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    Wooden buckets for early farming. wood bucketing lava just deletes the bucket as if you tossed it in. (retexture iron bucket, use the wood bowl recipe but with a stick "handle" on top, add exception for using the bucket on lava)

    Tool recycling. While mostly meant for wood tools that are used maybe 2-3 times and then end up largely useless but should work for all of them. place tool of any durability into crafting table and get 2 sticks.

    Copper tools. Speed of iron, slightly less durable than iron, mines at stone tool level. (Copy stone tools, retexture and stat adjust, swap out recipes)

    Copper (bronze?) armor. about the same protection as leather with maybe a tiny increase on the chest plate and pants, better durability.

    Dog armor. Literally never bring my dog with due to high risk of death. this, but enchantable like a chestplate, would make them far more relevant. Dog with fire resistance armor doesn't die when falling into lava.

    Dog whistle. Recalls owned sitting dogs to your location.

    Horse charging damage. Horses moving at full speed deal half a heart of damage with fairly strong knockback. damage increases relative to level of horse armor. Optionally add weapon enchantments to horse armor.

    Horse grazing healing. Horse eats a grass block like sheep do when standing still and hurt to heal half a heart of damage.

    Goat mounts. Slow, but can climb sheer surfaces similar to a spider.

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    posted a message on Connection Time out with no further information on LAN

    Me and my girlfriend have had this issue for a while. She can connect to my LAN games but her LAN games will not show up and direct connection to her IP (found in the system settings in the same place she got mine from) returns a connection time out with no further information or error code.

    She wants me to help her with some of her builds but all we can do is LAN games on my computer so all the worlds have to be on my computer.

    To clairify, We both have windows 10 laptops with stable WiFi connection. both laptops are a few years old but reasonably high end for a store bought computer so there's no issue running minecraft. She can connect to my computer using direct connection over LAN but I can't do the same. We both have no issues connecting to any public minecraft servers.

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    Chunk bans and book bans are a good start. Preventing books over a certain size, maxing out the number of inventory blocks that can be placed per chunk so they don't cause overflows. Granted, both limits can be set fairly high, higher than most people will need for legit purposes.

    Lag machines are a classic troll tool so setting up a plug in that could detect high load chunks, freeze them, save them, and then rolling them back to an hour before the last time they loaded with an alert would likely prove an effective solution if you could get it to work.

    If you're concerned about bedrock removal, theoretically you could try anything from breaking pistons at certain Y levels to regular sweeps for air blocks at bedrock.

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    I've had this idea for a kind of server network hardcore SMP where dimensions/worlds are "stacked" on top of each other. Each one only has access to a certain "level" of ores and mobs and the way to progress is to gain an amount of experience, levels or perhaps kills to get warped to the next level with your inventory. Getting killed/dying sends you down a level where you must build yourself back up without your items. Nether and end portals would only work on the highest level.

    I think it might make for some interesting metas on each level and have a preferable punishment to just being banned for a few hours. Items that normally would never be considered would be used in creative ways due to a scarcity of some materials and a surplus of others to make up for them. Then at the top would be essentially the full hardcore SMP minecraft experience.

    While I'm not all that good at dev work, I've got a bit of money to make things happen to a certain extent as well as a fair bit of minecraft experience (this forum account is a replacement for the one I've lost access to a while back.) I've got the time to do a bit of moderating as well though a few extras as time goes on would be considered.

    What I need is responses from those who are familiar with plug-in and server development work as well as a general feel of whether setting something of this sort up will draw much interest so as to make things worth it. This thread is mostly to determine the viability of setting up such a server as well as seeing if players would even like the sound of it or want other changes as well to make it worthwhile.


    My initial dev plan in case someone wants to know

    ~~Planning phase (pre-dev)~~

    1: Establish how many worlds should be used and how transferring players between worlds with or without their inventory would work. (What's the work load/costs/difficulty to manage)

    2: What anti-cheat, QoL, and other plugins and mods would compliment this main theme of a harsh, multi-planar world where the goal is to ascend to the higher realms through skill and survival?

    3: What staff is needed to manage these worlds and their plugins and what rule and maintenance policies and obligations should they have? staff/dev payments finalized and ready to start once actual work starts.

    ~~Begin Development~~

    4: Construct initial server framework and establish world generation/editing

    5: Find a server host appropriate for handling world number and sizes

    6: Finalize starting worlds, moderation and admin tools, first iteration of server rules, bugs, resource management, and event policies

    7:Server goes live, players recruited and staff will take some time playing along side them to add life to the server and help iron out potential issues and frustrations from a player POV.


    9: PROFIT!!!

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    posted a message on SMP server with a couple players looking for new members!!

    What kind of server and what plugins or mods?

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    posted a message on Join the Magma Dimensions SMP (1.16.4) (Vanilla) (No hacks)

    What gimmick do you plan on using to make the server more attractive to players? Do you have someone who can install mods/admin/builder tools?

    If you need an idea for something quick and easy, maybe find a really interesting seed and map gen setting mix with a small world border and then set up a command block that causes some small but interesting events to occur every few minutes. Maybe you could even set the spawn radius really high and have the default respawn be in the nether with a world protected portal at 0,0.

    Most of these things should be able to be done with a little bit of research on vanilla minecraft systems without really needing to install much if any mods.

    It's important that your server offers a unique but fun spin on traditional minecraft SMP. If you need some help, HMU with a PM sometime this week.

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