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    IGN: DSLDestructor

    Age: 12 (Mature)

    Skype: eric.tran78 there are two just add both of them then I will accept

    Experience Plugins/Servers/Ect: Plugins are simple to use I can figure them out if there is a website link to it, Servers I am Admin-Bu ilder on multiple servers Most of them were shutdown do to lack of donations or they were DDOSed by random hackers,

    How much time will you Dedicate to the server: I can spender about 1-3 hours from Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday I can spend about 3-10 hours

    what rank are you applying for: I am applying for Admin

    Do you understand that you will play a huge part in the server: Yes I understand, it's amazing how much you can accomplish with staff members and players and I am willing to put as much effort as I can into this role

    Do you wish To get paid for your services: As much as I wanna say yes I want the server to be very successful if it does then I will start asking for money but I will not want to receive much money if I ask for a payment

    Thanks for taking your time to read my application thankyou

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    IGN: DSLDestructor

    Skype: It's either Eric.tran78 or eric.tran78 if there's 2 add both and I'll respond on one of them

    Applying for (developer, helper, moderator)? Moderator if there aren't any spots left helper

    How active can you be? I can be online 2-6 hours a day on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays I can stay on for 4-10 hours guaranteed if it's holiday 1-2 hours because of family time

    Why should you become this position: I should become this position because I love helping people and answering questions I never get annoyed or angry at people and I always stay positive, I can also use Minechat to chat anytime so I can basically help players a lot if I'm in my laptop I can do much more by more I mean I can catch hackers because I know my friend is a hacker but that doesn't matter I can also Improve the server by keeping everyone to follow the rules.


    What can you bring to this team that no one else can? I can speak French but most people can probalbly do I can also make anyone smile with funny jokes and bring positive attitudes too everyone!

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    Age (Plz don't lie):11
    Skill with plugins:I know how to use them. I just don't know how to make them.
    Building skill:8/10 I'm an experienced builder and love to build, I have also built on a lot of servers
    Social Skill:6/10
    How many hours on this server per day:I can spend 3-10 hours when summertime hits but since school is still on for me 30minutes-2 hours a day but on weekends 2-10 hours
    Why you want to contribute:So I can make the server more popular and also I love to show my building skills off im sort of a bragger but not really and I also can give great things to the server like enjoyable pictures and funny builds, good pvp arenas, spawns and much More!

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    Your Age:11

    Your IGN:DSLDestructor

    Build Portfolio:I'll show if I am selected


    What rank are you applying for:Builder

    Why do you want this rank:I want this rank so I can Build I just love building I can build massive structures and Really good spawns, I also love to get the server in a higher spot in the minecraft community and get everyone to know of it I also want to make arts that people will say "WOAH THATS COOL I NEED TO SHOW PEOPLE THIS SO THEY CAN SEE" And I want to make the server as popular as it can be

    Experience: I've been builder for multiple servers but most of them got shut down because of lack of donations or DDOS attacks

    Skype : eric.tran78

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