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    posted a message on Brand New Vanilla Server, Looking for new players!

    Username: TheDougyyFreshh

    Age: 22

    Skype Name: TheDougyyFreshh

    Country: U.S. Florida. Eastern Time

    Best Skill: Mining, Building

    Favorite block: Ummmmm, never thought about it. I like Stone Brick and Spruce

    What you look forward into the server once accepted: TRUST. I really like to play with people i can trust. it would be nice to play with people who are relaxed and can fool around with each other.

    How long are you planning to play: As long as the server is up. Im currently the last player on the other server i play on. I usually play daily.

    Talk abit about yourself here: Ive been playing Minecraft for about 4-5 years. Very relaxed and easy going. Im easy to talk to and like helping others when needed. BATMAN! I love all things superheoes and comics.

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