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    Pretty much what ouatcheur said, I don't mind some biomes being rare(r) than others but it would cut down on the need for WorldBorder and/or a huge amount of wasted time if there were a way to tone down the biome grouping a bit and up the diversity in a "SMP-friendly" way.
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    @ the OP: I agree with you and this is a problem I brought up to a fellow server owner/admin after 1.7 had been out for a little while.

    The first thing players do when they join a new map is go exploring for their favorite biome, whether it be a jungle or a desert or a mushroom island. These used to be pretty common (except mushroom islands) and easy to find within 2000 m of spawn. And most server owners were content with this. It kept exploration of new map area reasonable and file size manageable.

    Now that we have 40+ biomes, some of them quite rare, players are exploring again. The problem now is that like biomes are grouped together, so that you have to explore a lot more area to find rare biomes that are different from the ones at spawn. And most spawns fall in the middle of a temperate climate zone - forest, hill, plains, forest, hill, plains, some water, forest, hill...

    This means players will be once again making crazy long doglegs into the wilderness looking for deserts, or jungles, or the new biomes with the new blocks - all of these are rare by design, and tend to be far, far from spawn.

    The current solution is to pre-generate the map offline and use WorldBorder to put a hard limit on exploration past a certain distance from spawn. The problem there is that if your seed doesn't generate one of the "rare" biomes within that first 4000 m or whatever your border radius is, players will whine. Some may leave. The alternative is to let them run amok and bloat the map file size and cause stuttering lag while they're zooming through hundreds of chunks all rendering constantly.

    Biome grouping and surface ravines can both be turned off using a server plugin (TerrainControl) so it IS possible to pre-generate a modest-sized world with plenty of different types of biomes, all within 4000 m of spawn, and keep ravines hidden underground. There's also the option of slapping a satellite picture of Hoboken or Mount Fuji or something into the plugin folder and generating whatever biomes you want wherever you want them, but that's more work and may cause problems once the update arrives.

    You can still use WorldBorder to pre-generate a map using the custom TC plugin.
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    The Ides of March! :creeper:
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    posted a message on Do your friends hate minecraft too?

    well written but you missed one vital piece of info - MINECRAFT LACKS GAMEPLAY - in essence its just a simplistic 3d world editor where people can waste countless hours doing the equivalent of 3d doodles - just compare this to ACTUAL games like , well nearly everything else, and it is severely lacking - this is nothing to do with maturity or linearity - also many people see the programming of Minecraft as downright lazy and derivative - and its ironic you criticise shooters and fighting games yet essentially the new additions are fighting and shooting
    You need to play better games if you think Minecraft has a great structure ....it has no structure and is a thrown together monstrosity - still if you think MC is better than Broken Sword, Deus Ex,X Com Enemy Unkown, Tomb Raider, Spore, Freedom Force than good luck to you

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    I never said I hated games with linear campaigns and photorealistic graphics. I love those sort of games when I'm in the mood for them. But we're discussing Minecraft, and whether our friends hate it and possibly why.

    Hey not every game appeals to every person. I like lots of different types of games, FPS and RPG and RTS and sandbox. Maybe you're a person who gets bored with sandbox games or needs more adrenaline in your game. That's cool too. So instead of saying "Minecraft has no gameplay" you could be honest and say "I prefer FPS and RPG games". You can even say "I find it boring when my friends talk about minecraft".

    What you don't get to say is "Minecraft sucks, people who play minecraft suck." Unless you're like, 8 years old, then you get a conditional pass for saying something that stupid. Not only is it totally rude, it's also crappy logic and lazy thinking.
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    I don't talk about minecraft to many of my mates because they are not interested in computer games. I don't think they would find it nerdy or icky to hang out with someone who plays the game, but among people my age it's a little strange to talk about computer games of any sort as a legitimate hobby.

    I do have friends who play, including the one who bought me an alpha gift code way back in 2010 and introduced me to the game.

    Even then, we don't talk much about it since we do stuff on our server together from time to time. We're mostly just casual tinkerers. We play together in spurts, then find some other game or pastime to get excited about and come back to Minecraft after a break, or whenever a new update comes out.

    I can see where someone who is fixated on Minecraft and talks incessantly about it, can wear out his welcome in his circle of friends. This is true of any hobby but Minecraft seems to attract large numbers of the socially inept and/or obsessive compulsive builder types. (This isn't necessarily a bad thing - you have to be a little obsessive to run a successful server)

    Gamer culture in general is also macho and addicted to violence. That's because it is little boy wish-fulfillment: for a few hours a day you're no longer a kid but a commando, sniper, etc.

    The older you get, though, the more you realize you want to tell your own story. Not act the part of the soldier in someone else's story. So you turn to Minecraft, which lets you tell your own story, from the first tree you punch to the ending of your choice. Whether it be a completely automated tree farm, or an epic battle with multiple enderdragons, or a sustainable skyblock household in the sky; you fill in all the rest with your imagination.

    I think sometimes you have to possess a minimal standard of maturity and abstract reasoning to "get" Minecraft, as opposed to the photorealistic GFX, ready-made campaign plots, and straightforward objective structures of FPS games.

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    I only ever play with maximal cheats on. WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Dynmap, Multiverse, CommandBook, MCEdit.

    This is because 99.9999% of my time is spent creating, testing, and vetting multiplayer adventure maps, custom terrain generators, binvox procedural architecture, and redstone contraptions.

    I haven't "played" Minecraft in forever. Oh, occasionally I'll run along with someone on our server to help them explore a mineshaft or build something. Usually once they get started my role is limited and I can go back to tinkering.

    I do expect people playing on our server to have a legit client with fair and non-disruptive mods, if any. If they use Optifine or recipes from NEI or look at their minimap that's fine. They have waypoints; I have F3 and Notepad.

    I also test my creations in legit survival mode on normal difficulty without cheats. If you can't do it the normal way, don't expect others to be able to enjoy it either.

    It's also insurance against the unlikely but nonzero possibility of Bukkit or MCP/Modloader not coming through. If your house would burn down or redstone combination lock stop working in vanilla, you need to fix it so it's vanilla-safe, not whine about how WorldGuard fire spread would have saved your thatch-roofed cottage, or call me names because ControllerBlock stopped updating.

    If anyone remembers when hey0 stopped supporting and updating hMod, and the long vanilla legit server era that followed, you may recall this with both fondness and lingering dread. Vanilla SMP is the best game in town but it is easily ruined by chance and the great unwashed.

    As for X-ray, I detest its use for most things. It permanently ruins the spirit of the game for most people who try it. And it goes far towards destroying server economies and tactical options for PVP players.

    But I've found that it's indispensable for screening your results from TerrainControl (BiomeTerrainMod for servers) to quickly check to make sure custom ore distributions are working, underground/underwater BO2s are spawning correctly, etc. Otherwise you have to close MC, shut down your server, open the level in MCEdit, and screw around with block counts per quintile of elevation and that sort of nonsense. MUCH faster and more efficient just to hit X. I don't need to tell you how nice it is to quickly troubleshoot complex concealed redstone circuitry or WorldEdit operations using this tool.
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    posted a message on What is the best place you guys have spawned in?
    Inside a skeleton dungeon. 1.5 beta, seed 4104291068

    Punch cobble, die. Respawn. Punch cobble, die. Respawn. Finally break out into pitch blackness, with dirt overhead. Punch dirt. Find sky.
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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    I've been messing with binvox and importing things here, making 2D and 3D mazes that you can turn into brushes or save as schematics or BO2s.

    Imagine a borg cube that's actually a colossal 3D maze that you can populate a wasteland with, or have spawn underground and intersect with caverns.

    Or a brush you can apply that will raise a set of hedges in the shape of a circular or square labyrinth, with a clearing in the middle.

    Runnin' along, mindin' your own business in a mineshaft, then suddenly a dark, twisting 3D maze as big as a tile.
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    posted a message on How do you call a Creeper?
    mostly 'FFFFFFFF' but also 'sumbiches'

    More than 1 creeper in any location = a megaton of creepers.

    A horde of zombies
    A nest of spiders
    A clowder of cats
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    posted a message on Significant drop in nether Quartz's abundance?
    Lefty you haven't generated enough nethers to make this conclusion. You can do better than this. Use the scientific method. If what you say is true, then for any large number of new nethers, the absolute amount of nether quartz ore should be significantly less than it was for nethers from the first quartz-containing snapshot.

    Go back and using random seeds each time, make a fresh nether using the early snapshot/version. Save and close. Do this ten times.

    Now install the latest snapshot and do the same, ten times.

    Import both into Cartograph G and add the block ID for nether quartz to the render list. Give it a random color value and have Cartograph G render only the distribution of the nether quartz using this proxy.

    Generate a block count (including air) for a sample region around spawn for each of your nethers.

    If the percent nether quartz is lower in the new nethers while netherrack and air and lava and all the other blocks tend to remain the same, then you have a case.

    If it's just a matter of the nethers you made having lower overall solid land density or more lava or something else, then you need to go back and reexamine your conclusion.

    And the reason you render the nethers out in map form is so that you can see where the nether quartz is - it may be restricted to lower levels of the nether, or it may only be found near gravel/soulsand, or some other change to its distribution that makes it less conspicuous.
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