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    Welcome everyone! This is SummerFields, the marvelous texture pack started by LithiumSound and now continued by a group of dedicated fans.

    Inspired by the 16x texture packs Jolicraft and GoodMorningCraft and the game Fable - The Lost Chapters.

    Get all of your SummerFields goodies in one place.
    You can even join us on GitHub to contribute to the pack.

    SummerFields RP1 (5/7/2013) [For 1.6.1+]
    You can now simply place the .zip file into your Resourcepack folder and it should work.

    -Fixed file structure so the .zip is recognized by Minecraft. -Updated this thread and added more mod support! -Changed the Hay Bale slightly.

    A Note About the Customizer:

    The Minecraft Customizer website has not been updated to support the way Minecraft 1.5+ handles textures and resources. As such, I cannot update the customizer. It will still work for 1.4.7 and lower, but NOT the newer versions. This is why I put together the AltPack. Yes, it's a bit more work to rename the files, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

    SummerFields R31 (13/3/2013) [For 1.5] [Adfly link if you want to gimme a tip with advertisers money]
    R31 is the last regular texture pack release for SummerFields. Use this version only for 1.5-1.5.2
    SummerFields R30c (13/3/2013) [1.4.7 Legacy] This download is for 1.4.7 and earlier only. If you are using the snapshots, you want the first download. SummerFields AltPack 1.0 [For Everyone] SummerFields AltPack Add-On 1.2 This download contains a whole lot of alts that should suit most everyone. :) Read the note for more info. The AltPack Add-On contains a few new textures like faceless soul sand, dyes in bottles and the non-animated versions of the grass and torches and stuff. FAQ
    Q: "The spiders/endermen are white."
    A: Since SummerFields is a 32x pack you have to use Optifine or MCPatcher to fix this issue. The reason only these two mobs are affected is because they both use an overlay for glowing eyes. The same answer goes for people using the Legacy pack on anything under Minecraft 1.5. You must patch the game or you will end up with weird stuff, like flaming pumpkins and a sea-washed nether.
    Q: "What does '32x' mean?" A: Minecraft has a default resolution of 16x. The resolution is the size of the textures, the default ones are 16 pixels by 16 pixels or '16x16' or '16x'. 32x is double that amount making it 32 pixels by 32 pixels. This gives the artist a slightly larger space to work in and allows for more detail.
    Q: "UPDATE THE PACK!" or "Update, plz" or even "When are u gonna update?" A: Apparently update begging is against the forum rules. Aside from that, the answer will generally be "As soon as I can." I'm also studying for a BA of Graphic Design so keep in mind that I have to finish art for school before I can do art for fun. (And also means that I am quite open to constructive criticism. If you don't like something, tell me why and maybe suggest how it can be changed. :) )
    Q: "CuddleWoozle? What's that name all about?" A: I like weasels. Woozle is an alternate spelling, sounds cuter and is also the name of the sneaky creatures from Winnie the Pooh that steal honey. The 'cuddle' part is from my pet ferret who was extremely friendly and loved to cuddle with people. You can call me "Cuddles" or "Woozle", too, if you like. Q: "What programs do you use to make textures?" A: I run a linux system, so Adobe doesn't play well on my system. Instead I use GIMP, Krita and Inkscape. GIMP is the main one for my texture work and speaking from experience, is very nearly as flexible as Photoshop. Inkscape is a great vector illustration program and Krita is a wonderfully intuitive tool for digital painting. I also use a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, which gives me the ability to vary the pressure I put behind my lines.
    1.6+ Mod Support
    All support listed here is made and tested in 1.6.2. Simply place the contents of the .zip into the SummerFields .zip or folder.
    Bibliocraft - Bookshelves! Potion Shelves! Tool Racks! Armor Stands! Printing Presses! Copy books! Fancy lights in multiple colors! Tables! And did I mention they come in all four wood colors? [Mod Thread]
    Backpacks - Like a chest in your inventory. Now you can even wear them on your back like a pack mule! (Features re-created textures! Yay for colors that match the original SummerFields colors!) [Mod Thread]
    Multipage Chest - For when a regular chest just isn't big enough. Because...you know...you have STUFF. [Mod Thread]

    Pre 1.6 Mod Support can be found in the fan extension thread.

    Video from: qmagnet Video from: TheMammoth

    Requests for Mod Support
    This is just a section where I'll try to keep everyone updated on what kinds of mod support have been requested. These are in no particular order. I may take things out of order to work on. Also, if you want to work on textures, let me know you are so I can put your name next to it.
    Pam's Mods (Started) Millenaire Damage Indicators Mo Creatures (Started) Custom NPCs Jammy Furniture Mod Twilight Forest Metallurgy 2 Forestry Buildcraft (Updating) Bleach Mod (Next on the list) Minecraft Comes Alive (Because...not having Goons or Squidwards is kind of nice. XD) Better Than Wolves (Someone was working on this...update?)
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    Quote from FeelyFeels»

    Is there bump/specular mapping or POM in the pack ? It would be awesome with some shaders ^_^

    I don't think there is a current version. I can't do them because I can't get shaders to run correctly on my computer. I know ther was someone who was working on it a while back, but I can't remember who. D:

    That being said, if anyone -wants- to do something like that, it would be awesome.
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    Hm. That's weird. I know they're in the file because I just opened up my own download and saw them in there. O_O

    Let me see what I can do.


    I think I've got it. It's the way the folder structure is inside the default .zip.

    Try just dropping the "Summerfields-master" folder into your resource pack folder and loading it from there. It can't see past the 'summerfields-master' folder within the .zip file. (Basically the 'master' folder should not be there. What is inside of it should be zipped as the root files.)

    If that sounded complicated, I'm sorry. Basically this is what's happening:

    When zipped the game is seeing the file path as:


    And it -should- be


    There's an extra folder that doesn't need to be there. :P My guess is github put it there.

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    posted a message on Minestrappolation 4: Pipes and Teleporters!

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that this is one of the more cool mods I've found. I love the stone types, and the neat crafting tier system that's a bit more complex but not so insane that you just play on creative instead. XD

    What I don't like is vanilla textures so I spent a couple of months making texture support for SummerFields, (which I'm particularly fond of and help to maintain in a vague sense). It's not 100% because I don't have all of the block models edited, but it is usable and I just posted it on the SummerFields thread. (http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1244128-summerfields-1-8-ready-to-go-still-alive?comment=742 )

    Just a question: There were some apparently un-used textures. Are they just not implemented in this version of Minestrapp or do they work with a different mod? (Hammers, unholy tools/weapons, etc.)

    Either way, keep up the great mod. :D And thanks for making it.

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    This has taken me months.

    683 block textures. 265 item images. 9 full sets of armor. 8 GUIs. Many edited block models. 9 alternate vanilla textures*

    I give to you.

    SummerFields Minestrappolation Support.


    This support is intended for Minestrappolation 4 (version 4.2.666)

    *There are alternate cobblestone, mossy cobble, and stone brick tops/side variations that I feel mesh better with the stone textures I made for this support pack. It's why I included them here. You can choose to use them or not but I think they look rather spiffy. Although I made them so that's biased. ;D

    PS: It's still not what I would call 100% done. All in-game textures are complete and it is usable! However: There are unused textures in my game that I didn't do because I can't test them and I don't know if they're implemented in the mod yet. Once they are or I find out how to get them in-game, I will update. Also there are even more models that need edited but that takes a long time. :P As I get them finished I'll update. You can switch them off in the mod if they irritate you. (You don't want to know how many hours I spent on that crafting bench! You do NOT. XD)

    ALSO: Lipki, if you want to take any of the special models like said crafting table and add them to the default pack, please do. :3

    And a pic just in case no one trusts me anymore. LOL I mean, I haven't done anything this big for a long time. It shows a variety of blocks and items from the mod. :)

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    posted a message on I am scared of minecraft spiders.

    Make them pink and put little bows and hearts on them. :3

    (To be honest, I HATE the baby zombies. I hate them so much. If I see them I will scream out loud.)

    PS: My idea is to make them look ridiculous enough that you'd have to laugh at them. Although if you hate pink it might just terrorize you more. Like a horde of zombie Hello Kitties walking through Minecraft. D:

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    posted a message on Worms Mod! Adds a chance for tasty worms to drop when digging dirt! Mmmm!

    Just a thought, it would be kind of cool if you could add the possibility to combine the worm with a fishing rod to make a baited rod. It might give a slight increase to fish catching. :3

    IE: It could slightly reduce the chance of getting 'junk'. And you would have to replace the worm after every fish/every couple of fish.

    But I don't know how hard that would be to implement. So feel free to take it or leave it. XD

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    The pack is released under CC.


    Basically, boiled down to simple terms:

    If you are planning on freely sharing the textures you make/changes you make to the pack structure, you can use it. That's what the 'share-alike' bit means. :3

    I know I appreciate anyone who wants to contribute to the pack.

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    Yeah, SummerFields is...well, it's 32x. Never anything more nor less. In the past people have asked for it to be either scaled up or down and Lithium never wanted to do that. It's not as easy as just 'blowing it up' or 'shrinking it'. :\ I believe he chose the resolution for the purpose that it would remain pixellated but with slightly more detail than 16x allows for.

    I just wanted to leave a note here that I threw together a couple of things for people looking to make textures for SummerFields.

    It includes a palette of colors and some explanations on why the colors are the way they are. :3 Kinda hard to believe that pink is the new orange. XD

    I've been gone for a long time and I apologize. My old Wacom tablet finally died and I had to save up for a new one. But I have it now, so I'm going to try and get some more mod support done. :P

    *wanders off muttering about how to fork github*

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    Yes. PLEASE.

    I got a new job and I work at night now. I still have college coursework during the day and that leaves next to no free time to work on SummerFields. :(

    So this is my offer:

    I'm saying now that anyone who would like to submit textures for the pack, please do so. We could make it a community collaboration similar to how Dokucraft is done. Everyone submits things, I'll try and keep track of who does what and credit properly.
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