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    I love how much this thing has taken off over the years :3 I haven't been playing minecraft for quite some time now but I might have to get back into it again after all the changes it has gone through and try out the tree spirit challenge once again! And some of the mods and skins that have been made to go along with it!

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    Glad that this is still going so well =D It's fun to look at all the different creations people have made.

    I had some issues trying to get into the new forums :/ But now it's fixed, yay.
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    Awesome, I look forward to seeing that, Sweet Ride :biggrin.gif:

    Here's the progress on my tree.

    I made a huge staircase in the center to get from the top to the bottom. Currently it goes all the way up to the sky, and the second floor is missing walls. The way down doesn't go too far yet. This used to be a side-entrance to my tree, but now I've turned it into the main entrance, as it looks fairly epic :tongue.gif:
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    In this challenge, you will be taking on the role of a tree spirit. Not all trees have a spirit to watch over them, many dying due to old age, disease or other (un)natural causes. In this case you will be choosing a particular tree that shall be blessed by your presence, made to grow and prosper, to shadow over all the other trees and become a monument in itself.


    1. You must select one tree to be blessed by the tree spirit
    (This tree may be any size, whether it be a three or four block trunk, or eight high with multiple branches)

    2. You are not allowed to gather any materials prior to selecting a tree
    (After selection, you may gather as many wood or saplings from the tree as you wish, making sure to leave at lest one block to signify that the tree is alive)

    3. Once a tree is selected, you must always be within one block of a wood block belonging to it
    (When first gathering materials from the tree, you are allowed to gather the fallen saplings from it, but after that you must always be adjacent to a wood block)

    4. Which ever tree you select, you can only use wood blocks belonging to that type of tree
    (You cannot begin making a birch tree and then use brown wood blocks to fill in parts. Select one type and stick with it.)

    Recommended Skin


    Tips, Hints and Suggestions

    Being that you must only select one tree, I recommend finding a large tree with many wood blocks to begin from. Climb to the top of the tree and begin gathering the wood blocks from it. Gather all the blocks down to the last stump of the tree, and use the wood blocks you possess to build a small shelter. Then, expand from the base of the tree into a system of roots, branching out to give you access to dirt in which you can plant new saplings.

    Creating a sort of tree-farm, or small planters in which to grow new trees, will be of utmost importance. This challenge can start off fairly slow if you do not have access to many trees.

    Since you must always be adjacent to a wood block from your tree, if you plan on digging into the earth to gather stone, iron, coal or diamonds, you will need to use wood blocks to expand the trees root system, creating tunnels within the roots themselves.

    In the end, it is my hope that your tree will have grown into something incredible. While I myself have difficulty trying to make it look neat or natural, I urge you to prioritize over having a nice looking tree, rather than expanding quickly or gaining access to certain materials more swiftly.
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