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l play Minecraft every now and then amongst a variety of other games, I enjoy FPS, Action games, RPG's and platformers especially, getting into the PAYDAY series. I am a fan of Anime!

When I have nothing to do I'll hang on a website called InstaSynch which is essentially a playlist of videos hosted on other websites. I joined the Minecraft Forums staff and was promoted to a Minecraft Discussions Sectional Moderator around March 2013!


I also make my own maps! Please try them out so I can earn a little money for my work on them!

Sparkling Hills Parkour:

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If for whatever reason you need to contact me, feel free to PM me or query me via MinecraftForums IRC, I'm usually connected to the IRC so you should be able to find me, if for whatever reason you can't get a hold of me via those two then please drop me a Tweet on Twitter:

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Video games, eating, watching movies.

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