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    See here for MCNostalgia 2.0, sonicrules1234 is taking over for now, perhaps indefinitely. I'm tired of Minecraft, and will see you all again in a few months when I grow bored due to the lack of new games. Thank you, all.

    I am not responsible for any damage you do to your computer using these tools. If you don't trust them, you can look through their code yourself, just open them up in a text editor.

    Cyborg, how can I best contact you?
    On Esper.net IRC, in the channel #risucraft

    MCNostalgia v1.0.4
    2.0 is a complete rewrite being co-produced with sonicrules1234
    MCNostalgia is a tool that takes binary difference patches and applies them to the latest version of Minecraft, essentially reverting it to an older version, without ever distributing any .jar files illegally. Binary difference patches are made by taking the differences between two files, one is the source/old file (in this case the latest version of Minecraft), the other is the output/new file (in this case an older version of Minecraft). To patch the files, MCNostalgia requires Minecraft to be unmodified, that means no imported textures even.

    Installation - Heads up, this is really really simple, for both Windows users and Mac users, got it?
    Windows Users
    1. Download the 'Windows' version of MCNostalgia and the patches. If you really want to use the python form instead, download the 'Other' version and make sure you have python installed.
    2. Extract the archive to any folder.
    3. Run MCNostalgia, it should enter Configurator mode.
    4. Choose which options you would like enabled, if you want it to work with different directories than the default ones, you will have to modify the config yourself. It is recommended that you leave errors and logging enabled. Close MCNostalgia and run it again.
    Mac Users
    1. Install Python 2.7.X (NOT 3.X.X) if you don't have it already.
    2. Download the 'Other' version of MCNostalgia and the patches.
    3. Extract the archive to any folder.
    4. Run MCNostalgia, if it doesn't run from a double click, try running it via terminal or a shell script with the command "python MCNostalgia.py", it should enter Configurator mode.
    5. Choose which options you would like enabled, if you want it to work with different directories than the default ones, you will have to modify the config yourself. It is recommended that you leave errors and logging enabled. Close MCNostalgia and run it again.
    Linux Users
    1. Install Python 2.7.X (NOT 3.X.X) if you don't have it already.
    2. Install bspatch if you don't have it already, using "sudo apt-get install bsdiff" (or something similar, it differs between flavors)
    3. Download the 'Other' version of MCNostalgia and the patches.
    4. Extract the archive to any folder.
    5. Run MCNostalgia, if it doesn't run from a double click, try running it via terminal or a shell script with the command "python MCNostalgia.py", it should enter Configurator mode.
    6. Choose which options you would like enabled, if you want it to work with different directories than the default ones, you will have to modify the config yourself. It is recommended that you leave errors and logging enabled. Close MCNostalgia and run it again.
    Other Users
    MCNostalgia also hopefully supports SunOS/Solaris and other Unix systems, to match Minecraft. However, I am in no way positive if python or bspatch supports your OS, nor if this tool will even work. It probably will, so long as python does, but I'm not sure. For the most part, it should follow the Linux instructions.

    Patching - Since so many people are having brainfarts, this is what you use to go back to previous versions.
    1. Choose a version in the patches and copy all the ptch files as well as the checksum file into the bin folder where you extracted MCNostalgia to. The files, not the folders.
    2. Run MCNostalgia
    3. Choose Patcher
    4. Play Minecraft!
    1. Run MCNostalgia
    2. Choose UnPatcher
    3. Play Minecraft!
    Changing Verbosity Settings
    1. Run MCNostalgia
    2. Choose Configurator, this will run the Configurator again for you to configure the settings again.
    Custom Setup
    So you want to have this tool, for example, patch minecraft that's not in your application data? Well, crack open MCNostalgia.ini and let's take a peek.
    appdata = blahblahblah - This line points to where minecraft.jar, lwjgl.jar, lwjgl_util.jar, and jinput.jar are
    bin = blahblahbla
    h - This line points to where the backup and logs will be saved, and where the .ptch files should be
    As a reminder, I am not responsible for anything you break by altering these settings.

    1.0.4 26/09/2011 - Fixed issue with people using single quotation marks in folder names.
    1.0.3, 19/09/2011 - Added line telling people where to put their patch files if MCN can't find them. Added versions to checksums. Added timestamps to logs. Individual patches are now zipped individually, so you no longer have to download five files for one version. Logs are now saved constantly, instead of when program is closed (because that didn't always work).
    1.0.2, 29/05/2011 - Now catches all errors, rather than just where they were likely. Errors should now print line number as well. Fixed issues with macs. If the back up already exists, it will try to back up again anyways, to ensure it has the files to patch. MCNostalgia will now close after running the Configurator; this is to prevent the issue where the other options stop working after the Configurator is run.
    1.0.1, 29/05/2011 - Improved OS detection. Checksum file is now read when you start patching instead of only when you start up MCNostalgia, so you can hot swap the patches and checksum file while MCNostalgia is running. MCNostalgia no longer quits upon starting if there is no checksum file in the bin folder. Included msvcr90.dll for those of you who don't have it.
    1.0, 28/05/2011 - Partial rewrite. Fixed issues with macs and linux(hopefully). Added checksums. Got rid of alerts as they were only used in two places. Added exe version for Windows so they don't have to get python. You will have to redownload patches for this version, as each set of patches now include a checksum file.
    0.7, 25/12/2010 - Minor fixes, patches are in a separate download now so that they may be updated without having to redownload the tool itself
    0.6, 24/12/2010 - Removed two debug prints, added checks for missing ini/ini options
    0.5, 24/12/2010 - Python implemented, more idiot proofing
    0.2, 22/12/2010 - First public release, minor improvements to batch scripts
    0.1, 21/12/2010 - Test release

    CyborgDragon: Me, durr.
    okushama, ZeuX, amh7912, lahwran, GenuineSounds: Testing
    Notch: For making this game
    _303: For pushing CyborgDragon to port it to Python for multiplatform support (I'm lazy)
    InsanityBringer and lahwran: For getting InDev working!

    Currently Available Versions

    Creative 0.0.13a_03 - Not included, won't run
    Creative 0.30 - Not included, won't run
    SurvivalTest 0.30 - Not included, won't run
    InDev January/February? ?? 2010 - Not included, doesn't function, can't load/create worlds. Contains Rana and other MD3 mobs, but not MD3 versions of old mobs. Has title menu.
    InDev February 23 2010 - Has been patched by InsanityBringer, you can play it now!
    InfDev June 18 2010
    Alpha 1.0.4
    Alpha 1.0.5_01
    Alpha 1.0.11
    Alpha 1.0.14
    Alpha 1.0.15
    Alpha 1.0.16
    Alpha 1.0.17_02
    Alpha 1.0.17_04
    Alpha 1.1.0
    Alpha 1.1.2
    Alpha 1.1.2_01
    Alpha 1.2.0_01
    Alpha 1.2.0_02
    Alpha 1.2.1_01
    Alpha 1.2.2 - Left in debug key that spawns portals
    Alpha 1.2.2b - Debug key removed
    Alpha 1.2.3
    Alpha 1.2.3_01
    Alpha 1.2.3_02
    Alpha 1.2.3_04
    Alpha 1.2.4_01
    Alpha 1.2.5
    Alpha 1.2.6
    Beta 1.0
    Beta 1.0_01
    Beta 1.0.2
    Beta 1.1.wut - No font bug, fixed lag issues with leaf decay
    Beta 1.1.wut - Attempted fix
    Beta 1.1_01 - No font bug fixed
    Beta 1.1_02 - Fixed chest bug
    Beta 1.2 - Lots of new content
    Beta 1.2_01
    Beta 1.2_02
    Beta 1.3a - Beds, diodes added. Item spawn debug code present
    Beta 1.3b - Item spawn debug code removed
    Beta 1.3 PC Gamer Demo - 100 Minutes of play time.
    Beta 1.3_01
    Beta 1.4
    Beta 1.4_01
    Beta 1.5
    Beta 1.5_01
    Beta 1.6 - Huge mostly bugfix update.
    Beta 1.6.1 - Fixed duping bugs
    Beta 1.6.2 - Fixed another duping bug
    Beta 1.6.3 - Attempted CPU Fix
    Beta 1.6.4 - Attempted CPU Fix, again.
    Beta 1.6.5 - Several fixes
    Beta 1.6.6 - More fixes
    Beta 1.7 - 1.7 Release
    Beta 1.7_01
    Beta 1.7.2
    Beta 1.7.3
    Beta 1.8 Pre-release 1b - The leaked one
    Beta 1.8 Pre-release 2
    Beta 1.8
    Beta 1.9 Pre-release 1
    Beta 1.9 Pre-release 2
    Beta 1.9 Pre-release 3a - Debug keys left in
    Beta 1.9 Pre-release 3b - Debug keys removed
    Beta 1.9 Pre-release 4

    Do not post these links else where, as it can only end up hurting users and me alike. It can hurt users from lack of information, and it can hurt me from potential loss of profit. It also hurts users because I delete the old files and links every time I update MCNostalgia, and so the links, being placed elsewhere, become broken. Instead, link to this thread.

    By downloading, you agree that you have read this section(MCNostalgia), in its entirety, and that if you ask a question answered in this section, you are informed that I may ignore you.

    You need both MCNostalgia and the patch files.

    Adcraft - Show your support by using these downloads. Unlike adf.ly, these ads are harmless. Don't be afraid to check out any ads that interest you.
    MCNostalgia 1.0.4 - Windows
    MCNostalgia 1.0.4 - Other
    Beta 1.8.1 Patches - All
    Beta 1.8.1 Patches - Individual Downloads

    you meanie :sad.gif:
    Link Removed
    Link Removed
    Link Removed

    A lot of people question the legality of this. Well, it is not directly redistributing the minecraft jar files. It is the differences between the latest jar files and older versions. The difference("patch") files will not work without the files that need to be patched, in this case, the latest version of Minecraft. They will not work with anything else. Now, this clears it of one part of the forum rules, but not the illegality. Well, to clear that up, I've contacted Mojang multiple times, and they have been made aware of it at least twice, their response wasn't much, but I take it as a "do what you will." If they ask me to take it down in the future, I will.

    Video Tutorials


    Currently looking for somebody to do a video tutorial of using it on linux, from installing bspatch to running it. Both using terminal and not, preferably.
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    Quote from Purzel2205 »
    Err, and where can I find the 1.7/1.8 textures that are already done?
    The only download link I can find is for 1.6.2

    Scattered throughout the past ten pages or so.
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    Quote from SentrySam»

    The only thing I have to say about the stained clay is that there should be a new white one.

    Definitely need a new white stained clay, yes. Magenta could be a bit more...magenta, as well. Orange, while it has an orange backplate...it doesn't really stand out as orange at first glance. Red is the same as orange, has red there, but doesn't stand out. Pink and purple are the ones I was really talking about it needing to match the dye colors.

    Quote from SentrySam»

    The current sponge texture is actually a water valve, but I understand your confusion. The language pack hasn't been displaying all the item names in the pack.

    Ah, I see. I was actually looking into maybe updating the language file as well.

    Quote from SentrySam»
    Yes, 3-D textures would be nice. I'll try my hand at learning how to make them, and see what I come up with...Also, if you go back a few pages you can see my doors.

    I was specfiically thinking of 3D modeling your doors, haha. I really hate how the texture "tiles" improperly on the sides of minecraft's door models, and it'd be nice to look through the windows in the doors as if they weren't paper.

    Quote from SentrySam»
    -Rusty valve? Me gusta.

    -That sea lantern looks amazing. Nice and dark, with an excellent glowing shade of blue. Combine with a dark metal frame, and you have a top notch block!

    Like I said in the album description, I put a bit more work into the valve. These two are actually my favorites.

    Quote from SentrySam»
    -Your dark oak planks aren't quite fitting. I'll have to do some brainstorming and texturing to get what I'm looking for, because I think an altered oak plank doesn't cut it.

    I don't find them fitting either, myself. But I find them better fitting than wood.

    Quote from SentrySam»
    -Red sandstone could be a bit more gritty.

    I'll see what I can do.

    Quote from SentrySam»
    For the slime block, there is an old post somewhere where a texture already exists. I'll get it right now.

    That slime texture is so much better than mine.

    Quote from SentrySam»
    -Rough Andesite looks a bit rough. I'm thinking about a wrecked air vent (with a '><' pattern) with some small pipes visible through a hole, and the fixed version is a slightly dented air vent. A dirty light grey color is desirable.

    -Diorite looks pretty clean for this resource pack. I suggest a texture of off-white piping in a '+' shaped box. Rough is destroyed and rusty, while smooth variant is a sort of cobbled-together wall of pipes

    -That smooth Granite texture is genius! A rebar wall would be amazing to have. Just refine the bars and your good to go. As for the raw granite, I think a texture combo of metal plating and concrete (sandstone) would be interesting when made rusty.

    Yeah I'm not liking how the rough andesite looks, myself. I tried to darken them, as well, but not too much, but it just doesn't feel right. As for the fixed version, I'd prefer something that tiles well and looks good taking up an entire wall. That's part of the reason I made the stone variants the way I did.

    As for diorite, I'm liking the wall of pipes idea for the smooth variant, but I'm afraid that may be a bit out of my league. :P

    For the granite, well, I actually fixed up the rebar. Personally, I feel the fixed rebar looks too noisy, but tell me what you guys think.
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    A list of what still needs texturing: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9EHSciHf

    Also, some personal opinions on stuff:

    • Need better double flowers, ajalexd's don't quite tile right.
    • Flowers should better reflect the color of their respective dyes
    • As should stained clay. I like the idea of them being decorative blocks, but perhaps make the primary colors of their textures match the dyed color.
    • Need better acacia and dark oak planks, ajalexd's are, as someone else put it, not plank-y enough.
    • Maaaaybe change the sponge from a safe to something else. Though the safe fits the flooded submarine/base theme the prismarine textures have going on.
    • 3D block models for doors and trapdoors, at the very least. Vanilla doors...texture badly. I may do these myself.
    Also, I made some textures for the missing blocks, and for some of the blocks I found not to my liking. I am not a texture artist, I made these relatively quickly, and just put in enough effort to make them look decent in game. Some of them could be texture pack material, but I feel most of them aren't, or need a lot of a tweaking by someone with more skill than me. http://imgur.com/a/8AyoF
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    Quote from Blaziken584
    Btw, is there bump mapping stuff out yet? I know there was an update to the GLSL shaders mod, but I can't find the shaders for bump mapping, I'm probably just being stupid but I am going to look more =p

    Thanks again Cyborg =)

    Included with karyonix's GLSL shaders update are alternate shaders for bumpmapping.

    You're welcome. :P
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    Quote from Blaziken584

    This means a lot to me especially since I look up to your work haha, thank you =)

    No, thank you, your texture pack is awesome. Speaking of my work, I recently made this sound pack to accompany your texture pack.
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    posted a message on [1.4.4] [Audiotori] CyborgDragon's Sound Packs - The Wind Waker Pack (Update)

    The Wind Waker Sound Pack is designed to be used in conjunction with Blaziken584's Wind Waker Texture Pack. At this moment in time, it does not contain digging, minecart, blaze, cat, chicken, cow, enderman, magma cube, sheep, slime, wither, wolf, and walking sounds. Nor does it contain custom musical notes. However, The list of exclusions is far smaller than than the list of inclusions. I have been working hard trying to identify the footstep sounds from The Wind Waker, but I could use some help, if people are willing.

    The bulk of the sound pack, this is all the sounds excluding voice and mob sounds.
    sound3\random\wood click.ogg


    You are Link, why don't you sound like him? Replaces fall sounds and hurt sounds with Link's. Also silences eating sounds, replaces the burp with Link's sigh when he's done, and replaces drinking sounds with Link's swallowing sound.


    Learn to fear the paralyzing scream of the ReDead. This download is for the full mob pack. Alternatives available below, the first individual download for each mob type is the version included in the full pack.
    sound3\mob\ghast\affectionate scream.ogg


    Individual Downloads
    Click image to download.

    Hyrule has a a rich past, filled with both good and evil. Here, you can read it.
    New Fire Sound, Reduced Volume
    New Fuse Sound
    New Tool Break Sound, more oomph
    New Piston Sound, less muffled
    New Click Sound
    New Portal Travel Sound
    New Drinking Sound for Voice, no longer silenced
    Helmaroc King Enderdragon alternate sounds added
    OoT Skulltula sounds added


    1) Install Audiotori if you don't have it.
    2) Download sound pack(s)
    3) Extract sound pack(s) to your .minecraft/audiotori/ folder.
    4) In-game, press F9 and move the sound pack(s) to the top of the priority list.

    Nothing yet.

    The Wind Waker Sound Pack: Planned Features
    More Sound Replacements such as Footstep and Digging
    Optional OoT sounds for Cows and Chickens
    MAtmos Support
    Rhapsodia Support

    Planned Sound Packs

    A joke soundpack, where everything is the name of the sound read aloud.

    A soundpack inspired by Adventure Time.

    Constructive criticism and advice is welcome! Thank you for considering my work.

    Do not redistribute without permission. Credit to Nintendo Co., Ltd. for the sounds from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

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    posted a message on Shutters Mod Minecraft 1.3.1
    Pictures are recommended, people aren't too willing to trust a mod with very little description and a link, even if it's understandable as to why the description is so small.
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    Quote from Rising_Dead

    People Aren't Gonna Stop Asking "Is It Updated?" Until A Few Days After It Updates. Though We Can't Really Call Them Impatient Or Immature. A Lot Of Mods Depend On Modloader And Most Players Here Come For That. Expect The Flood Gates To Open.....

    We most certainly can call them impatient. As for immature, that only applies to those who DEMAND updates. Risugami doesn't make modloader out of any sort of obligation, he makes it because he's being generous, as StarshadesJack's analogy so well put it.
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    Quote from RxD

    to everyone that replied to me, i don't asked for a update, just asked WHEN 1.3 modloader should be released, today, tomorrow, 1 month later, etc.

    That is just as frequent and annoying as "is it up to date yet?" It may not be strictly listed in #risucraft rules, but still violates the spirit of the rules. The answer is and always be, for every mod: When and IF it's done.
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