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    Quote from Tabbylongmouth»

    Username: TabDaPastaZilla

    Tell me about yourself: I am a gamer who enjoys reading, writing, and making new friends on minecraft. This server seems like it could be what I'm looking for, fun and excitement :D

    ACCEPTED Welcome!

    Server will be down for a few hours -- sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Updated with races! We're looking for people to fill up some roleplay positions such as tavern keeper/smithy, etc. More lore will be added daily.

    We'll be having our first event next weekend!

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    Quote from d1jono»

    Username: d1jono
    Tell me about yourself: im for australia and love intense role play

    ACCEPTED Straight to the point I see :)

    IGN/Username: DrakePlayz

    A little about me: I am a 15-year-old, I have been in a previous and successful RP server, however it was shut down after a year of excellent RP and amazing ideas. Its name was Settle&Conquer, what differs it from other RP servers that I have tried and failed to connect with is that players could write their own lore in the website of the server. The lore would then go onto a vote for the community of the server for a week, if a positive respond is produced it would then undergo admin validation and once added the lore book, players can use it. It was also necessary to say how people discovered that certain lore, weaknesses, and strengths etc. I have noticed that you don't have anything on meta-RP (or meta-gaming or something like that I forgot, the RP server was like a year ago) which is when something is told to someone OOC (out of character) and then he uses it in RP and therefore is a form of cheating, There was also no mention of making your character as a character, overwhelmingly strong without any training. And therefore he can do anything he wishes, Just a few mentions that are extremely important to add to a rules list :D

    ACCEPTED Hey! Thanks for the suggestions there. I was being lazy last night and didn't put up the rules.

    I predict the server will be most active around 4 PM to 8 PM AEST (that's when I'm usually on)
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    IP: rebirthrp.mc-srv.co

    The old world has fallen, devoured by an apocalyptic war. From the ashes of destruction came the Great Mist, shrouding the continent, sapping it of life.

    Heralds proclaim the end of civilization – the death of gods and enlightened ideas of the old world. However, true to mankind’s unwavering nature, there are many who dare to persevere in settlements protected by magical barriers eliminating the most harmful effects of the Mist.

    It will not last, the end is near.

    Yet out of a cruel twist of fate – in the death throes of the gods came a revelation.


    Into waters unknown.

    For there is land beyond, prophecy foretold.

    [What we're about!]

    Roleplaying is all about cooperative storytelling -- our players with their creativity paint the canvas that is the Teda, the new continent. We like to keep things rather simple here by avoiding restrictive lore and allowing our players to go in their own directions. Although we do have set lore, we are always open to ideas!

    We also aim to keep Minecraft's survival aspects as close to vanilla as possible, so don't worry about any extreme restrictions. You can build anywhere and anything as long as it is reasonable for our lore/setting.

    Rebirth Roleplay is aimed towards players from Australia and New Zealand/Oceanic Region -- as our server is hosted there and events will be held according to local time. Though everyone else is more than welcome to join!

    Recommended Resource Pack: Conquest
    More Player Models 1.10: Yes!

    [Custom Map]

    We're running a custom map which is approximately 5000x3000 -- Teda has a variety of different landscapes that we can't wait for our players to explore!

    [Events & Storyline]

    We run weekly events to engage the players in the mysterious world that is Teda. Player input is highly valued -- we do not plan to run highly scripted events rather we aim to involve the players as much as possible.


    There are a few who believe that the Great Mist signals the rebirth of the world, the purging of humanity's hubris. However, there are many more who are more than welcoming to the prospect of starting anew despite the collective cost on mankind.

    Where do you come from?

    Will you cling onto the old world or forge a new identity?


    "Antavia is home to the world's greatest cities and landmarks and the Empire of Antavia. It's people value human liberty and knowledge above all else."


    "Kolmar, a region of countless independent states with varieties in culture. Although they are at each others throat most of the time they are quickly to unite whenever the Antavians invade."


    "Kirsey, a mythical land of rolling dunes and oases. Considered by many as the birth place of magic. The Grand Archive which is said to have the knowledge on everything is a Kirseylik holy site."


    "Saarat's landscape is dominated by insurmountable peaks and where the Insar'Tanvar "The Tower Where God Resides" is visible from almost anywhere. It's people are highly spiritual and their society is distinct with a strict caste system."


    "To be done"


    "To be done"

    Picture of Cyrmain, the main town.


    1. Be respectful to all players on the server. We value an environment where people can feel safe -- bullying, trolling, racism, etc will not be tolerated.

    2. No griefing. Blocks can be broken within RP reason (such as windows, fences) a sign must be left explaining the damage.

    3. Combat is roleplayed with the exception being if both parties agree to a PvP duel. type /pvp to enter PvP mode (all parties must do the same)

    4. No hacks or exploits, obviously

    5. Player characters cannot be from an established fictional franchise or a real world figure (no Assassin's creed, stuff like that)

    6. Players must ensure that they have an appropriate skin and name. The setting is approximately anywhere from 500 AD to 1800 AD equivalent to our world.

    7. No ERP (Erotic Roleplay) -- actions related to romance or sex must be implied or skipped entirely.

    8. No metagaming. That is using information that is outside your own characters knowledge to affect an outcome or to gain an advantage.

    9. No powergaming -- you cannot enforce an outcome on another player (such as scoring a hit on them automatically). This also includes making your character overpowered or unrealistic.

    10. In general keep the map neat, no 1x1 towers, floating trees etc. Big trees cannot be cut down completely (unless you ask the admins with the proper reason). They can be modify however.



    Race you intend you play:

    Tell me about yourself: (Include an example of roleplay if you want! I don't mind interesting stuff!)

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    Minecraft Name: DNYDNG
    Do you accept and agree with the rules on this server?: Yes
    Draken Rises
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    So what I'm talking about here is a whole map situated inside a network of caves/cavern, you know kinda like Arx Fatalis.

    Are there any maps available in the veins of this idea?

    Is there a way to generate/create these types of map?

    Anyone willing to create one?

    Possible problems with the idea?
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    Minecraft Username


    What should we know about you?
    I'm Australian and I have played Minecraft for around a year and took a break for around a year :D

    What are your usual hours of play? (e.g. 2:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M. EST)
    Weekends, 10:00am - 8:00pm AEST

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have much experience with SMP servers?
    Previously had experience maintaining a server, played for around a year or two.

    What is your idea of "the perfect server?"
    pls no greif and douchebags~~

    What are your three favorite words?

    What are your favorite books and movies?
    Troy series

    What aspect of Minecraft are you best at? (e.g. gathering, building, planning, leading, hunting, fighting)
    Unfortunately I have no idea :)

    SUPER BONUS: Include some writing that you've done (short stories, poems, songs, novels, IKEA manuals). We need people to help us write lore!

    Old piece of work.
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    posted a message on Occasus | REAL Roleplay & Survival - Looking for builders.
    Lots of progress happening :D
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    [center]Hey, we're a Roleplay Server currently in development. We need builders who are willing to put in quite some time into this project. You will be given credit and a excellent start on the server if you do wish to participate in the roleplay.[/center]

    [center]Please use the format below, write in english with good punctuation. Screens will be released soon. Replace the lines with your details. Please follow these instructions, failure to do so says much about your ability to follow simple instructions. Peace.[/center]

    [center]Obsidian_Glen (Skaboss) will be reviewing these applications. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions regarding this project.[/center]

    [center][i]In Game Name[/i][/center]
    [center][i]Amount of experience with Building[/i][/center]
    [center][i]Level of skills with WorldEdit & WorldGuard[/i][/center]
    [center][i]Ability to use VoxelSniper [/i][/center]
    [center][i]How do you generally approach a build, lets say i told you to make a bookstore[/i][/center]
    [center][i]Give examples of your works[/i], preferably Medieval/Renaissance/Gothic themed.  [/center]
    [center][i]Do you have malicious intentions[/i][/center]
    [center][i]What is your level in necromancy[/i][/center]
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    We need builders eh :D we need some screens :S
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    What the hell happened :S
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    Updated, and thanks man :DD

    Any questions just ask me. :D
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    Quote from tomthemage

    do you need help building cuz ill help

    In the future once the map is ready. Which shouldn't be long.
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    The Crescent will rise, when the darkness consumes the soul.
    Welcome to The Bay

    Occasus is a roleplay server that aims to deliver real quality roleplay and enjoyment. This isn’t a dungeon raiding, free building, pvp server, if you’re looking for that go somewhere else; it’s straight to the point roleplaying. Players craft the world and its history. The timeline/theme is vaguely based and inspired by many cultures and periods in history (Age of Exploration, Medieval, Antiquity, etc) but it is a world of its own without drawing too many ideas from other places. This isn’t a heroic, magically heavy, gods and spirits type of thing but much more bitter and gritty involving many themes that people find not appropriate, discretion is advised.

    Map Of The Bay


    Thanks to Lax Gaming Community


    Occasus Historia

    Recorded history starts at 700 BR (Before Rising)

    Anything before that is speculations and estimations.


    Pre History
    2000 - 700 BR
    The first humans to roam The Bay were primitive tribes, nearly nomadic. In the last centuries of this age the tribes formed clans which formed small settlements in order to grow farms and protect themselves from wild beasts. The clans are split into their respective locations. Northern and Southern Clans.

    Arrival of the Wolf
    700 BR
    Legendary hero White Wolf unifies the northern clans, military and civil reforms. Documented in Writing Stones

    Vosgard Raiders
    600 - 500 BR
    Vosgard Raiders arrive on the Isles. They begin pirating on the coast, but are seen as pests.

    Founding of Cyrss, The Jewel of The Bay
    474 BR
    In the pandemonium a city was born, and it was named Cyrss after the first
    House of The Bay. This ancient house was a truly heroic family. The
    founders of Cyrss are known as the brothers. Thus, a mighty legacy was
    born. The founding of Cyrss and House Cyrss was documented in metal sheet books, unfortunately it was lost in the great siege of Cyrss.

    At the same time, The Order of Cyrss is founded. This religion was the first in its time. It was completely different to the old religion. They believed in only one god, The Watcher/Sentinel who the worshipers believe to be the guardian of worlds and executor of justice, bane of darkness. It slowly became the dominant religion due to its logical beliefs and spearheading lost of technological advancements.

    The Order is responsible for crowning of a king, leaving room for a lot of corruption.

    This created a separate culture. Now the difference between Northern and Southern groups are clear.

    A Step Forward
    400 BR - 200 BR
    The Order of Cyrss invented and discovered many things that would be put to use. Iron was first forged and used in tools and weapons alike, but was too expensive at this stage to be widely used. More effective methods of farming had been invented. First large ships were made, allowing prolonged travel, before, ships had to stick very closely to the coast in case of emergency, lack of supplies.

    The Great War, invasion of the At'Karavan
    186 BR
    A largely unknown empire invaded The Bay. Cyrss was taken over by the foreigners establishing new rule. Surprisingly this was quite beneficial technologically, the foreigners brought in advance technology. However many people were not content with their new rulers, many small rebel bands were formed but failed to do anything significant. The foreigners also introduced new gods and forced them upon the population causing more discontent amongst the people. Out of this Chaos a Knightly Order was formed to violently resist these new religious beliefs. They are known as The Brothers, who protect the Order in darkness and secrecy.

    Unification of the North
    146 BR
    The Northern Houses at this point were not under foreign rule. The houses were united under Algonder Aren into one. House Aren, out of fear of future invasion. Many rebel bands joined under his banner.

    Liberation of Cyrss
    129 BR
    Algonder lead his men south to liberate Cyrss from foreign rule. Cyrss was retaken within three days, at least half of the city was destroyed. Foreign Temples were burned to the ground, valuable information of the foreign religion was destroyed. The Royal family was captured and every member killed.

    The religion was outlawed and the Order of Cyrss was reborn. Algonder Aren asends the throne. He is fully supported.

    Rise of House Maelis
    128 BR
    Regardless of the discontent towards the At'Karavan rulers, quite a few converted religion and ways and became one with the Karavan ways. When Cyrss was liberated, Miran Maelis, a loyal retainer of the Karavan King sneaked out of the city with the remaining Karavan force which fled to the east towards the desert where they found a large natural stone structure where they began settling. The ways of the At'Karavan are preserved.

    Order of Cyrss, Solidation
    120 BR
    The religion becomes dominant. Masonry is now first utilised in building large structures due to technological discoveries. Iron is now commonly used by people of all ranks in society. House Aren uses this newly discovered technology back home in the north.

    The First Stone Fortress
    117 BR
    Caer Sturmkeer is commisioned, heralding a golden age for the northern houses. It is the first fully stone castle.

    Mineral Wars
    32 - 29 BR
    A collosal amount of various minerals are discovered in the deserts. House Maelis and House Aren are at war to secure these minerals. With the help of the Mamalturk Nomads who arrived in this area, House Maelis wins the war establishing the city of Blannor.

    Conflict in Snow
    27 BR
    Houses in the North attempt to overthrow the King to take over the north. However this attempt was quickly stopped by House Anor. King Roele declares House Anor Keepers of The North.

    Founding of the Red Bank
    13 - 9 BR
    Commissioned by King Roele Aren. A universal currency is made, it takes time to circulate and becomes the official medium of exchange. This allows trade to be much easier, merchant groups pop up everywhere.

    Trouble in the South
    1 BR
    King Roele Aren has been in rule for three decades. However now he lies in his bed, struck with a disease. Many houses squabble ready to take the throne.

    The Rising
    The condition of the King has not improved and his fate lies on a thread. House Maelis agitates the Southern
    Houses to war. All the great houses fight in the name of their king, but how long will they keep fighting till they eventually turn on each other, fighting for themselves.

    House Burdurg lies to the west, sending troops over the the desert to fight the Maelis. They have a force large enough to storm Cyrss and take it over, many suspect they will be the first to break off first. House Abrigen strengthens their influences within the royal court, removing who ever is a threat towards them. House Anor, stays neutral in the war. House Aren struggles to keep the throne as they lose support from their people and retainers.

    Many houses begin to form in an attempt to claim the throne when the king passes. A civil war is imminent. The King of the Isles have gotten the news. The Vosgard are now a serious threat towards The Bay.

    Great Houses

    Houses of The Bay

    House Aren, The Ruling House


    Algonder Aren 146 BR - 120 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Alistair Aren 120 BR - 113 BR, Assassinated.

    Piren Aren 113 BR - 88 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Daris Aren 88 BR - 72 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Osern Aren 72 BR - 65 BR, Riding accident.

    Edgar Aren 65 BR - 63 BR, Removal by council.

    Keniver Aren 63 - 41, Natural cause of death.

    Williser Aren 41 - 30 BR, Killed in battle.

    Roele Aren 30 BR - ?


    House Maelis


    Miran Maelis 128 BR - 98 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Yuma Maelis 98 BR - 78 BR, Natural cause of death.

    William Maelis 78 BR - 61 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Mellisa Maelis 61 BR - 50 BR, Overthrown by Brother.

    Jack Maelis 50 BR - 39 BR, Hunting accident.

    Florian Maelis 39 BR - 12 BR, Assassinated.

    Katherin Maelis 12 BR - ?


    House Anor


    Ralf Anor 50 BR - 31 BR, Unknown

    Keld Anor 31 BR - 10 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Marcel Anor 10 BR - ?


    House Burdurg


    Balderic Burdurg 23 BR - 2 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Paul Burdurg 2 BR - ?


    House Abrigen


    Klague Abrigen 19 BR - 10 BR, Assasinated

    Mathias Abrigen 10 BR - 8 BR, Natural accident.

    Felix Abrigen 10 BR - 5 BR, Poisoned.

    Ulrich Abrigen 5 BR - 2 BR, Natural cause of death.

    Klaus Abrigen 2 BR - ?
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