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    Or maybe you could stop parading around the fact that you're a girl? Here's a hint: nobody cares. If you stopped trying to brag about the fact that you're not a man, nobody would bother you... but when a girl on the internet consistently brings the fact that they're a girl to conversation, to the point that it's their sole character trait it gets really old really quick.

    Nobody feels sorry for you other than self-hating, pathetic excuses for men. Complain when you've actually faced true adversity, maybe then we'll care.
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    Quote from Roska

    Indeed, having a job is something rare and awesome. I, for example, merely study full-time and on the side work part time as a procurement manager for a major company, so I can hardly apreciate this as much as you can. But it was good that you pointed it out. Now rest of us know our inferiority in our capability to apreciate things.

    Well, sure, you could be a ***** needlessly. Or you could realize that he's simply saying that as someone who has a full schedule he can appreciate how much time and effort it takes to complete a project of this magnitude.

    Or you could, you know, be a *****. Whichever one really.
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    Sup guys, I haven't posted a project in a while and I sort of feel like at this point I'm an old hasbeen when I show off the Cathedral I worked on with Karpousi. So, I've started a new project tentatively named Azuremite.

    It's a large, dome-shaped cavern located under a vast ocean. Above the surface of the water there is a large, circular wall and five islands. One in the center, and the other four placed north, east, south and west of it. Each island has a large hole in it both to let in fresh air (A medieval city located underground with no ventilation would smell pretty damn horrible) and light. It's fairly work-in-progress as of now and to reach it, log into x4v.me (The server is greylisted, read the signs to join fully if you so choose) and type /warp azuremite .

    Anyways, pictures speak louder than words so here are some images of what has been built so far:

    City overview

    City center


    (Texture Pack is Inspiration by TobiWanK3nobi)

    There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The plan is, eventually, for there to be a large stilted city/docks section inside the walls on the ocean level. This will require me to either learn how to build boats (yikes) or to enlist the aid of someone who can. As well, there will be a large amount of buildings inside the cavern, most of which will reach up to the ceiling. I am not a huge fan of the current road layout (which is not even finished as of yet) and will likely gut most of it and redo it. I will, naturally, hide many easter eggs inside after the city has been finished.

    As this project is in such an early stage, expect many updates. As I update, though, I'm looking forward to the input and ideas that I'm sure the good people of the Minecraft forums will be more than willing to provide. The more input I get, the more motivated I'll be to keep going, so please do comment.

    (Also, before people ask: I did have WorldEdit help. If I had done this completely by hand I'd be bragging a lot more)
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    No, to actually deny the relevance of the fact that black people were enslaved 200 years ago by Capitalist countries is foolish. Hey, the Soviets killed millions in the 1930's. Let's forget it. Oh but here we arrive to the golden nugget: Why blame Communism for the deaths in the USSR and refuse to blame Capitalism for the deaths in every single Capitalist country all over the world and throughout history, including the enslavement of black people? You just blew yourself a hole in your argument.

    The reason I am ignoring it is because slavery is not unique to the capitalist system (It had been in existence for thousands of years before Capitalism was even a word) and, at least, in civilized nations is outlawed as part of the basic human rights most people deserve and receive.

    I question your sanity and ask you what the relation and purpose between Capitalist countries and the Red Scares, the Cold War, McCarthyism, Hoover's policies and external affairs, the CIA, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, Cambodia, Laos, etc. Again, either you simply disregarded my explanation of this or you have a short attention span. I'll quote, "Now, onto the main point, in those 100 years we had to change the world, what do you think the West and the bourgeoisie of all nations were doing? Watching? **** no, they were doing their utmost to cease and prevent the rapid spread of Communism as it overtook almost half or more of the world. The bourgeoisie tried propaganda, lies, demonization, ******** (Red Scare in the US), deported and silenced Communists and Leftists (Red Scare, McCarthyism), declared war on and attacked all "Communist" countries (Korean War, Vietnam War, War in Laos, Cambodia, etc.), invading and sabotaging every single "Communist" country (be it the Bay of Pigs or the massacre of Communists in various countries), economical and trade embargoes, etc. etc. Clearly thus, the bourgeoisie did all that was in their capabilities to undermine, demonize, cease, and destroy the spread of Communism in order to protect their privileges, positions, social statuses, controls, etc. What then do you think happened?
    What about these few examples?


    Speaks for itself.

    Also see these that are ONLY related to Cuba (one country):








    (From a member on another forum, won't name as I do not know if he wants this public):

    How can nations that are openly tied to sponsoring the extermination of some people face no repercussions? Just between this attack and the one in Indonesia, the total in life is well over 1 million innocent people. These people aren't even soldiers, they are political activists and intellectuals just trying to find solutions for a broken system. The actions of America disgust me, and now we no longer have nations like the USSR to stand up and call the US out on their ****.

    The archives counted 50,000 persons murdered, 30,000 "desaparecidos" and 400,000 incarcerated.
    And those are just the reported numbers.


    This is the US breaking all law when it sent undercover people to kill Viet Kong during one of the most unjust wars in history."

    To say that America commits war crimes and shady operations is to play the role of Captain Obvious. Every nation has committed atrocities in its past. At least America gives its citizens freedom (although it seems that those might be slowly slipping away :sad.gif: ). America fighting other nations in order to support its own people is in some ways reminiscent of the communes you envision, isn't it? Looking out for their own and all that. The duty of a government is to look out for and protect the interests of its people. No government should be tasked with protecting the interests of another government's people (then we get the ultra-useful UN). Clearly nations like the U.S succeeded and the Communist governments crumbled under the weight of such responsibilities as protecting their interests.

    Also it's funny that you're pretending that the USSR were the good guys trying to fight the good fight for humanity when in reality they were brutally expanding their sphere of influence and throwing dissenters in gulags and work camps. Delusion must be grand.

    Yes, we have many reasons and explanations why. Namely: Failure of the revolution in First-World Countries (specifically France, Germany, and the UK), isolation of the revolution, bureaucratization of the USSR et al., the US, NATO, and Co. and their actions to undermine and destroy these countries to protect their interests, the lack of the use of computers for central planning and management (see Towards a New Socialism by Paul Cockshott and Allin Cottrell), etc. etc. Give "The Revolution Betrayed" by Trotsky a read.

    So your excuse is that not enough people decided it was a good idea to destroy their society? That's a horrible argument.

    Did I not tell you to start reading on stuff which you know nothing about? PEOPLE DON'T LET THEMSELVES DIE. ****. Even "prosperous" America has "In a 2011 news story, BusinessWeek reported, 'More than 200 million people globally are out of work, a record high, as almost two-thirds of advanced economies and half of developing countries are experiencing a slowdown in employment growth, the group said.'"

    "In April 2010, the U.S. unemployment rate was 9.9%, but the government's broader U-6 unemployment rate was 17.1%.[44] There are six unemployed people, on average, for each available job.[45]"


    8.5%. That's around thirteen-million and ninety-seven thousand (13,097,000) individuals out of work. A workplace needs around 10-20 people. Seriously.

    I do not need to explain that unemployment is rampant due to the lack of job openings and not because of laziness. This issue has been addressed many times already in the Occupy Wall Street threads, look them up in General Off-Topic.




    Are you seriously saying that people STARVE to death because they WANT to or because they do not have "the will to live"? You are an idiot. Do you really expect a reply to such a stupid and foolish statement? An individual does not desire to starve to death or watch his family starve to death. The reason why people are starving is due to the lack of job openings available to them and not their "laziness". Cut out your ********.

    Yes, these people aren't trying to live. Food pantries, welfare, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, all of these are in existence to help these people. If they're too stupid or too proud to make use of them then there is no helping them.

    No woner why you like that word "foolish". It perfectly describes you and your "arguments". Of course it is not the job of a Capitalist system to feed its people! It is quite surprising and self-defeatist that you said this yourself. That is why a Capitalist system is ineffective, inefficient, a failure, and a disaster. An estimated 500+ years of Capitalism (in all its forms) and people still do not have food, water, housing, education, jobs, etc. That is why we are Communists, and that is exactly why I left Capitalism. The people in a Capitalist system are thus being starved to death not because they do not want to work, but because they cannot find any work. The job of a Capitalist is to maximize profits at the expense of the workers and others. You say this yourself and yet you ignorantly still argue for a failure of a system.

    I'm amazed that in the same sentence that you call me "foolish" you managed to misspell "wonder" and not notice the bright red line underneath it. You seem to accuse me of defeating my own argument, but let me use your own little tactic from earlier to explain why you're wrong. You're looking for me to argue that Capitalism does the exact same things Communism does but with different names. The point is that we don't want that. The Capitalist system is not supposed to feed its people. The people are supposed to feed themselves. Do you believe that humans beings are stuck in a state of permanent infancy and therefor must be treated as such? I don't know how much clearer I can make this. It's a bit ironic that you're trying to combat perceived ignorance with your own ignorance.

    Actually no. In a communist society, personal accountability is a necessity and is meaningful. Every decision made by every single individual would have him be fully accountable for his actions. The same goes for communal actions, decision-making, and workplace organization. Capitalism cannot ensure this as the coercive forces of the market prevent an individual from a job and the basic necessities of life.

    In a capitalist society if you do not produce and work to better yourself you are brushed aside by those who will. In a Communist society you're given a pat on the back, told you're special, and given a bit less until you start working again. One of those will produce a better workforce. I'll let you work out which one. (Hint: The one that rewards ability).

    Oh but we have seen what happens when unions strike; they get repressed or unheard. Not until more than half of the country is on the streets do the politicians listen. The American Labor movement, the Anti-War movement, and the Occupy movement of late stand witness to this. A union and strike have already done their part, they can do nothing more. They would simply be bashed by cops or fired and ignored. A revolution is necessary to start a systematic overhaul. Take a look at the exploitation of labor in every other country, especially in Third-World countries. Go tell them to strike and go to unions. They'd be shot by the Capitalists themselves. Note here the Cola War and Banana Wars.

    Again, it's not the fault of us or the capitalist system that in terrible countries people are treated terribly. The USSR, a communist nation, did not treat its people much better.

    I have already explained this in full, but again, you seem to have ignored it as usual. I'll quote myself, again:
    " A worker is forced to work for a petty wage and under any conditions in order to live. Hence the many flaws and inequalities in a Capitalist system. A "job" is not something that can be done away with or be able to live without. A "job" is a NECESSITY. Individuals are FORCED through the coercive nature of Capitalist markets into awful and pathetic jobs, working conditions, etc. There is no viable alternative to "jobs". The only "alternatives" of voluntary refusal of a "labor contract" would be starvation, homelessness, inability to secure a future, inability to pay tuition fees, inability to attend your family's needs and expenses, etc. etc. Clearly then, if people are not entitled to a job then the aforementioned conditions as a direct result of unemployment become normative conditions themselves. Being "employed" in a Capitalist society, thus, means is NOT an "option". You either work or you die, especially so in a Laissez-Faire economy where I am more than sure you admire."

    There's a vast and daunting difference. I am not surprised at all that you did not see the difference, alas. In a communist society you were provided with work, but you refused (be it laziness or sloth) to work when you are fully capable of working, then you are exempted from the production of such a society. That is to say, you would NOT by entitled to either your needs nor your wants. It is a quid pro quo reciprocal relationship. In a communist society, thus, you would be provided with work. In a Capitalist society, you would not be provided with work and yet you would still be expected to live off of your non-existing work. If no work can be found in a communist society (which is near impossible) then you would still receive what you need to live similar to a welfare system, but if you are provided with work and you are fully capable of working, but refuse the opportunity then you are exempted from these resources. In a Capitalist society, you are not offered the opportunity to work, you are forced into unemployment and given no support whatsoever (thanks god for the welfare system and state interventionism) especially in a Laissez-Faire Free-Market economy. The difference then, is that in one case you are voluntarily refusing to work and thus taking the full brunt of the consequences yourself, while in the other you are forced into unemployment and thus forced to starve to death or otherwise.

    This is the case of you saying that X = X, but X = Y, but Y is bad, but X is good. Your argument is that since a Capitalist country allows someone to work or starve, and a Communist country allows someone to work or starve, a Capitalist country is evil. Your argument about the lack of a safety net falls apart when you realize that, oh wait, people have family and friends who they can rely on. People rely on their family and friends all the time. To say that in a Capitalist society large amounts of people are starving and trampled upon is to lie. Sure, there's a lower class, but until we reach a point of post-scarcity, there will always be a lower class.

    Logical fallacy. But, let us for a second, for the sake of argument of course, suppose that that is true. Nobody wants to work in a factory. Ever heard of automation? What about a drastic improvement of the working conditions of workers? What about the necessity to produce in order to supply yourself and others? The question would then be asked, why would anyone work in a factory in a Capitalist society if they can find other work? I just love how easily your arguments destroy themselves.

    So you're saying that in a Communist society there will still be people who want to take jobs as janitors and gardeners and farm workers? Automation is great, but you can't pretend that at any time soon automation will be able to fully replace human intervention.

    If you begin starving to death, you would automatically start farming and producing food.

    Gee, that reminds me of a counterrevolutionary ideal called supply and demand. O_o

    Elections to assign direct recallable delegates and temporary rota-based members =/= electing presidents and officials for 4 or more year terms. These positions would have no power entailed within them. If a power would exist, if abused that individual would be directly recalled with ease.

    And it's always easy to root out corruption, right? And who does the rooting out? If you're implying that in a Communist society (unlike in our current one) the collective would be able to use its apparent hive mind to remove corrupt sections of its hierarchy, you're dead wrong.

    Yes, because you would be nothing more than an elected worker and not a president or politician. You would hold no power at all. Supply your friends with hidden benefits? Like what? Television screens? They can already have them. Gaming consoles? Same thing. Video games? Same thing. Food? same thing. Money? Doesn't exist.

    Okay, then what are those luxuries you were talking about? If everyone gets to chill all day and smoke weed and play video games on their 60 inch plasma screen TV, sign me up. Except that that is not the case. If you honestly believe that in a Communist society everyone would have everything they could ever desire you're kidding yourself. And if you honestly believe that there would be no existence of things that people desire, you're also kidding yourself.

    No need for a lobotomy. Simply change the system itself, abolish the system whereby selfishness, greed, individualism at the expense of others, profit before people, exploitation of workers by the bourgeoisie, etc. etc. are encouraged and replace it with a society based on cooperation, mutual aid, sustainability, organization, and democratic popular decision-making. See the Steven Pinker quote in this thread's OP.

    So you want to annihilate the individual mind in support of the collective. Now that would be a good idea for a horror fi-oh wait, invasion of the body snatchers already came out. That was an allegory for Communism too I believe. Hm. Anyways,I don't know how many times I need to explain to you that being paid for a service is not exploitation. Are you exploiting the delivery boy when you pay him a tip for his speedy and effective delivery of your pizza and breadsticks? (mmmm... breadsticks...)

    Yes, I'd actually prefer having food, water, education, a home, games, a bed, a job, a car, etc. etc. supplied to me on condition that I work rather than live on the streets without a source of income whatsoever. Communism, thus, is completely in the best interest of the individual.

    Actually, no it's not. The individual seeks the best for itself. The individual should not be seeking the best for every other individual. That's just not feasible.

    No, I just want to kill and rule people just because I can.

    Well there you go. :rolleyes:

    Yes, the Native American genocide? Oh wait, that's over 200 years ago. Irrelevant. :rolleyes:

    Okay, this is a whole new can of worms. The duty of the U.S Government is to look out for the U.S people. The duty of the Native American chiefs is to look out for the Native American people. The U.S Government succeeded in looking out for its people, the chiefs failed to look out for theirs. The more effective system of government (and arguably more effective culture) succeeded. Or would you have us carefully consider and look out for the interests of other nations? You know, we could become like a world police force. Because people love that.

    See my posts here: http://www.reddit.co...fter=t1_c3l9n1g

    Higher standard of living you say? Pre-collapse and post-collapse USSR. Take a look.

    All I see in this thread is you being a ***** to someone else. Surprise, surprise. :rolleyes: (Thanks for introducing me to that emoticon, by the way. It fits a lot of what you type out.)

    **** the Occupy movement. I do not respect them nor do I agree with them. Also, Communism has nothing to do with jealousy. But, do note that the 1% and 10% have something known as "bail outs", "tax evasions", etc. etc. But again, that has NOTHING to do at all with Communism and your claim that we are "jealous" of anything or anyone. I'd like to hear your actual argument claiming so. What you just said is irrelevant. Occupy is not Communist. The 99% vs 1% is not a Communist concept. The way the US operates (with its taxes) is not Communist.

    Hey! Something intelligent! Or at least some of it...

    You thanked god that the Soviets who were empowering women, women's rights, bringing Afghanistan out of the dark age, industrializing the country, giving workers' rights to the workers, ending the exploitation and oppression of Taliban, ending sexism, Islamic extremism, etc. etc. lost to only be replaced by the "victors" known as Taliban which led to ****ing atrocities? I just...

    Look, I know that the Nazis led the charge on the anti-smoking movement and that Hitler was a vegetarian because he didn't like the idea of hurting animals, but I can still see that they're bad people. Are you honestly ignoring the atrocities the Soviet Union committed? The war there was the best anyone could hope for. Two groups of bad people killing each other, and the good people (our people) were not in harm's way. Sure, from the Soviet Government's perspective they were the good people, but we're not the Soviets. It's not our job to care about or defend them.

    Actually your post was completely unsatisfactory. I request that you reply to my posts part-by-part, that you read up on things before posting, and that you give your replies proper arguments instead of these easily refutable claims.

    I will try to be more in depth with my arguments in the future. Also, happy?

    I can't keep myself from expression my true opinions on certain individuals especially when they argue out of ignorance

    Very well, while I will not extend my incivility to other members of the collective, I will not try nearly as hard to be kind to you.

    Cited sources, use them. Google.com, use it.

    "Google it" is not a valid source.

    Woah, woah, Sparky, you have not found a single flaw in Communism. All of your "arguments" have been disproven with ease. Don't get your hopes up.

    Do you honestly believe anyone can bring you around to their viewpoint? If someone disagrees with you you automatically ignore everything they have to say. The point of debate isn't to convince your opponent, but your audience. And with communism you have a bit of an uphill battle.

    The Communist Manifesto would be the posters' views and beliefs put in a better form and text and is not presented as a neutral source at all, but an argument for Communism.

    So in order to get a better view of a subject it's a good idea to read biased literature?

    It's 3 AM and I'm off to sleep. I'll reply to your post(s) and any others tomorrow, hopefully then I would have steamed off a bit and can go more in-depth.

    Nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite!

    @ToastedSpikes - I'll get to you tomorrow.

    @Minecrafter_Jack - That's why he's the Science teacher and not the History teacher. :tongue.gif:

    Also, Tormented, I just realized you're not from America. Could this be where some of that hatred comes from? I know not being on top sucks, but you don't need to be resentful dude. :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from Rumsey

    Most of them will need some sort of touchup after they've been generated. It's still a lot easier then building it all from scratch.

    That's true. Good luck to you.

    EDIT: It's also weird how much Kalimdor's changed since I played WoW. (I quit during WotLK) I can't wait to see how Azeroth looks.
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    The terrain is very nice but it looks like you're gonna need to do the buildings by hand.
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    As someone who has actually played with the new potion system and enchantments in 1.9.4, I can say with confidence that you, OP, are an idiot.

    The new potion system has added a lot more depth to combat, exploration, and mining. There are many rare ingredients to find, which helps exploration. The potions can provide bonuses to speed, damage, and even instantly heal you. That helps you mine and fight. Hell, there are even potions that can function as grenades (Which can do just as many effects as non-splash potions).

    It boggles my mind how adding more exploration and features means Minecraft is becoming an RPG. Hell, even the 'experience' that was added does nothing but upgrade items, it doesn't change or specialize your character at all. When this game is based off dice rolls and has a terribly black and white morality system that barely effects the end (Oh, yeah, it should also have a story) of the game, THEN you can complain.
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    Quote from ds777fighter

    Bringing it back up because it seems people don't know how to read.

    Or maybe... just, maybe... now, stay with me here, maybe...

    Maybe people don't want to obey your orders because they don't care what some random dude on the internet wants them to do?
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    I'll be honest, it could be quite a bit better.
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