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    posted a message on We should have a way to decontaminate Rotten Flesh

    Yeah no thanks. Why would i want to eat human flesh? Only use i have for rotten flesh is emergencies and trade to villagers for emeralds.

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    posted a message on Anyone else think the Acacia wood is hideous?
    love to have variety of wood, i'm all up for it. I hate the color of the jungle planks/wood (or as i call them.. the cherry planks) but never whined to have them changed or removed, i simply don't use them. With these new planks is the same, some will hate it while others will love the color.

    We don't need it removed OR changed, i welcome all the blocks we can get. IF any, why not the option to dye wood planks? more features is what we need.
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    posted a message on Anybody else think "Less ocean = Less awesome?"
    as much as i hate humongous oceans (i had one so big i thought i'd never find land) i do not want a world in which ponds will be called "oceans". My point is, there's a need for a balance in the world generation.

    There will never be an update in which people is 100% happy, some people miss the old wicked world generation, some loved the oceans and some not. This is the eternal cycle of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    Quote from tacomalo

    If minecraft is supposed to be about the freedom to do what i want, when i want (which i don't think it is), then, well, i guess i would play creative?

    You realize is how they marketed the game in the official trailer? as a game to do anything you want, your argument is invalid.

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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    Quote from WereWaffle

    So my real question is: How to Minium Shards if I can't even look at a Skeleton without having a panic attack?
    I tried turning on Normal mode for a while to fight mobs in the snow, and that totally sucked, but I didn't even get that many shards! I was averaging one per night. It just wasn't worth it.

    Got any suggestions for efficient ways to get shards, or any upcoming changes that might help me out?
    You play Minecraft and never got to build a mob spawner item/xp farm? that would get you tons of mobs and materials
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    posted a message on [V1.2.5] [SSP] Sensible Enchanting v4.9 - Updated for 1.2.5!
    Quote from panda188

    make it for 1.3.1
    You really had to quote EVERYTHING? give it time and will be updated soon.
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    posted a message on DVD version maybe?
    why dont you grab your GT in a USB and take it to a friend's house? can download minecraft and enjoy offline after that
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    posted a message on What the **** man.
    sounds like your world is corrupted, hope not but sounds like it.
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    posted a message on What plants can and should i farm
    Quote from Zeltchorono

    and Cactus, though I see no reason for Cactus besides something to defend yourself from mobs, sometimes.
    what about dyes? sprite art and adding wool carpets to you house are a good reason to farm cacti ;)
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    posted a message on Rate the game!
    Quote from TenacoiusChicken

    Its an absolutely brilliant game but the lack of pet llama's angers me greatly so my score is 1/10...

    Ok, cookies are pretty cool, 9.5/10
    9.5 would be to high to be honest with you, i give the game a solid 8/10 because well.. delivers what promised which is Minecraft, but the amount of downsides versus the pc version cannot be denied.

    A lot of players are in love with it either because it's their first approach to the game, cant play on PC, or due to nostalgia for old sounds, beta seeds, no hunger bar and so on.

    Will ever be on par with the PC version? i trully hope so.
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