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    Quote from KyanG7»

    An amazing host with such great support. Always trying to help the gaming community with their partnerships this company really cares.

    Hey KyanG7!

    Thanks so much for your kind words. We love our partners - we wouldn't be here today without them - and we love helping their fans start new, easy to use and affordable servers. Our team is dedicated to making sure you have the best Minecraft server hosting experience possible.

    Let us know if there's anything we can do to help :)

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    Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is live!

    Get 85% off your first month or 60% off your first two months on any Minecraft, MC: Pocket Edition, or TeamSpeak 3 server!

    Click the image above to check out our deals!
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    Quote from NorbertM»

    I got banned from their services because I said where can I write a review? I will tell everyone how real the server hosting is.

    They never gave me the link and just banned me from everything

    Hi there NorbertM,

    Hmm, it sounds like there might be more to this story. Do you know which agent(s) you spoke with when this happened?

    I'd like to look into the incident. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Quote from hayneseyy»

    Fantastic Host, Fairly Priced and great value for money, Customer service is 5 stars in my opinion, They are quick, Polite, and very understanding and helpful, there Ddos Protection is brilliant too, anyone looking for a host that is quick to respond to your problems then choose CubedHost!!!

    Hi Hayneseyy!

    Thanks for the kind words, I'm really glad you've had such a great experience with us. We're always working to improve our service, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. You can get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or [email protected] We read every email individually :)

    Best regards,

    Justin Head

    Owner / Chief Operating Officer


    On an unrelated note, our latest sale begins today with 75% off!

    You can get any size premium Minecraft server for just $3/GB for your first month.

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    Quote from analyticalone»


    I'm going to call this one a possible language usage error. While I can see where you would think he was being rude to you, I believe he might have been trying to establish that he has a proven track record and knowledge of the system. While I do believe your chat assistant might have phrased it differently (which comes with ongoing customer service experience training), I don't think he was trying to be rude. He should have noted that he would follow up on your issue, while requesting that you attempt his solution of 12 hour restarts. Which is likely what he intended to do (hopefully). You are a customer, and that does deserve respect. However, after reading your chat log - I didn't really see you give any respect either. No offense, but a kind word sways the tips of a thousand swords and all that. He wasn't even actually rude to you - he asked you to follow his advice, you kept fighting. If you followed it, and then came back and said "nope, still having the same problem - can you PLEASE (note...the please) elevate - and he kept fighting with you on it - I can understand. Rude usually involves ignorant people using nasty language and insulting your intelligence outright. For gods sake, he even used the word "reasonable". So while I see your case for asking for elevation, I don't see the rude behavior you were speaking of. I see a customer service agent who wants to do his job, and has a list of solutions he wants you to try before he takes it up a tier. From the chat, it sounds like he asked you to restart the server the day before (every 12 hours) and you didn't. .You didn't ask for an elevation, you asked for proper investigation. That's your right, and I believe your issue deserved it (and in the end, it got it).

    On the flip side, Rocketpig did say that everything was the same, and the chat agent didn't outright offer to elevate it. Possibly a training issue?

    On a third side of a two sided coin, Justin - I want to applaud you for constantly working to serve your customers better. Can you do me a favor and shoot me a price list via PM? I have a server for two little people and me that I am searching for a new host (my last hosting experience was amazing, but they had a giant issue sneak in, destroy all their servers, and then sneak out).


    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your input, I appreciate the kind words and the possible explanations you provided. Joe's first step was ensuring that the server was restarted often enough, as that's one of the most common ways to combat lag due to memory leaks, etc. After that, our agents are trained to work through other various common troubleshooting steps to try to determine the exact issue that might be at play

    The ticket that rocketpig3 was referring to was indeed submitted prior to his chat and had not been addressed yet, perhaps due to a gap in our agents' schedules during that time. Typically live chat is best utilized for small issues such as plugin configuration errors, crashes, etc. Lag can be complex to sort out as there are a million different factors to be taken into account. As it turns out, we found the primary cause of the lag affecting rocketpig3's server was due to his location in relation to the server and varying connections among players. This produced a difficult to track down type of lag that took quite a bit of investigating to confirm - that is, to confirm nothing on the server itself was causing it - and to ensure that no other factors were affecting performance; it certainly could not have been addressed in full during a chat. With that said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with starting the investigation process via live chat. Our agents have been instructed to note these types of requests and details in an applicable ticket so that the rest of our team may look into it more thoroughly.

    In regards to your request for pricing, we offer two lines of Minecraft server hosting: Budget and Premium. Our Budget servers run between $6 - 8 per GB per month, whereas our Premium servers run $12 per GB per month. You can view the differences between the two here. Naturally, our Premium servers boast better performance, one-click modpack installation and updates, more in-depth support, 7 global locations, automated nightly backups, and more. I would encourage you to take a moment and chat with our sales team via live chat or ticket if you have any questions. I've PM'd you a promo code to get you started :)


    Justin Head

    Owner / Chief Operating Officer

    [email protected]

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    Quote from rocketpig3»

    Going to have to disagree with people saying they have excellent support. First problem, happened as soon as I purchased: server would not save to disk, meaning the server would crash then rollback every 6 hours or so. Sent multiple tickets, all saying I should schedule automatic restarts, which I was already doing, or even to buy more RAM. After about 5 or so tickets, the matter was "escalated" and the CEO looked at it. He admitted to me their config files were wrong. He said running /save-all or /save-on would run /list due to an error on their part. After 2 weeks of this happening, and losing most of my player base, he did not even offer a refund or some form of compensation. Only after sending another ticket was I given a free week of hosting.

    After this, I decided to stick with them for whatever reason. Probably because the server wasn't laggy and I had no more problems.

    A few days ago, I started getting lag issues. I sent a ticket, and got a reply from "Joseph G." Basically he told me to restart every 12 hours instead of 24 and install clearlagg, even though I have been running the server with 24 hour restarts and no clearlagg for over 2 months with no lag. Bare in mind this was a sudden change, not gradual, and my playerbase did not suddenly increase. No plugin changes were made either. After responding to this ticket I waited around 5 hours for a reply before growing impatient and visiting their live chat where I encountered the same Joseph G. He offered no investigation or support except running a timings report, and was incredibly rude to me. An excerpt can be found below:

    Fair enough I was telling him what to do and wasn't doing what he told me, but I still deserve to be treated with some form of respect. Eventually I get "banned", I presume permanently, from the live support for "not listening to advice" (see image link). Since when am I obliged to take your advice? I have a right not to if I don't want to. If he didn't want to answer my questions he could have just said he didn't want to, instead of banning me from a method of customer support. Last time I checked, this is not the way to treat a loyal customer who is not being rude or trolling.


    I know you guys don't check this often but I'm afraid if I send another ticket I will get this guy again. I don't want the hassle of moving hosts, you guys seem to provide decent hosting. Just the support has been lacking.

    Hi rocketpig3,

    It's disappointing to hear this. I do recall the issue we looked into with you a few months back in regards to your server's world not saving to the disk. It was extremely isolated and only affected a very small number of users, including yourself. I'm sorry that you feel the compensation you were given was inadequate. We typically provide compensation for any time lost due to issues on our end without needing to ask, but in this case I believe you asked before I was able to get to your account. The compensation we provided was based on how much time we believe you lost and if that wasn't an appropriate amount and you feel you lost more time than you were credited for, I do apologize. I would be more than happy to credit you appropriately.

    One of our foremost missions here is to ensure that we're providing the highest quality support for your server. That's not fluff, I personally wake up every day, go into the office, and make it my goal to find ways to continually improve our service, whether that's our server performance, control panel, pricing, or our support. I agree that Joe could have handled this situation better and I will discuss this incident with him. It's important that our team not only provide helpful advice and assistance, but do so in a kind and understanding manner. Joe is a great support rep and we have a lot of clients who've received awesome support from him since he joined our team. I think maybe the chat just started out on the wrong foot.

    In regards to the overall issue of your server lagging, I've followed up with your ticket so that we can get some more information about the issue as the source of the problem doesn't appear to be immediately recognizable. I look forward to helping you get this issue resolved.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. We can only improve if you let us know what needs to change :)

    All the best,

    Justin Head

    Owner / Chief Operating Officer

    [email protected]

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    Quote from user_516914»
    Im going to have to strongly agree. Best support I've received in any Industry. Period. So much so that I created this forum account in order to post. I've had the server for 2 months and their service and support is, bar none, the best there is. When shopping around I found their price:service provided ratio to be comparable and the only thing I'd change in the above review is to up the price rating to a 9/10. The personal service and support more than justify the price imo.


    Hi Sakabra!

    Thanks for the awesome review. We'll keep working on improving our service and hopefully lowering our prices a bit more is an option in the future.

    Quote from motrox»
    Hi! I have one question, are your servers compatible with craftbukkit 1.8?


    Hi motrox!

    Indeed they are! We have both CraftBukkit 1.8 and Spigot 1.8 available in our control panel and they're both kept up-to-date on an hourly basis.

    Quote from NewtINC»

    They are as my server uses it.

    Greatest host out there! 1 GB is only 12$ a month, and unlimited slots for any server! Always have someone on to help you in live chat! I love it so much. Thanks CubedHost!

    Hey NewtINC!

    Thanks! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the service. One of our primary goals right now is to expand our live chat availability to ensure that we've got someone available to help you one-on-one at any hour. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always here to help.
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    Quote from Runtkid1»
    Cubedhost has the best support, hosting, and server options. It really helped my server A LOT. It has the easiest control panels and it uses multicraft which
    was a great way to control the server. Cubedhost has the most affordable plans for minecraft servers and starting websites. I could also manage my server even when I am not at home.

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the kind words. We're always looking for ways to improve our service, so we'll definitely keep working to make that experience even better. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear.

    Have a great day!
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    Quote from Spendy»
    Just bought my server its very smooth one of the better hosts I have used. Will highly recommend Cubedhost :) Thanks for the great service guys keep it up lads.

    - Spendy

    Hi Spendy!

    Thanks for the kind words. We'll do our best to keep improving service :)
    Quote from MCZombieMovies»
    Great hosting, we used it for over 3 months and never had any trouble with it. Unfortunately we went inactive on it. Thanks for the positive memories CubedHost!

    Hello MCZombieMovies!

    I'm glad you've enjoyed your service! If you ever want to start up a new server, we'd love to have you back. I'd welcome you to open a ticket with our billing team and we'd be more than happy to set you up with a discount on a new server.
    Quote from GeorgeHousley»
    Great Host,

    I have a dedicated server from them, works great no lag

    Hi George!

    Awesome! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to let us know :)
    Quote from Chikerenaham»
    Ok, Time for me to do an review:

    Support: 5/5
    Their support is great and nice with a quick respond time, keep it up!

    Website: 4/5
    I like the design and the way to select the server payments, but there is something that I can't pinpoint it out that I don't like. But overall it is great!

    Features: 5/5
    All the features are awesome and it has way more stuff than I predicted it will be. I like it a lot!

    Performance: 4.5/5
    The servers are great and with 0.1 sec lag. I tried stressing it out and it was still not lagging and here was no downtime at all unless I am the one who stopped the server, it was great!

    Pricing: 4.5/5
    The prices are good with the discount going on and you get what is worth it, but if you buy it when it is not on discount ($14/GB RAM), it would be slightly overpriced in my opinion.

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5
    Keep this up! I really like everything that you have, just a bit expensive, but it is worth it. The services are great, the staff are friendly, the server barely lags... well, I can't say anything to improve except the pricing and website (which I don't know what to do with it but I just can't pinpoint it).

    Hello Chikerenaham,

    Great review, we really appreciate it! As of January 1st, we lowered our premium server pricing to $12/GB to bring it more inline with our competition. In addition, we have designers working on a new website design and a new logo, due out in the first half of 2015. If you ever need anything or have any other suggestions, please let us know!
    Quote from venom1539»
    My experience with CubedHost has been great! I switched between Bukkit, Modded, and Vanilla private and public servers effortlessly. When I had issues with my server, the support was there for me. I hosted a server with them for a year, and I'm sad to terminate my plan. I would have kept it going, but It wasn't getting enough players (it's how most public servers end sadly).

    Hi Venom!

    I'm glad you found the experience easy and the support reliable while you kept your server with us. Sorry about your server, it happens to the best :(
    Maybe if you decide to start a new one, come back and we'll set you up with a discount.
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    Quote from Unipire

    I really enjoy using CubedHost. It's been a week since I purchased their services and I never looked back. It's cheap, and good as well.

    Glad to hear it!
    Let us know if there's anything we can assist with.

    Quote from karunashi

    So I've ordered a server (Premium) for 8GB and gotten it all set up thanks to the customer support. I'll be making my review soon enough, but so far it seems kind of disappointing as I've noticed a huge delay in responses to my support tickets after I've purchased the server. Maybe it's just the timing, but I assumed 24/7 live support meant that the livechat and ticket service would be active throughout the night as well. I guess their livechat customer support is either down for the day, or just dealing with a lot of chat requests since I haven't seen it come out of queue.

    I won't be rating the host until I've tested it out with a heavy modpack and seeing if the premium top-notch hardware with 8GB dedicated RAM will be enough to cater to the needs of a tiny 10-15 active memberbase as of right now. Let's hope that this server lives up to the previous positive testimonials/reviews, and that I will join in with my own recognition of the host.

    Side-note: Waiting for my ticket for my Montreal server (since Ashburn, Virginia is out of stock), and troubleshooting a few modpack tweaks (enabling a few, disabling a few) to receive some form of response soon. Staying up for another hour, but if not, hopefully by the time I wake up.

    Hi there,

    We've actually been inundated with support requests today and our team is working to dispatch responses as quickly as possible, as well as restocking many of our locations. Rest assured that we are there, working toward your requests as quickly as humanly possible.

    I'm actually familiar with your tickets in particular and our team is looking into the requests as I type this. We're working toward speedy resolution, so you and your players can get on with enjoying the server.

    If you have any other requests, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know!
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    Quote from RimZ
    Expensive o.o Over expensive.

    Hi there!

    We have both premium and budget server lines to meet everyone's needs - be it a small, inexpensive server for friends, a larger community server, or even a network of servers linked with BungeeCord.

    Our current sale is a great opportunity to try out our servers for just a few bucks. With the performance, features, and support, I'm sure you'll love the service :)

    If you have any questions about our pricing or service, please don't hesitate to let us know!

    Quote from MrEinStain

    Quick question: Do you back up MySQL databases? Also, does the fair use policy of 30GB apply to the database as well? Prism stores a lot of information and I may have to do some ... summer cleaning if it does apply.
    Edit: An interface for us server owners to restore/download backups instead of having to submit a ticket would be lovely as well.

    We currently do not perform backups of MySQL databases, but we do have plans to roll those out quite soon. They'll likely be done on a weekly basis.

    Our fair use policy does apply to our MySQL databases, but there's no hard limit of 30GB. We constantly monitor resource consumption across all of our systems and if we notice any fluctuations that might cause issues for other customers, we intervene; otherwise, you won't hear from us.

    We're working hard on a new front-end for our Multicraft control panel, unifying all of our locations and services into a single management panel with a lot of new and improved features. One of our top priorities for the new control panel will be automated rollbacks using our nightly backups. We're hoping to open private beta testing for the panel within the next 2-3 months and a full roll-out by the end of the year.
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    Quote from wolf_butter101

    Looks cool! I have a couple questions though.

    1. I want a bukkit 1.7 server. Will I you automatically install bukkit with one click, or will I have to install it manually?

    2. Same as question 1, but with updates. Will there be buttons on the control panel that automatically install updates, or will I have to install the updates manually?

    3. Is there an extra fee for bukkit? Does your $5.3 1.5 GB service include bukkit?

    Hi there!

    1) Our Multicraft control panel is stocked with many different options, available for install in just a couple clicks. You can easily switch from vanilla Minecraft to CraftBukkit RB, beta, dev, 1.7.9, 1.7.5, 1.6.4, and more. Switching to other options such as MCPC+ (Cauldron), Spigot, and BungeeCord is just as quick and easy.

    2) We offer automatic updates on many different server types, including vanilla, CraftBukkit, Spigot, BungeeCord, and many modpacks. You can enable auto-updates under Files -> Config Files -> Automatic Updates in Multicraft. Once an update is available, your server will automatically download it each time you restart.

    3) No, we don't charge extra for any different kinds of servers. You're welcome to use vanilla, Bukkit, Spigot, BungeeCord, and modpacks on any of our servers - without any limitations.

    Quote from Unipire

    Just paid for this. Hopefully this service is better and not like the others. Cheers!

    I certainly hope so as well!

    Our cancellation to new order and renewal ratio is around 10%, that means that only 1 out of every 10 customers cancels their service - and only a tiny fraction of those cancellation requests specify an issue on our end (ie. lag, performance, support). The overwhelming majority of our customers are extremely loyal and satisfied. We actively monitor cancellations in order to continually improve in every area possible.

    If there's ever anything we can do to make your Minecraft hosting experience better, please don't hesitate to let us know :)
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    Quote from blueflame825

    Hey I am looking to buy a server here but ...
    I want it lasting more than a month so i want it quarterly but it is about 10 times the price of a month. Is there a reason for this?

    The quarterly and semi-annual pricing shown does not include the 75% off discount because our current promotion only applies to monthly plans. You're more than welcome to use the promo for the first month, then switch over to a longer term afterwards. The price you're seeing on quarterly/semi-annual is so much higher because the price you're seeing on monthly is after the 75% off.

    Apologies for any confusion there!

    Quote from TheDeanoRama

    I was there just a bit ago pricing a new host and noticed the same thing. Once I realized they are currently having a big sale it was pretty esay to figure out. The short term savings wont be reflected in the long term pricing. Take a look at the savings section to get an idea of what the real month costs would be.

    .... back to hosting research for me, sigh

    Hi there,

    I get the feeling that you might not be happy with our pricing structure. Hopefully I can shed some light on why we might seem a bit more expensive than other providers.

    Our Premium Minecraft server hosting options are up there at $14/GB per month, but it's for a few good reasons: we utilize enterprise-grade hardware specifically chosen for high TPS and no lag (Intel Xeon E3 V2/V3 CPUs), all servers are backed up nightly to a remote storage system where the files are kept for up to 10 days - allowing you to request a full server rollback anytime, our Multicraft control panel has been customized to include features not found with other hosts - such as a built-in world manager and one-click modpack installation, and we have an excellent support staff working around the clock to assist with any and every issue you might encounter.

    When you pay just that little bit extra, I guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the service that you receive. We offer a 48-hour full money-back guarantee and partial refunds and credit throughout your billing cycle.


    We noticed that many customers didn't need some of these extra features and were looking for a cheaper alternative, so we introduced a Budget Minecraft server line with pricing as low as $6/GB on monthly plans. These servers are hosted on Intel Xeon E5-1650 V2s with 128GB of RAM (100GB allocated to prevent overselling) out of a North America and European location, with options between 512MB to 12GB. While the Budget servers don't come with many of the features that our Premium servers do, they still come with a customized Multicraft control panel, one-click plugin installation, support for MCPC+ / Forge / BungeeCord, and a ton of other awesome features.


    We're still running a 75% off sale and that covers both of these great options on monthly plans. Grab a server for one month and see how you like it, I'm sure it will meet all of your expectations. If you'd like to work out a lower rate after the discount ends, our billing team would be more than happy to help you with that.

    If you have any questions, please let us know! :)

    Justin Head
    Owner / Chief Operating Officer
    CubedHost, LLC
    [email protected]
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    Quote from writeescape

    After closing WriteEscape.com it took me ages to find a company i could trust. CubedHost is that company, one of the most amazing companies, it's reliable and better yet, it's worth every single cent.

    Quote from BeastKits

    Not bad

    Thanks for your input! We're always glad to hear positive responses to our service.

    If there's any way you think we could improve, please let us know. We strive to provide the highest quality Minecraft server hosting, with the best performance and support; there's always areas where we can improve though :)

    Quote from SELOH

    [EN Translate] Hello, I would like to buy a minecraft server here but I have some doubts:
    This server would be used only for a series of YouTube with one or two colleagues more so the number of slots would be maximum 4 further (and the biggest problem) is that we are from different countries so we need a server that can give us latancia good as we are in Argentina and Spain.

    The server does not have more than 40 or 50 at most mods so also need to know how many mb / gb need the server, I understand that it would be around 1GB/2GB but I do so also need advice on that.

    Thank you.

    A 4-slot server with 40 - 50 mods should handle fairly well on 1GB. I've personally run many popular modpacks on just 1GB of RAM and they come in at around 100+ mods. If you ever need to add more memory to your server, you're welcome to do that at any time -- upgrades are instant and can be done without purchasing a new server, plus you'll keep all of your files.

    I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Justin Head
    Owner / Chief Operating Office
    CubedHost, LLC
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    Hey everyone!

    Our pre-summer sale is live! Grab 75% off any Minecraft server today.

    If you have any questions or comments, just let us know!
    If you have sales or billing questions, hop on our live chat or submit a ticket.

    Enjoy, and have a great day!
    <3 The CubedHost Team

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    Quote from Vapid_Linus

    Ooh, being a valued customer sounds very fancy! :P
    Looking forward to the updated website!

    The dedicated server works flawlessly so far, btw! The extremely detailed graphs in Observium make me very excited. I love graphs! The only "bad" experience I've had with it so far, is that the temperature stats in Observium reports it being 105,000°C which I can doubt. I should send a ticket about it, but it doesn't really matter to me.

    Not sure if it's noteworthy, but some person, who claimed to be the previous owner of dedicated server, joined my test MC server and constantly spammed links to another host, saying bad things about CubedHost and linking to other hosts. Things like these have happened every time I've ordered a new server with a new IP address. This doesn't effect me in any way, but it might scare new customers, as I'm sure this pretty much happens to everyone.

    Anywho, still very much enjoying my experience with you. The dedicated server works great. Already recommended CubedHost to quite a few people, some who have actually ordered a server.
    So as I said, I highly recommend using CubedHost.

    Hi Linus,

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the dedicated server. We love Observium too, that's why we decided to share it with our customers! The inaccurate temperature readings have shown up lately and I believe it's a bug in one of the recent updates to Observium - hopefully they'll work that out soon.

    IPs assigned to our Minecraft servers are often recycled between customers so you can definitely end up with some unwanted players. If that ever gets to be a problem, we can always swap out the IP with a new one or permanently IP-ban the players from our systems. A quick support ticket would get that taken care of.

    We really do appreciate the kind words and we always love to hear how satisfied our customers are - that's what keeps us doing what we do :)

    If you ever need anything at all, we're here to help!

    Justin Head
    Owner / Chief Operating Officer
    [email protected]
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