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    Name: My Friends call me Brock, But feel free to use my Minecraft name!

    In-game name: CrypticBanana

    Age: 16, and employed

    Skype/Discord(Must Have): My Skype is : skull715mc, id prefer to give out my discord on Skype if you would be more interested in communicating that way.

    Position: Manager

    Why are you applying for Wintercraft?: I think the name is very interesting and it really pulled me into the forum. And i really hope to get to know a little more about the server and the community that it brings.

    What can you bring to the server?: Im Very creative, and always looking to meet new people. I believe being positive really changes the way you look at the world. I find myself feeling better, and sharing that positive attitude to others really makes them happy. And Makes everyone feel equal and able to express themselves in a unique way. Im a very people person and i can tell when a person is feeling "left out". I think i can bring something new that really positively changes the way people view the server when it comes toward player base, or even staff base.

    What Will you do if you see another moderator abusing their powers?: Depending on how said staff member abused their powers it would be a different outcome, a staff member needs and should know what boundaries they can and cant cross, and how far their permissions go. If its a minor offense probably best inform them that it wasn't okay to do, then if it continues suspend any of their permissions on the server as a staff And if that doesn't help. terminate them as a staff member with Owner approval.

    How many hours can you play on the server per day?: Depending on the day i work till about 9:45 Eastern standard time but i can be on after that. On days i dont work, i can be on for as long as we see fit, or feel the need. I do not work every day so that isn't an issue.

    What will you do if you see a hacker?: Immediately kick the player, And inform the owner before banning or temp banning depending on hack client used. Pvp and Xray hacks are never appropriate to use on a server for any situation. Players and staff know not to hack , if they choose to do so at their own risk then they need to deal with the consequences of being caught doing so.

    How can you manage the server?: Ensuring that every task is completed with ease and minimal issues. To continue server production , but also leaving staff and players to explore themselves a little along the way, letting them find things about themselves they may not have known before

    How can you manage the staff team?: Staying connected with each member on what goals they wish to complete to get an estimate on when each task will be completed. To ensure the server moves forward and not halted. I will help with what i can if im needed in said region of the server. Im very experienced as a Manager and i dont disappoint.

    Can you donate?: I do have a job so i can donate

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    Did you get a chance to Add me? im still interested

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    IGN: CrpyitcBanana
    Age: 16 and Employed
    Why You Want To Be Hired: I believe i can bring creativity and a unique touch to the server, My positive attitude can ensure every person that gets on feels equal and welcome to be back!
    Have You Ever Grieved?: No
    Discord (Needed): CrypticBanana
    Proof Of Being An Builder (Picture):

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    Real First Name: Brock
    IGN: CrypticBanana
    Age: 16
    Position you wish to apply for: Builder
    Experience: Ive been playing minecraft for about 5 years, My skill as a builder has become incredibly well.
    Proof: Listed
    Reason we should hire you: My positive attitude can make each player happy to be on, and look forward to getting on every time.
    Anything else to add: I do have a job so Some days i may not be able to get on till about 9:40 but i dont work everyday, and those days i dont i can be on as much as possible

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    Name: Brock

    IGN: CrypticBanana
    Age: 16

    Skype: skull715mc

    I can pay $2.50 a month through pay pal: Yes, I am employed and fully able to pay this with ease.

    How long can you be on the server a day: Some Days i do have work and cant be on for a few hours, but after that im able to be on. Itry to be on as much as possible

    Experince as an Admin (Working with plugins): Ive been Head Admin on numerous servers and im very good at ensuring people have fun yet remain on task. I know how to use basic commands and plugins. Im a Very skilled builder, my biggest weakness in minecraft is commands and plugins.

    Experience as an Owner: Ive Been Co-Owner on Several servers that eventually died due to staff inactivity. Im a very task oriented person, that likes to see things through. Making sure that each player and staff member feels equal to each other is key to Not only ensure the staff feel as though there opinions make a difference, but to be sure that every person has and equal imput into the situation.

    Why I should Pick you: Im Fair, caring, hardworking, respectful person, everyone is equal in my eyes, from the Helpers to the head admins, Each person should be seen equal. I cal always be counted on to make a situation positive.

    Why you would be a better choice then anyone else: I Can bring a Unique touch to the server. My talents in Leading as well as building can help boost the servers production time, My positive atmosphere can ensure each person Enjoys being online at all times.

    Anything else?:Thanks for reading -Brock

    Feel Free to ask more questions! I dont mind!

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