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    From playing this seed rather extensively I'm finding that its VERY village starved.

    In addition to the one at x1180, z1020, I found one at x92, z2061.

    There's a huge ravine/cave that ive yet to explore at: x2501, z-983

    And an Ocean Monument just off the shore near: x1258, z-638

    Also, building a Nether Portal at spawn (or in the general area) will spawn you into a Nether Fortress, just down the way from a Blaze spawner

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    You should only need 1 bucket of water to flood any farm. Of course the structure needed to do so needs to start be high enough to allow for spreading the water the entire width of the farm.

    Check this video: , dont bother watching Part 2 about the flood gate system because it doesnt work on xbox/1.6.6, and will be obsolete after Pistons come out anyway. Part 1 however, the Automatic Fields, will give you a good design to set up for when pistons ARE available, you'll literally have an automatic farm in however long it takes you to run the redstone circuitry after pistons are available (or to drop in the pistons if you get a headstart and lay the redstone before the update).

    After building this once or twice, you'll have a strong enough understanding of how water works that you should be able to adapt it to any situation. For example, I modified the design with Sugar cane along each side of the farm and then dug out the underside of the wheat/sugar cane farm and put the mushroom farm beneath it.

    Once pistons come out, one button push will be all it takes to harvest 2 wheat fields, 2 rows of sugar canes and 2 caves of mushrooms. Plus... the mushrooms I really love as they dont require replanting, i've got the 'seed' mushrooms covered in trenches much like the irrigation channels in the aforementioned video.

    Seriously, if you havent played with water harvesting techniques yet, you're missing out!

    DJ Tigon (no my name isnt DJ... i'm actually a deejay)
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    On the topic of skins. To put it in perspective.

    100 points is $1.25, the same as a 20oz bottle of soda at most stores and vending machines.

    How much time does it take to make 1 skin? I dont know, as I've only just discovered MC on XB360 as I'm not a PC gamer at all. I suspect more than 5 minutes which at the rate of $20 per hour is $1.66.

    So yah, I think $1.25 is a reasonable price for 3 skins.

    Now if they're skins submitted by MC-PC users, they should not be charged for unless the submitter is in someway compensated for it being sold, even if that's just some schwag.
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