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    Pretty much what ouatcheur said, I don't mind some biomes being rare(r) than others but it would cut down on the need for WorldBorder and/or a huge amount of wasted time if there were a way to tone down the biome grouping a bit and up the diversity in a "SMP-friendly" way.
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    @ the OP: I agree with you and this is a problem I brought up to a fellow server owner/admin after 1.7 had been out for a little while.

    The first thing players do when they join a new map is go exploring for their favorite biome, whether it be a jungle or a desert or a mushroom island. These used to be pretty common (except mushroom islands) and easy to find within 2000 m of spawn. And most server owners were content with this. It kept exploration of new map area reasonable and file size manageable.

    Now that we have 40+ biomes, some of them quite rare, players are exploring again. The problem now is that like biomes are grouped together, so that you have to explore a lot more area to find rare biomes that are different from the ones at spawn. And most spawns fall in the middle of a temperate climate zone - forest, hill, plains, forest, hill, plains, some water, forest, hill...

    This means players will be once again making crazy long doglegs into the wilderness looking for deserts, or jungles, or the new biomes with the new blocks - all of these are rare by design, and tend to be far, far from spawn.

    The current solution is to pre-generate the map offline and use WorldBorder to put a hard limit on exploration past a certain distance from spawn. The problem there is that if your seed doesn't generate one of the "rare" biomes within that first 4000 m or whatever your border radius is, players will whine. Some may leave. The alternative is to let them run amok and bloat the map file size and cause stuttering lag while they're zooming through hundreds of chunks all rendering constantly.

    Biome grouping and surface ravines can both be turned off using a server plugin (TerrainControl) so it IS possible to pre-generate a modest-sized world with plenty of different types of biomes, all within 4000 m of spawn, and keep ravines hidden underground. There's also the option of slapping a satellite picture of Hoboken or Mount Fuji or something into the plugin folder and generating whatever biomes you want wherever you want them, but that's more work and may cause problems once the update arrives.

    You can still use WorldBorder to pre-generate a map using the custom TC plugin.
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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    Forgive me if I've missed the post where you comment on this -

    In past versions I was somehow able to get WP to allow Minecraft to populate the ground with regular abandoned mineshafts and such.

    I don't, for the life of me, remember how I did this, or if I am mistaken. I think it was for Tekkit 1.2.5 about 18 months ago.

    IIRC before that point, it was not possible to make a map in WP and export it in any way that would allow MC to populate the mineshafts in.

    Has this changed? Looking to make a custom mesa style map with lots of mineshafts and explosives.

    Quote from bruceatsr44

    I personally think WorldPainter's cave generation is really good, and leagues better than MC's regular cave gen. I played on a server with a completely worldpainted map and I loved going mining because the caverns were frequent, expansive and unique. I've never seriously attempted mining on a vanilla map because the caves are basically random tunnels, and they're so small and packed together it's impossible to memorize a layout of one.

    This, I like having the option of toggling on/off CUSTOM CAVERNS. The gigantic open arcades of WP's cavern generator are sort of unique and special. They were certainly fun to colonize and build entire cities inside and plant tall trees.
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    posted a message on Rules of Islam and Other Religions in Minecraft [PIC HEAVY]
    I look at potions as falling into three ethical/moral groups (roughly).

    Some potions save your life and act like true medical treatments. Regeneration potion, instant healing potion, weakness potion (as applied to villager zombies to "cure" them of their fearsome disease). You should feel free to use these potions anytime you need them.

    Some potions prevent a condition or hazard or improve an existing innate ability. They act like vaccines or vitamins do to prevent disease and enhance normal function. Fire resistance, damage resistance, and strength potion are examples of this type. You should be able to use them prudently but they can be unbalanced and therefore "unnatural" if used excessively. Fire resistance potions making you totally immune to fire for 3 or 8 minutes seems far-fetched, I think if any of these are borderline unfair, it's that one.

    Lastly some potions give unnatural enhancements that are meant to give the player an unbalanced advantage over nature. Invisibility, night vision, speed, jumping, and poison/harm potions give the player something they would not ordinarily be able to do under any circumstances, and are heavily used to take advantage of other players or distort the game experience. They should probably not be used in an idealist ethical/moral/doctrinal system. This goes for any religion or sect.

    I don't know if it's equally unethical/immoral, in a simulated religious Minecraft experience, to be able to craft a block or item that grants night vision (e.g. infrared goggles) or speed (a car or skateboard or something). I would think having a permanent item that grants the same bonus as a temporary potion, probably would make it more immoral, not less.

    This assumes that players walking to their destinations in unadorned, un-enchanted armour is to be the measure of things.
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    posted a message on Underground animal farms
    you need to have the animal pen correspond to the exact coordinates of the chunk(s) they occur in...

    otherwise when the chunks unload and reload (you log off, run far away, etc) your animals will sometimes glitch into the walls and die or glitch into adjacent caverns.

    Many many times I've come online to see random steaks and feathers and chicken carcasses lying on the ground next to the door and walls. If I had not set my bed location inside the cow shed, these drops might have vanished, I might have missed the problem, and only seen that my cow population was slowly dwindling.
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    posted a message on Playing legit.
    Quote from Kelekona

    I cheat like a cartoon villain, but I only play with myself or with a friend. In our shared world, I'm using a seed that I'm very familiar with. I've also flown around in creative will probably make a copy of the world for finding a stronghold and nether fortress. (Something about the nether stresses me out, and sometimes the only way I can find a fortress is to look for shadows on Rei's Minimap because I can't see netherbrick from more than 15 blocks away.)

    I'll turn the difficulty to peaceful at whim, dig in a direction I wouldn't without Rei's radar, have Rei automatically mark my death spot. (I would switch to an underground mapping program that relied on making maps based on where I walk) I would turn off mob griefing except I find it adorable when a zombie steals my weapons and armor, or an Enderman slowly turfs up my front yard, it's just those damn creepers. We would also play on peaceful if there was a way to get reagents without killing things and if we had a hunger mod. (Farming is fun, making food is fun, smelting stuff is fun, I want to try brewing.)

    I've also had times when the fastest way to stop being ed about some injustice that the game caused me was to turn on cheats and correct it. (Skeleton knocking me into lava or something, I'll hop into creative mod just to get my enchanted pickax back.) I should get an inventory preserve mod. Having the keepinventory command on makes me wonder why I should bother walking to my base when jumping into lava would be quicker.

    I also hopped into creative because the seed we're playing on is stingy with cows, and my friend would quit a cowless world.

    I also ran a dungeon generation tool on the world. It's giving some weird advantages, like nether mob spawners in the overworld, but it's more that I like random structures.

    Basically I cheat because the settings I want to play at don't exist without mods. But really, I'm playing house, not an adventure game.

    If I ever stopped hating people long enough to get on a server, I imagine that I could get around cheating by asking someone if they would trade something I like doing for the stuff I don't like doing.

    When you're in the game again type "/gamerule keepInventory true" and the only thing you'll lose from dying is the time it takes you to leave spawn.
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    posted a message on Go to Bukkit for 1.5 in McMyAdmin
    Quote from ItsVegar

    I use McMyAdmin, just stop your server, log into FTP (File Access) and delete your craftbukkit, and then install the 1.5 from http://dl.bukkit.org...ds/craftbukkit/
    And put the jar in your FTP and rename it to (craftbukkit) or what your old one was.

    this, and do the same with your minecraft_server.jar and just bypass the whole MCMyAdmin update button, it will mess things up if you're planning on using a dev version of CB.

    (Make backups of your existing setup as per usual)
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    posted a message on Minecraft server bandwidth hog?
    I just switched internet providers last month and I'm on a smaller bandwidth usage cap. This month I got my bill and it shows I've gone 30 GB over the usage cap and wound up with heavy fees.

    I've installed NetMeter and have it open on my desktop watching what's eating the bandwidth. TF2, other Steam games, Skype, and regular internet usage are hardly even showing a blip.

    I play on a SMP server 1-3 hours a day, several nights a week.

    Sure enough, once I log into Minecraft and join a server, it starts gobbling up 35-50 KB/s with me just standing inside my house, doing nothing and going nowhere.

    I don't recall this being a problem before about 1.3.1.

    I'm not hosting the server, it's remotely hosted elsewhere. Using vanilla client, joining Bukkit server with few plugins.

    The bandwidth is much higher when I'm around my farms with lots of livestock. But even out in the open during daylight it's still chewing through 20 kb/s download.

    I'm done with Minecraft if this is what I can expect just having a simple farm. I'm not paying $65-100 a month extra overage fees for the privilege of playing with my mates.

    Any suggestions or help or even an explanation would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on 1.5 Wither skeletons now suffocate in 2 high spaces
    Sucks, I just revamped my spawning pads in hell to have ceiling slab so this wouldn't happen though, so we'll see what happens
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    posted a message on What will you use the /effect command for in adventure maps?
    Everything...hopefully we can script some additional effects or have third-party command sets and plugins hook into this. IIRC someone on our server was messing about with command blocks and managed to get the command block to actuate "/kit redstonetools" which is an Essentials command, not a native Minecraft/Bukkit command.
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    posted a message on Nether and The End lava flow speed changed
    One good thing about random pockets of lava in the nether - I can harvest a lot more buckets of lava for lava-liers without spoiling the pristine surface of the lava sea. It's such a drag looking out my window and seeing lame-ass whirlpools and divots on my nice lava lawn where I took buckets out of necessity.

    It's like when you're in a mineshaft and there's a lava spring spilling out of a wall - nubs fill the source, and turn off the lava forever. And this is why you can't have nice things.

    *A lava-lier is a chandelier made up of nether fences, iron grates, or even glass panes with a lava source suspended between them but open to the atmosphere. Very pretty, discourages fly hacks.
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    posted a message on Nether and The End lava flow speed changed
    Quote from Auric245524

    to make a generator u'd require water. there is no legit way to get water in the nether. if you're cheating in water source blocks you might as well just cheat in the cobble, stone or obsidian anyway.

    on topic:
    It's nice to know the nether is becoming more dangerous. it was pretty easy to tunnel around from point A to point B without any problems. Now with the faster lava and the lava pockets in the netherrack it can become a bit dangerous to those who are not careful.

    I help run a server on which quite a few people have been playing since 1.1. We had a plugin called IceExtractor, that let players collect ice blocks by pulling them away from the water surface with a sticky piston. Quite a few players made contraptions in the Nether that use flowing water, flowing lava, or both. These have continued to work pretty much as expected, even after the 1.3 update made ice-->water in the Nether not work anymore.

    My question doesn't presuppose anyone is cheating anything.

    The only one I'm really concerned about is the obsidian generator. If the lava flows too fast, it can touch the water reservoir before its encounter with the redstone dust causes it to "source-ify". This is only a theory and I guess I'll find out come 1.5 if these devices still work, or if they just devolve into an expensive and low-yield cobble generator.
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    posted a message on Date Set For Minecraft 1.5?
    The Ides of March! :creeper:
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    posted a message on Nether and The End lava flow speed changed
    It's hard to follow some of the comments in that bug ticket because the English grammar is sketchy, or people are using different terminology to describe the same things or vice versa.

    It is frustrating indeed to deal with persistent flowing lava after you have eliminated all the sources.

    I wonder what effect this change will have on certain types of block generators (stone, cobble, and obsidian generators). I live in the Nether, so these questions are relevant to me whereas someone living in the overworld may notice no change to their generator.
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    Quote from pocketrocket

    I experimented with this feature. I stacked a thrown ender pearl on a mob. Killing the mob will teleport you to the place where the mob died.

    I also tried putting a minecart on an ender dragon! A dream come true!

    Edit again:

    See my sig....it's been done using mods and plugins before but yeah, trippy and definitely one of the highlights of this new functionality.
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