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    Forge Your Story
    An incredible custom survival Minecraft server with a strong
    community and a host of unique features!
    IP: play.lokamc.com
    Website: lokamc.com

    About Loka:
    • Loka is a Semi-Vanilla, PvP Survival Server that uses custom plugins to create a one of a kind Minecraft experience. Loka has a very rich backstory and has elements of RP among those who wish it. In addition, we also have custom, rated PvP matches if that is your style and a powerful Market system. In terms of Survival, we have no chest protection and thievery/murder is allowed on Loka (within reason).
    • Territorial Conquest: Found a town, then expand your territories throughout the world. Construct Territory Structures, attack others, defend yours and attempt to become the strongest town or alliance on Loka. Each month, the victor becomes the Capital of Loka and implements Global Policies!.[/anchor]
    Towns on Loka:
    • The most significant aspect of Loka is our 100% custom Town system with progression. With two of your friends, you can build a generator that gives you a Town with build protection and a variety of features. Our Town system requires that you keep your generator filled with emeralds as its main power source. Level your town up simply by playing Minecraft as you normally would; everything counts! As your town levels up, you gain access to Town Perks that enhance your townbuilding experience. [/anchor]
    Loka PvP:
    • Loka has custom-built PvP systems that we've been running for three seasons, including Warcraft-Themed Arenas, Epic Battlegrounds, and a custom PvP Talent system. If you prefer the more balanced 1v1 or 2v2 brackets, fight in our Arena system. Small maps, quick matches, instant fun! Do you enjoy the more open-ended thrill of a battleground? Join other players in the open-air combat of Battlegrounds.[/anchor]
    • Like our Towns and PvP, Loka runs a custom-built and powerful Market system that allows anyone to buy and sell things with the common currency of ores. Prove your agricultural, alchemical, or rare block-finding prowess and become successful in Loka without ever touching a mine![/anchor]
    • Loka allows thievery and murder, but griefing and mass block damage are forbidden. Loka's thieving community is one of the most skilled in Minecraft. Do you challenge them, join them, or ignore them? Some have thrived through conflict, others have fallen. How will your story on Loka be told?[/anchor]
    • Since the founding of the server, Lokans have been no strangers to evil, catastrophe, and mystery. From the feared World-Ender Preksak to the seemingly benevolent god of Asgard, Freyjia, a small host of characters appear from time to time to alter the course of Loka's History. Some players have even chosen to participate and have their roles locked in lore for eternity![/anchor]
    • Our rules are basic in that we do not allow griefing, we moderate chat to keep things as close to PG as we can given the general audience of Minecraft, and we strive to keep the atmosphere as friendly as possible. Be warned though that thievery and subterfuge is commonplace on Loka. It is as much of an element as Town Building, PvP, and RP are.[/anchor]
    Spawn Gallery
    Come Join us on Loka and Conquer the World Today!
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    Read about our upcoming new Town v Town battleground Vale of Conquest!
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    We've just finished a huge expansion of the city with over 50+ plots now available to intrepid explorers and tradesmen. Come check out the server and see what the Caleston has to offer!
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