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    posted a message on Mob Egg Recipes (pictures)
    It's currently a simple idea, but I like it.

    The use of eggs to make them might make people rely on chickens too much though.

    Also, when it comes down to it, mobs can drop more than one of the items you use to craft the eggs. For instance, pigs can drop up to three pork. Alongside a diamond/emerald/block of soul sand, an egg and one pork, you can essentially craft two pork. Hostile mobs can drop up to two of their item drops, so perhaps all the eggs should require the maximum number of items that the mob can drop. Creepers should require two gunpowder, blazes two blaze rods, skeletons both an arrow and a bone (so that you can't farm one or the other), etc etc.

    Also, I think the spider egg recipe should use spider eyes rather than string.
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    posted a message on Soot, cynder and charcoal
    I think that this Cinder block that you suggested should not turn into more than 1 charcoal. Otherwise, we wouldn't need to burn it in furnaces anymore.
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    posted a message on A Mossy Stone Wall bug?
    I was testing the features of the newest snapshot, 12w34a today.

    I had crafted some stone walls with mossy cobblestone, and I have to admit they're beautiful. However when broken they turn into regular stone walls! This is hopefully a bug, as I'm sure everyone who makes these mossy stone walls is not going to want to waste their precious mossy cobblestone.

    Just wanted to bring this to attention and make sure that i'm not the only one who has had this happen.
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    posted a message on New minecarts: Dispenser, TNT, & more - Also links!
    I definitely approve of better minecarts. The ideas in this thread are not only useful, but simply put better than what we have now.

    Will the track placer have the same behaviour as dispensers? That is, will it pick tracks at random from its inventory?

    The minecart links are a great idea, however I see no need to use redstone in the crafting recipe. Redstone is a dust and would probably crumble trying to pull a minecart. I suggest using string instead.

    The only thing I can say I'm not entirely fond of is the TNT minecart. It just seems like a large waste of iron/redstone for me. You're going to at least waste five, assuming that the blast destroys the minecart. (Which it should. It's exploding from within.)

    Besides that though, I would be ecstatic to see this added to vanilla minecraft. You've got my support 100%!
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    posted a message on Radio transmitter/Receiver block
    Sounds neat. I'm guessing that it would work like note blocks or repeaters?

    Would the signal be able to pass through solid blocks? Or would it require a clear (or semi-clear with vines or fences, etc, in the way) path to transmit the signal?
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    posted a message on Automatic Sugar Cane Farm Help.
    Try a sugar cane separate from the rest of the farm with a BUD hooked up to where the top block will grow.

    When the sugar cane grows to 3 blocks the BUD will send out a pulse to the rest of your farm, harvesting whatever has grown. You will also need a reset, easiest would be a piston which pushes out the second sugar cane block on the BUD plant.
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    posted a message on My Experience Downgrading to 1.7.3
    Sure 1.7.3 is great.

    I remember it well, the great mountains and zombie feathers.

    However it is natural for a game to progress, change and evolve. What you did is the equivalent of refusing to leave the 50's, but there's nothing wrong with that.
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    posted a message on Heat (NOT HARSH)
    I had an idea for heat a while ago. Not like this, but more as a check for fire.

    Blocks near lava or a fire would have a higher "heat level" than blocks away from it. Think of it as a cross between light and explosions.

    Blocks can block or transmit heat. Certain blocks would reduce it more than others, and some would be unaffected by it.

    The current system for burning flammable blocks is something like this: "Fire is burning. Make a check to see if there is a flammable block within X blocks. Wait for a random amount of seconds. Is fire still burning? Yes. Light flammable block." Same goes for lava.

    However with heat, it would be more like this: Standard heat level is 5. This is the default for all blocks when placed or generated. Lava and fire have a heat level of 10, torches a heat level of 7, and ice of 0. Water no matter what biome would have a heat level of 10, and all blocks adjacent to water would always have a heat level of 5.

    Heat level would increase or decrease as you move away from the source of heat, or from ice.

    A block directly adjacent to a lava source, or flowing lava would have a heat level of 9. The block one farther would be 8, etc, etc.

    A flammable block with a heat level over 8 will catch fire after X ticks.

    A block adjacent to ice would have a heat level of 1. The block one farther would be 2, etc, etc.

    When ice is heated to over 5 degrees (by torches or lava) or directly exposed to the sun for more than X ticks, it would melt.

    I know that this system wont be implemented, however I think that it's a much more effective way to calculate whether or not ice should melt, and if a block should catch fire. This kind of system might also cause a bit of lag, having to calculate another value for every block. But hey, it would be neat!
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    posted a message on More Enchantments
    The ice one doesn't really fit, in my opinion. Enchanting has never been able to create blocks (well. Unless you count mining lapis ore with a fortune pick), and being able to create ice at will by hitting a mob would be... strange. For instance, you hit a villager in a desert with you ice aspect sword. It's a bit odd.

    Your amnesia idea certainly isn't bad. However I think it could be improved upon. Instead of working on players, it should only work on hostile mobs. When struck with an amnesia sword, the mob would forget it was attacking the player, and wander as normal for 2 seconds at rank one, and 3-4 seconds at rank two.
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    posted a message on Tundra Villages
    Tundras need a bit of work. Currently they are snow-covered, tree-dotted areas with lots of caves and lots of passive mobs.

    Adding in a type of tundra village would certainly add to the over-all experience. Igloos are a nice idea, as are there not being crops. I would like however for them to have some kind of animal pen. Cows perhaps?
    The trading system should be the same as the other villages, in my opinion. You shouldn't have to compromise your village trading because you spawned in a tundra and not a desert.
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    posted a message on If you could add anything you wanted in Minecraft, what would you add?
    I'd add simple things. Like the ability to grow more kinds of plants. It's always bugged me that you can't grow lily pads.

    Some other things, like increasing the amount of leather cows drop, and having pigs drop small amounts of leather.

    Zombies always spawning in groups of five or more, and acting as a group.

    World generation sliders. That's the big one. Every biome would have a slider, set at the current percentages they spawn at. You could increase each biome to up to 100% of the world generation. As you increase the percentages of one biome, all others would drop to accommodate it. Also every biome would have a check box before it, allowing you to choose whether or not it generates at all!
    I think that that kind of system would be perfect for map makers, server owners and all manner of different things.
    The same kind of sliders could possibly exist for ores and generated structures, up to a cap. Rarer ores, namely diamond, would already at maximum percentages AKA, their current rarity.
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    posted a message on Unbreaking enchantment
    I'm not sure.

    My gut tells me yes. But minecraft has some weird logic to it. Even if it does last longer against mobs, it will still take double durability damage. Meaning it will still last half as long as it would if you used it to chop wood. So you're much better off making a sword. Swords also do significantly more damage to mobs.
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    posted a message on weird jungle and extreme hills glitch thing
    Regardless of your hatred, and on the topic..

    That is what is called a chunk error. Basically a burp in the generation that causes one (or more!) chunk(s) to be generated higher.

    Essentially the opposite of a world hole.
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    posted a message on The New Glass Texture!
    Lined glass from the games standpoint makes sense. It was made in a cobblestone furnace with some coal, after all.

    In spite of that I dislike using glass in my houses because of the ugly lines running through them. They get in the way of the view in 100% of houses I make. (I don't build anywhere that doesn't have at least a decent view.)

    So because of that reason, I support your idea!
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    posted a message on Deserts more Deserty
    Deserts with water kind of defeat the purpose, when the water is in small lakes and ponds. However large bodies of water connected to oceans are okay.

    The health decreasing suggestion would be an easy thing to implement, however it would not be a smart choice. I agree more with hunger, but as a general rule. Rather than "for every 20 seconds you spend in the desert, half a hunger bar is lost" I would rather it be "Every action you take in the desert uses 1.5X more hunger points".

    That way you wouldn't just die if you need to afk on a server waiting for your wheat or melons to grow.
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