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    Because I know that not many people on the MCForums are big literature people, this might take more explanation, but it is a mod inspired by the works or HP Lovecraft (name of mod could be LoveCraft as a kind of pun).

    Even if you don't recognize the name, I'm guessing that you will recognize the name "Cthulhu"

    This will basically be a mod that takes all of HP Lovecraft's monsters and dimensions and puts them into your MineCraft world!

    Other monsters added into the game would be:

    Nyarlathotep: The God of 1,000 Forms

    Azathoth: The Idiot God of Destruction

    Shub Niggurath: The Black Goat of the Woods

    New dimensions (and descriptions of how to get to them would be...


    And others, but for right now, this is all I will post. Thoughts?
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    Quote from PackerbackrGJ85

    Accepted. It's recommended (but not required) to live in cities. Citizens of towns get benefits like fire spread and mob protection. But it's totally up to you. You're whitelisted now.

    Nice! As soon as I make a skin for my character, I'll join the server!
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    I would love to be builder, and my IGN is:
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    Optional Personal Information:

    Name: Not Telling...
    Age: 11
    Location: Also Not Telling...
    Interests: RPG! (Of Course)

    Character Information:

    Name: Luriy Fij
    Age: Unknown... (Explained later)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Unknown... (Explained later)
    Profession: Abstract Merchant
    Residence: Wilds
    Biography: Luriy was found by two elves in the woods, and raised as an elf, but his features were too mutilated when they found him that they couldn't tell his actual race. He grew up in the elven city of Stagnum. He became a great fisherman while he was there, but his foster parents noticed strange behavior in him, like his habit to collect random things, such as fishing hooks, strings, and cobwebs. Eventually he even started getting spades and digging in random places to see what he could find. When he was around 21, he was finally able to speak fluently, but he still had major trouble interacting with other people, including his parents. Beacause of his odd behavior, no one knew much about him, and he began to show major signs of autism. He started to dissappear and then come back. At first it started as only an hour or two, but as he got older, he could dissappear for days on end. Once he dissappeared for a whole month, and the elves thought him to be surely dead, but he came back, as always. But one day, he never came back. One year, two years, but no. He remained gone. And not until the current age was he found again, now with bone white skin and no lower jaw. Of course, by this time he had vanished into myth, the "Demon Child", and no one recognized him anymore. People insisted on bringing him with them to live in the cities, but he, who had learned sign language, said he wished to remain in the wilds, and when they insisted some more, he ran off. He is hard to find, but if you do, he has a large junk pile which he is more than happy to sell.

    Account Information:

    IGN: Sasha_Waters
    What times do you like to play: Mid-Day
    Have you read the server lore: Yes
    Have you read all the rules: Yes
    How did you find this server: By looking for an RPG server on the MC Forums.

    Other: If my character seems to abstract, I have another idea for a character, and I understand your reasons to reject this character. Please reply, even if to simply say "Rejected". Thank You!
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    Apparently this server does not go well with my MineCraft O_O
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    I love making maps, they just take too long when I try to work alone! I'll help! What would be the IP?
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    ---Sometimes, you can find villagers that have half of their face all robotic. These villagers would trade you an item called the "Human Modifier". You would place down this human modifier and be able to right-click it to open up a screen where it would show a list of modifications you can make to yourself, and then the materials required to make them. You put the materials in the crafting grid (while on the screen of course) and then viola! You have modified yourself! Here is a list of the modifications and what they do:


    This would allow you to hold the space bar to fly upwards, but the minute you let go of that space bar, you start to fall, and the jets require fuel, ala one coal = one minute of flying. Ingredients needed are; 2 lava buckets; 10 redstone; 8 iron ingots; 2 netherack; 3 gold ingots.
    Chest Space...

    This would basically just give you more space in your inventory, nothing else too it. It would require; 2 chests; 1 ender chest; 4 redstone; 5 iron ingots.
    Human Furnace...

    Just a furnace in your inventory... that's really it... items needed; 1 furnace; 2 obsidian; 6 iron ingots.
    Human Workshop...

    You have a full 3x3 crafting grid all the time instead of that lousy 2x2 that you always carry. Items; 1 crafting table; 2 soul sand; 3 iron ingots; 3 gold ingots; 2 redstone.
    Hook Shot...

    Basically, you can shoot your arm and grab things by pressing the left ALT key. Once hooked onto a block, you can move backwards to unhook, and press space to get pulled to it. You'll hang onto that block until you try and move in some direction again. You can also grab mobs and press space to send them flying into the air. Wheeee! Ingredeints; 64 string; 2 diamonds; 4 lapis; 10 redstone; 1 obsidian; 3 iron bars; 10 iron ingots (expensive!)

    Does exactly what you think it does. Very powerful, and cuts trees as well as a golden axe! You press and hold the right ALT key to activate it and let go to stop. Ingredients for the soup; 6 bricks; 1 iron sword; 4 diamonds; 6 redstone; 2 redstone torches; 15 iron ingots.
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