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    DMTsmoke's PokeCube Anarchy [24/7] [1.5.2] [PokeCube] [CustomNPCs]

    The only 12-month prepaid, dedicated, open, and very active PokeCube server community on the Net!

    Ever been so mad at a Pokemon, you just wanted to beat it to death with your bare hands/heel of your boot? Well now you can! The PokeCube mod is designed to have real-time battles; this means that Pokemon see you and attack you as the player, just like any normal Minecraft mob, and directly decrease your health. You may defend yourself by beating Pokemon with your bare hands or calling forth your own Pokemon! Use your Pokemon to defend yourself from being mauled to death by wild Pokemon! With multiple Pokemon capable of battling at once and a fast-paced, versitile battle system, PokeCube seemed like the perfect choice for a true Pokemon-themed anarchy server. As always, I try to look for truly alternative and fun ways to play a Pokemon-based server. After asking around a bit I was introduced to a Minecraft Pokemon mod called PokeCube. A player (goshen123, thank you!) told me about the mod and I tried it. I enjoyed it quite a bit and so decided to open my second server, one devoted solely to PokeCube! Anyhow..when we say anarchy, we mean:

    -PVP on everywhere (except spawn)

    -Building allowed everywhere (except spawn)

    -Stealing/griefing allowed

    -Murder/Betrayal allowed

    -Hunger is on

    -Items do NOT drop on death (to keep your pokes, until there are other options)

    -Random Pokemon battles allowed

    -Anything else harsh and unforgiving that may have been forgotten.

    The mod itself perfectly supports this style of gameplay, allowing for players to have many Pokemon out at once and attack other players for up to 6v6 trainer/Pokemon pvp!! These battles end in only one way: one trainer dying or the other! Found a base underground and caught the trainer unaware? Call out all of your Pokemon, and surprise-attack the enemy together with them! See a trainer charging at you with his 4 Pokemon out?? Call out your team and rush into battle. And with the CustomNPCs mod installed, there are a plethora of new weapons, ranged and melee!! Scythes, battle-axes, ninja-stars, elemental Mage staffs, and thats only the tip of the iceberg!! Pokemon as it has never been before.. Anarchy has never seen better days! Come and see if you have what it takes to be a Pokemon master, and kill anyone who stands in your way.

    If you already have other mob-adding mods, they must be uninstalled or kept aside while PokeCube is in use. They are not compatible with eachother and will cause many errors. Sometimes (uncommon) you may even need to back up you old folder and start with a new Minecraft folder altogether, one that has never had Pixelmon installed.

    Also important to note that OptiFine (sadly) is NOT at all compatible with PokeCube. Many of your items will not show up in PokeCube if you attempt to play on the server with OptiFine installed.

    Server IP = dmtsanarchy.beastnode.net


    ~~== REQUIRED MODS (easy to install): ==~~

    Forge: http://www.minecraft...hp?action=files

    PokeCube https://sites.google...mob_en/download

    PokeCube Generations Pokemon Pack (adds over 250 Pokemon Gens I-IV): http://www.minecraft...be-generations/

    PokeCube Lineage: http://www.minecraft...kecube-lineage/

    CustomNPCs: http://www.minecraft...m-npcs-splanmp/
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    ANYTHING goes, greifing allowed, murder, betrayal, spawn-killing, stealing, scamming, etc are all ALLOWED. Fire-spreading/TNT are always = ON. Have you been searching for an authentic, full-PVP, Vanilla survival experience? Well look no further than Ameer's Anarchy. We have been running a very successful Vanilla Minecraft server for a long time now (since Minecraft Beta 1.2) but had to shut down due to financial/college related issues. Now we have finally re-opened to the public with even more powerful server technology. Our dedicated, 32-slot Linux-based server runs at very high speed, supporting full server population at any given time. ANYTHING goes, greifing allowed, murder, betrayal, spawn-killing, stealing, scamming, etc are all ALLOWED. Fire-spreading/TNT are always = ON. We have had crowds in the past to rival such servers as RandomQ's, 2B2t.net, GFFfree, etc and hope to yet again have our old community restored. The only rule we enforce is no client-mods/hacks/spamming/duping/etc. There are few admins but they HIGHLY regulate spammers/hackers/dupers. We kick hackers for their first offence, ban for the second. Dupers and spammers are banned immediately, as this greatly affects server integrity. We almost always have at least one admin on at all times and all admins are highly dedicated to keeping it a clean vanilla environment and they have much experience in doing so. So keep in mind hacking will almost always be noticed. Again, we hope you will enjoy our clean, totally vanilla world and hope to cross you someday on the battlefield.

    Main Admins: (send email of hacker/spammer pics/vids if no OPs/admins are on. Incredibly generous rewards are given for hacker reports)

    Ameer1220 ([email protected])
    Zidayn ([email protected])

    EDIT: Server IP/host changed
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