About Me

When you look at my about me, are you expecting an amusing anecdote or real information about me?

I'm 17. I'm a gregarious person by nature. I enjoy helping others; seeing and making people smile is what makes me happy. I play on multiplayer servers because being alone in Minecraft is not nearly as fun as group projects, and you can't get the support and help. My current project in Minecraft is something something doom fortress.

Edit: I'm now 20, and my current project is still probably something something doom fortress.

Anecdote, you say?

Look at your world, now back at mine. Now back at your world, now back at mine. Sadly, it isn't mine. But, if you stopped using cobble to build your buildings, it COULD be mine. Look down. Back up. What do you see? You're in a castle made of stone bricks. What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's that block you love. Look again. The blocks are now diamonds! Anything is possible when you don't build with cobble. I'm on a pig.

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