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    One thing that is frustrating is the lack of a combination crafting menu. This is mainly caused by the crafting interface in the Pocket Edition being a menu that auto-draws the crafting recipes. This causes the following features to be unavailable without damaging an Anvil:

    *Scaling down a map (Zooming out a map)

    *Copying a map

    *Combination Repair (Take 2 damaged tools, combine them in your crafting interface, combining the remaining durability of both tools +%10 bonus)

    What is so silly about this is this problem could easily be solved 2 ways:

    Option 1:

    Create a new crafting recipe for each combination crafting item.

    Pros: No new GUI needs to be coded.

    Cons: Duplicate crafting recipes can confuse the end-user, unable to select the exact two tools you wish to combine.

    If the player has 2 identical tools (enchanted or not) it would display another crafting recipe for the tool, but the crafting components are the two damaged tools.

    Option 2: (The best option)

    Crate a new tab- Combination Crafting Tab

    Pros:Near-Identical crafting to the Windows 10 version (of which is identical to the Pocket Edition, it's just using a different interface. Don't believe me? Install MC Master and go to options, then tick Windows 10 Interface)

    The Icon for the Tab could be an Anvil.

    Clicking the tab would:

    *In the Inventory Menu: Open a 2x2 crafting grid at the top, and the player's inventory at the bottom. The player then, much like a furnace, selects a space, then selects an item from their inventory. After the two items to combine are chosen, clicking the "result" window will combine-craft the two items.

    *When interacting with a crafting table:The Combination Crafting Tab can be tapped, after which, a 3x3 crafting grid is shown in place of the 2x2 one. The interface layout is essentially the same. Crafting grid on the top portion, result on the right, inventory on the bottom half. Scrollbars for the inventory if necessary. (If the GUI Scale is turned up, for example)

    BONUS Option 3:

    Have the Combination Crafting menu I described, REPLACE the current crafting menu. A book icon can be on the top-right of the crafting menu that would open the one-click crafting interface that is currently present.

    Now if Mojang NEVER implements this, when they add modding to MC:PE, you can bet your backside the first mod I'll make is the Combination Crafting Menu. NO MORE DAMAGING ANVILS FOR CRAFTING MAPS! NO MORE POTENTIALLY WASTED DURABILITY ON TOOLS!

    The Attachment is a quick mock-up of what the interface could look like.

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    Journeymap acts funny with Tyros. The mod won't draw the terrain at all, and when I go to create a waypoint, it thinks I'm in the Menelaus dimension.

    You can spawn the blocks in to build the ship, but I don't think you can actually craft the blocks needed, or even get the crafting components to get rocket fuel at all.

    When I went to Tyros and Menelaus I didn't see any of the unique trees.

    Menelaus was all metalic sand (of which I can't seem to find a way to process the sand to get the metals out of it. WIP?)

    The Menelaus unique mushrooms were there though. I feel that teh Menelaus stone should drop Menelaus Cobblestone when mined and use the ore dictionary for Cobblestone so you can craft stone tools from them.

    Tyros didn't have any of the giant purple trees at all. It was mostly a jungle-like biome with jungle trees islands, surrounded by lakes. The jungle tree islands also had manmade structures around a few of the trees, mainly just walkways. It would be interesting to have tree huts with chests with common loot in them, or a sort of tree village.

    Using the Laser Bow crashes the game, especially if you shoot about five laser shots into the sky.

    Finally if you ever wanted infinite Iron Grate Blocks, just right-click a closed airlock with a Scrench.

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    posted a message on ADF.LY, Malware, and You. A plea from a Minecraft Mod user.

    Hello everyone.

    Today I would like to share my experience with Adf.ly while trying to download 2 seperate 1.8.9 mods for Minecraft.

    So I go to the Minecraftforum topic page for the mod (because these two mods arn't hosting their mods on CurseForge, I'll get back to that later), and I click on the adf.ly links to download the mods.

    Of course I have to temporally disable my adblocking plugin because Adf.ly won't even let you continue with one active (fair enough, it is the entire purpose of the site's existence after all.). So I disable my adblocking plugin, and refresh the page, then immediately re-enable it because the following link (to Mediafire, oftentimes) is to a website whose advertisements are known to host malware.

    What I expected to happen:

    Deal with "fake downloader" ads for 5 seconds, then skip the ad and go to the download site to download the .jar of the mod of my choice.

    What happened:

    The tab that was going to load the content I wanted was force-closed by a running script from an ad on the adf.ly page, that then opened a tab to a phishing scareware page.

    The typical "BSOD WINDOWS HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM. ERROR ADDRESS 0X000FADDA08, ETC ETC. VIRUS DETECTED DOWNLOAD OUR SOFTWARE REMOVAL TOOL or CALL THIS NUMBER NOW (To give the Indian guy on the other side of the phone your credit card information so it can be sold on the deep web for profit)"

    Not the normal kind of scareware site that you can just ignore and close out of, but the annoying kind that have a script that opens a pop-up dialog giving you "two options". Both options run a script. This is a known trick with malware. The only option when this happens is to press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and kill the program process entirely, as hitting "NO" or "LEAVE PAGE" could also initiate a stealth download of malware. (Not all downloads need to go through your web browser's downloads)

    *I'm in the process of uploading a Youtube Video demonstrating this issue happening. I'll embed it on this post when it's finished.

    adf.ly the site, itself is known to host malware at times as well.

    A popular website scanning service, URLVoid, even has a page about adf.ly

    Here's the URLVoid results page for adf.ly

    I already know how some mod makers are. They think that they should make money for their mods.

    That seems fine and all, but mods have always been:

    *Free extensions for existing, popular games

    *Are a way for new programmers to gain experience and gain feedback to improve their craft

    *Are a way to build a portfolio to provide to employers/contractors

    Let me pause here and remind everyone of the Steam paid mods disaster of 2015. Have we learned nothing?

    *Trying to force people to pay for mods results in disaster

    *By extension, forcing people to sit through ads or websites that serve ads that could host malware can lead to disaster

    What's MOJANG think about "Making money for mods you make, via advertisements"?

    This is a quote from OWNERSHIP OF OUR GAME AND OTHER THINGS from the MINECRAFT END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (updated October 27th, 2015)

    Any Mods you create for the Game from scratch belong to you (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don't sell them for money / try to make money from them and so long as you don’t distribute Modded Versions of the Game.

    Now, I'm no Lawyer, and I've never gone to Law School, however, I do believe that putting links to your mods through adf.ly and other like services that give you a payout for ad impressions would fall under "trying to make money from" the mods.

    It is at this point in the post, that I am sure that I have infuriated many mod makers out there, that have, at this point, stopped reading, and have already posted rage-reply's and bait posts.

    What's a possible solution to the adf.ly issue?

    Hosting your mods on Minecraft Curse Forge!

    For those that don't know, Curse Forge has a rewards program, outlined in this FAQ

    You can redeem points for Amazon Giftcards, or an outright $500 deposit into your paypal.

    More info on the rewards program is outlined on the Minecraft Curse Forge Website.

    This still technically violates the MINECRAFT END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for "trying to make money from" mods made for Minecraft. But this does solve the issue with Minecraft Mod users, like myself, becoming irritated with fly-by malware advertisements that wind up on sites like adf.ly.

    *If you make Texture Packs, or Sound Packs, you can also host them through the Minecraft Curse Forge and earn points from people downloading that content as well.

    Let's make Minecraft Modding Great Again for the Future of Minecraft 1.9.X modding and beyond! Let's let users download mods without having to risk their computer to malware/adware infections from shady sites like adfl.ly!

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    posted a message on 🔥 Ad Inferos 🔥 The time has come.. Better Nether, plus Abyss Dimension. Now with Background Music!

    This mod appears to have a conflict issue with CodeChicken's Not Enough Items mod.

    I am unable to open the Not Enough Items interface by pressing O, This presents a problem when looking for recipes for mod items and blocks.




    Ad Inferos-1.0-{1.7.10]


    I have tried turning off the vanilla fixes to see if it fixes this issue, it does not.

    I'm going to try TooManyItems and see if I still run into this issue.


    Thank you superdextor for responding to an apparently common issue.

    For those too lazy to read the FAQ for the mod, open the Think Big Core config file and set:

    "# Generate Spawn Eggs for Entitys like, Iron Golem, Wither, Ender Dragon, ect.. [default: true"

    from ture to false.

    This will get NEI to work again.

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    posted a message on Getting the diamond from the trade?

    I doubt it, as getting the diamond from the trade would prevent them from chasing after Ivor, to enter his secret lair, to find out that he is build a Wither.

    It's one of those scripted events that can't change.

    Another one is when you are fighting off the Wither Storm in front of the Nether Portal. There is one point where you run back to save Petra and the game makes you think you can quickly smack that tentacle to save her, but you can't. I've used a mouse and keyboard at the sequence with extremely high sensitivity, lined it up and mashed LMB but it didn't connect. Another scripted event to kick you in the nether to move the story along.

    I understand how scripted events are a tool used for story progression, and that would be fine in a virtual novel. But in an interactive story-driven video game, I hate them. It takes agency away from the player, and is a very cheep cop-out.

    There are other ways to progress the story.

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    posted a message on [!][Possible Spoilers][!] Minecraft Story Mode - Hidden Debug Menu?




    Thank you for your understanding, and stay sharp!

    ~DJ91990 aka Scythe_Ironclaw

    Hello everyone!

    I recently got my hands on Minecraft Story mode and was playing around with buttons on my controller.

    (I was trying to see if I could activate a selected item :flintandsteel: to see if I could burn the treehouse down Yeah, I know, I'm a troll! :tnt: )

    In doing so, I eventually clicked Left Stick on my Xbox 360 controller and accessed a hidden debug menu.

    (You can also press F1 to enter this menu)

    This menu has Allot of options. But if you fool with them too much and skip around out of sequence, you can soft-lock your game! (LOL)

    There is also a funny oddity that I found while skipping around with this menu; there is a point in the story where a character says;

    "Looks like [Name of Team you chose here]'s luck is turning around."

    When skipping around with this menu the character in question says;

    "Looks like the Noname's luck is turning around."

    I don't know if this is what is said normally if you chose "..." when you are picking the name of your building team, or simply a placeholder to prevent the game from crashing.

    Below is a few screencaps of this menu

    A few options here; notable options are "Choices" which does nothing, and "Debug Text" which seems to do nothing as well.

    Also the character gender and model you chose is displayed. One final option is to toggle cutscenes on and off.

    Turning cutscenes off can yeild...interesting results in some sets that are scripted areas only.

    But this last screencap has to be the most interesting of them all:

    "Boot" is the Title Screen, "Menu" is the main menu, "Minecraft101 (not displayed in screencap) - Minecraft 105" are for accessing scene selection menus for Episodes 1 - 5 (IF you don't have said DLC added, the buttons do nothing, so no skipping to the non-existent Chapter 5! LOL!)

    But the most interesting option: "MinecraftSandbox"

    Just what is MinecraftSandbox? Selecting it does nothing. Was this a scrapped or removed debug feature where they used a Minecraft Sandbox to build the sets? Is it going to be an unlock-able feature? I highly doubt asking the developers on the reddit AMA will yield any...useful answers. Mostly your typical "Oh we know, but we can't/won't tell you LOL" PR answers you'd get.

    I can't seem to find anything anywhere about this menu, or it's many options. The idea of a MinecraftSandbox mode sounds very interesting.

    Perhaps it could be a mode that would allow other players of the game to make their own small stories using the game's assets, and upload their own maps for others to download? That would be cool!

    What do you guys think of all this? What do you think the MinecraftSandbox option is or was meant to be?

    Also has anyone else found this menu?

    It should be noted that two other users on this forum said that they were unable to access this menu,. Here's what I was doing when I accessed this menu:

    Version of game: GOG (Good Ol' Games)

    Save Slot 1: Renamed to Jerk Mode

    Accessed the menu at the point in the game where you are in the treehouse and gain control to look around and find stuff in chests. (Episode 1)

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    posted a message on [!][Possible Spoilers][!] Minecraft Story Mode - Hidden Debug Menu?

    It may only be available on the PC version of Minecraft: Story mode.

    The following keys allowed me to access this menu:

    Xbox 360 Controller:

    Back button, or Left Stick Click



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    posted a message on [1.7.10] nohero's mods: More Health Enchanted: Beta for Health Loss Issue 1/2/2016


    I keep having a rather annoying problem with this mod.

    Randomly, my max health that is added by this mod will remove hearts in an odd way.

    For no reason I would, for instance, have a total of 15 hearts, but 2 of them will never recover. When I press H to open the status menu, I would see:

    Max Health: 15 Current Health 13.985739201931... Hearts from RPG: 5 Hearts from Heart Containers: -2.

    Is there some sort of command to add/remove hearts in the current version so I can at least attempt to restore the hearts randomly removed?


    More Health Version: 6.3

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    posted a message on Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo) Passed away

    I'm uploading a video containing my thoughts about this.

    But I will leave some here.

    I might have said some flavorful things about Mr. Iwatta's recent decisions, but it was never out of hate.

    I just didn't want to see him or his company fail.

    I had no idea the pain he must have been going through sense 2014 when his complication started.

    Combine that with the personal sacrifices he must have made that could have affected his family, his lovelife, his children, etc.

    The Late Satoru Iwatta was my idol. Much like notch is my idol.

    Someone who has a passion for games, and wants to make their own games.

    For everything that you have done, the sacrifices you have made, the late nights, the hard decisions, thank you.

    Mr. Iwatta is sure to have put a smile on many childrens' faces, and many more young adults and 20-somethings with crap jobs.

    I wish your family the best. I wish Nintendo the best.

    I just hope that your successor looks at your work, and builds upon it, instead of following in the footsteps of the others and focusing on high-fidelity, ultra-spectacle, AAA garbage.

    Farewell, Mr. Iwatta.

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    posted a message on 12w28a predictions
    Some things I would like to see added into MC 1.3 or 12w26a-12w27a

    +Netherwart Grows in the overworld under a new moon
    +Increased mob spawn rate and detection during new moon.
    +Increased Spider Jocky Spawn Rate during New Moon
    +Increase Endermen Spawn Rate during New Moon
    +Added Lord Herobrine, he leads you to Diamonds and Emeralds on new moon nights. (He's a good guy after all)
    +Lunar phases affect Enchantmet Tables. *2
    +New Item: Lunar Clock (Compass+Diamond+Clock)
    +Added Igloos in Tundra Biomes
    +Buttons can be placed on top and below blocks
    +New World Type Skylands
    +New World Type Nostalgia*

    * Nostalgia world type would use the old Minecraft Alpha/Beta world generation with biomes. Jungle biomes and structures would still generator under the correct conditions unless Generate Structures is set to off. This mode returns the gravel beaches and awesome mountains from Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 with all the current blocks from the latest Minecraft; the best of both worlds!

    *2 The Chance of getting high-level enchantments and multiple enchantments are increased during a full moon, but enchanting during a new moon reduces the chances of getting high-level enchantments and multiple enchantmetns. Any lunar phase between new moon and full moon will make enchantment possibilities act normally.
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