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    posted a message on Key/Lock mod or 1.8.9?

    I need help finding a mod that adds some sort of system of locking doors either by key or keypad. It needs to be 1.8.9 forge compatible.

    "Key-And-Code-Lock" was perfect but sadly it doesn't support the stated version. Anyone know any mods meeting this criteria they could link em too?

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    posted a message on Need help finding old Minecraft map.

    I need assistance in locating a minecraft map online.

    You see there is this old map I downloaded in 2014, It was a generic build map that I transformed into a modded adventure map on 1.7.10.

    After taking a two year break off minecraft, I decided to remake that map on 1.8.9. Unfortunately, I am not in possession of an unmodded version of it and thus I cannot use it under version 1.8.9.

    If someone knows this map and could provide a link to the download of it, I would be most appreciative.

    The map itself is simply a medium-sized base built in an arctic biome. It featured a bar, cafeteria, barracks, a garage of sorts, a a whole bunch of empty rooms.

    Most of the interior was only two blocks high, and the ceiling was lit by redstone lamps.

    There was also a few partially made vehicles made outside.

    Here is a picture of the place (slightly edited, ignore the fires and such.)

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