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    posted a message on Crystalwarrior's Skin Requests topic!
    Hey there, fellow Minecrafters. My name is Crystalwarrior, and I am good at making skins. You can request ANY type of skin, based on anyone and anything!
    My skins fit the MC style, so don't worry about way too simple skins.

    You can grab some of the skins here:

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    posted a message on Blockbound - Earthbound-like minecraft mod suggestion!
    Hey there, fellow minecrafters and Earthbound fans!
    So, lets get straight to the point.
    Are you an Earthbound fan, and are dissapointed by the low ammount of EB content?
    Then lets beg for some in this Suggestion topic,


    So, what the ideas are, you ask?
    Well, first of all,

    Brand-New Battle system!
    So, just like in earthbound, when you approach the enemie's sight, it will rush into you!
    When you two collide, a neat transicion effect will pop up and you will jump straight into awesome JRPG-like action.
    Might be really hard to make, but hell, it will be so fun!

    PSI Powers, Level-Ups, Skills and more! [CODER'S HELP: CALCULATIONS]
    This one might be even more complicated than the Battle Systems. I strongly reccomend javascripters to look at the "Calculations" page!

    Adventures, Maps, Quests!!
    What if we add certain blocks and items, like invisible "Enemy Spawners" (Choose which enemies to spawn, what type, visible when tool held only, etc.), Triggers, NPC's, Dialogues, and even more? (Similiar to AdventureCraft)
    This would add the possibility for players to make their own adventures and quests.

    Hot Springs!
    Ahh, how refreshing!
    Brand-New, World-generated (toggleable) HOT SPRINGS!
    Step into a hot spring and get refreshed! All your Status Aliments will be erased and HP restored! Does not affect hunger, though.

    Tons of new monsters! [PREVIEW/RESOURCE]
    Yes, there are hella lot of enemies in Earthbound. I doubt all of them will fit in Minecraft!

    There are many more ideas, but those are just straight from the game itself. If you have played Earthbound, you know what I want to bring into minecraft.
    Please, PM me or Post in this topic when you have started working in this mod, and I will contribute as much as I could. I will provide you with skins, textures, music, additional sound effects and everything non-script needed.

    Well, your opinions? :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Mod review anyone?
    FFS, this is the wrong topic...
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [AC] The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Gate | Back Under Construction! | Bukkit Server
    Ok, so, I came up with a bunch of new ideas! First of all, When you use your sword it does swoosh sound, and when you hit grass/stone/any block it will do specific sound. You are already planning this though lol...

    Next idea is Press SHIFT to shield. It may be difficult to script, but would be really usefull in fighting. When you shift-shield, you protect your face side from any attacks, even melee ones, but you cant swing your sword. You can still move though. You shall also rescript the shield so it does not protect when you just carry it in your hand.

    Another thing is, I may also want to apply to modeller for monsters like Skulltullas and Wolfos! I cant sit still while you do such an amazing map...
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [AC] The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Gate | Back Under Construction! | Bukkit Server
    Quote from BadgerButcher

    zelda OoT and MM are a little challanging to enter a dungeon. For example in MM when you going to enter the first dungeon you had to sneak into the deku fortress to learn the song from a monkey. You could have similar things so it isn't just a entrace to the dungeon. Sure i did notice the deku scrubs that did defend the key to the entrace, but making it a little bigger would make me much happier :biggrin.gif:

    I support this!
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