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    Hi Pheonix! Im welcomely applying for Builder ive been chosen to be a builder in n lots of uncommmon servers but surprisingly with good builders! On all of the servers im builder in they call me top builder! I effort to do my best and if i can do it for them surely i could do it for you My most rule on building is The only limit is your imagination! Im not a good redstoner for i am forgetful off complex commands but i mostly make horror maps when im able im happy you uploaded this video at the right date for it is almost summer in our country, yes im just young but very talented at designing and building i am premium so im able to join you. My Minecraft Username is CrystalGamezYT i have skype and i made my profile, by telling you that its proven that i have lots of effort, i might aswell invite my friends that are also good builders to help you aswell i have so many proof that i am good but most annoyingly cannot show you for i am in ios for the next 3 days im only available for 4pm to 10pm in my country and on saturdays i am not always available but that is only 1 day of the weak so i may get a day off but for a really good reason thanks for reading this comment and id really love to give you may reasons to be a worthy winner

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