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    posted a message on Is Google being a troll or what?
    Quote from Crystal150

    Because it's faster, has a lot of customizable options, and doesn't have annoying pop-ups.
    Plus, Internet Explorer is just...Old.
    Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.

    Can you do this?
    Inb4 "that's not firefox" rage... Nightly is a x64 dev build of Firefox. Same thing, just ported to 64-bit, and not supported by Mozilla.
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    posted a message on Alternative Universe
    Post what greatness you may be, how it would happen, whatever. There's no rules, just post what would be the alternative universe you would like to have.


    In an alternative universe, the Medieval Era lasted for a few thousand more years. I have been a king for well over 50 years so far, I've conquered lands, and Traded some off for help within some wars. I've conquered all my lands from tyrannic Monarchs, and I have even brought together a lot of Kingdoms under the name of my Empire.
    I am a powerful leader, and nobody gives me commands. I openly and publicly accept all duels, and publicly win them, too. My Kingdom is the center of trade, commerce, military aid, and has the best countryside within the entire continent. My Castle is the largest that has ever been built in the entire world, larger than the usual city (think Emerald City from Oz the Great and Powerful), and I am accepted by everyone within my kingdom.
    My power is a blessings from the only true god. The Religion has started under my rule, and has spread beyond my Kingdom's lands. The head of the church, and the Holy Throne sits next to my throne.

    With my great power, I can seize the entire continent under one man's control.
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    posted a message on Do you think Jeb has done a good job at running Minecraft?
    Yes, Jeb has done a good job, but I wouldn't say he did the best job. Even though he cleaned the code that Notch made a mess in, I still believe that Notch always made the game in a far better aspect than Jeb, even though it was a resource hog.

    Ya see, I don't really agree with the gameplay changes made with Minecraft after Jeb came into power, but I honestly love how he optimized the code. I'd say the only good thing Jeb has added in the past few updates and snapshots, really, were the Horses. It paved way for a whole new way of transportation (But seriously, improve Minecarts, make tracks easier to make), and added a better sense of a medieval feel to the game.
    While Notch's ideas, (Everything behind 1.0, beta, alpha, all the way up to, and including 1.0) were amazingly great. Weapon systems are quite balanced, the hunger system added a far better sense of survival, Leather is far more useful (and useless, at the same time), Enchanting is heavily balanced, Potions aren't that bad of an Idea (needs improving, really), and, hell, the Ender Dragon was actually a nice boss if the dragon did more than just push you around.

    In conclusion, Jebs and Notch both rule AND suck at being the lead designer/programmer. They should just join forces, really.
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    posted a message on MineCraft Looking For Op. Just Ask
    Quote from ZachaWacka

    1: We Need Moderators & Op People & Builders
    2: Age Doesn't Really Matter
    3: Have An Internship At Pea-Body. (aka) One Of The Best Museums In the World
    4: In Student Consil
    5: Good With Coding
    6: An I Am Sexy
    7: Can Stop Ddos Attacks
    8: Can Make Permissions
    1: We know this. That's why you made this topic, with the name "Looking for OP".
    2: It actually should matter. I've seen nobody as a great moderator who was under the age of 13.

    3-6: Mundane infomation, really. Why?
    3: Museum internships have nothing to do with minecraft.
    4: Student Counsel* also have nothing to do with MC.
    5: Who isn't "good" at coding?
    6: We don't need to care how you look.

    7: One does not simply. If you actually do know how, without taking a gun to the attackers or pulling the plug on the server for a few days, then be my guest and explain it.
    8: A lot of people can.
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    posted a message on A cool new way to make a username

    Not only do I see very invaluable information, but this is the wrong place to get supporters.
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: My First Night
    I spent my first night alllll the way back in late alpha, mid august '10. I did /NOT/ know how to play at all. I found out (on my own) how to destroy blocks. I did not know that tools existed, so I decided to try to get stone. I got about a 3x4 (2 tall) room under a tiny dirt island.
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    posted a message on Damn, this guy's so dang wrong about video gamers.
    Quote from tbone120120

    this guy HAS to be trolling...wait how does he evan have a radeo show?

    Because he's a loser.
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    posted a message on Creeper World 3 is out!
    For those who don't follow, Creeper World 3, a sequel to CW and CW2, is finally out!
    Creeper World is a game where the player has the fight against the water-like enemy that tries to cover the map. In CW, you just have to keep running by connecting to the beacons. In CW2, you try to fight back and kill the creeper nexus. CW3 is different. You spend your time (Mostly alone at the start of the game) attempting to rid galaxies of the creeper.
    Screw it, I won't speak much. Just play the demo and figure out how great these games are on your own!

    I really can't wait to play!
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    posted a message on What do you hate and love about yourself? (Just let it out)
    Love: I'm a generally bright guy.
    Hate: Short tempered to the stupid.
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    posted a message on Preferred Modern FPS
    Was it not possible to add games such as "Firefall" or "Goldeneye" to the list? I mean, their main idea isn't about two people sniping the ­ out of the other, but it's still classified as an FPS.
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    posted a message on Why I think the new zombies mechanics are weak design choices
    Quote from PikaProject

    You say you want to not have to spend the whole night fighting, which Peaceful mode does, but you don't want Peaceful mode because it's so-called "Cheating"? Houston, we have a hypocrite!

    No, he just means that he doesn't want to spend the entire night fending off mob after mob. Back before 1.6, you could actually stand outside at night without attracting much mobs, but attracting enough where you aren't cluster­ed with mobs.
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    posted a message on Drunk Minecraft 3D Movie
    Make a music video, PLEASE.
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    posted a message on Modded 1.5.2 SSP Ticking Entity Crash
    Spoiler, please. I've seen an entire forum topic page that was smaller than your post alone.
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    posted a message on Are these parts good and compatible?
    Quote from SlamDrag

    Well atleast you take criticism well.

    I've seen people insult me when I try to tell them that they are wrong, such as "Macs aren't good".
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    posted a message on dose anyone have a server i can be op on?
    There's no resume. I've seen somebody else who actually had a resume.
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