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    posted a message on Starting a YouTuber (SMP) Need a Server (Could someone supply one?)

    Hey my name is Darien or DCDanger and today I plan to start a YouTuber SMP.

    So if you could supply a server that would be great and of course you'll be on the SMP as well (If you have a Server you don't need to record)

    I already have a couple of YouTubers that will record on the server, and then after I know there is going to be a server I will be making a applications video to YouTube.

    (Dedicated Server) Ex. MC Pro hosting, or some other server hosting sites


    Skype :: Darien | DCDanger

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    posted a message on Want to Join a BUILD TEAM!


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    posted a message on Want to Join a BUILD TEAM!

    Hi my name is DC_Danger and I'm a map creator Youtuber, today I'm planning on building bigger and better things that everyone in the Minecraft community can play and enjoy. Right now I want to start on something small but once I get a Build Team together we will be making big and amazing builds and maps. Also it would be great if you can make a server for the Team, if you can make a server then you can join the Team!

    (Terms of Applying)

    1. Being Good at building

    2. Doing good with other builders

    3. Make sure to have a good attitude

    4. Not being pushing with ideas and build designs

    5. Be active in the Build Team's Builds


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