really!
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    posted a message on Jeb or Notch, Who is the better developer?
    Notch created the platform, now Jeb has to deck it out :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Leveling is not in the spirit of minecraft
    Quote from KyoShinda

    I find it broken because, although you work hard for those levels, lvl 25 enchants give you the same as lvl50 enchants. It makes no sense.

    Yeah, the returns you get from paying large mounts of "exp" is just so... Random. Makes me shy away from enchanting often.

    @OP: Imagine it as collecting souls to power up the enchant book to enchant a indestructible piece of equipment, rather than a representation of a player's power. If it WERE the later, a representation of player power, then feel free to complain.
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    posted a message on nether
    Quote from katherin_sanders

    I'm a casual minecraft player.. I went on my server and went to the nether. I had built a huge nether railway to take me to far off lands. Turns out my whole railway has disappeared and nether has a whole new nether generation.

    When was this? Though if I recall, nether/overworld travel in SMP is a bit wonky without bukkit.
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    posted a message on do you want to kill creepers?
    I usually attempt to kill creepers since them, just being in my vicinity, imposes a danger to me and whatever I create. Though ninety-nine percent of the time, I fail to kill them! Resulting in a darn crater to fix.
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