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    I'd like to start a thread where we can discuss all things concerning the next big update. The console version of 1.8 which has been confirmed by 4J Studios."The Bountiful Update." "The Update That Will Change The World." And so I'm confused about a couple different aspects of this idea, maybe you are too, and because I have received different answers from different sources via Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. and there seems, to me at least, to be a lot of speculation surrounding the anticipation of it, as is expected. Also I might be able to answer some questions myself, if anyone has any because I definitely have some of my own. So while waiting for the next big update, which will likely come this November or December, we can help each other be prepared for when the new biomes, mobs, enchantments, etc bless us with their ever-loving, time consuming, presence.

    My first and biggest question is if I start a new world now and only explore a small area, leaving the map mostly black, will the new biomes be updated into the unexplored areas?

    Secondly, if they do, how much affect could they have on my world? For example would they change areas that are now covered by water? Or what other changes might I expect?

    And last but not least, if my first question is a for sure yes, maybe we could discuss different seeds that would be great to start now while waiting for the world to change. Mainly for the anticipation of the new biomes but I'd also love to figure and debate on different seeds that'd be good for different reasons as well.


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    I know its uncouth to ask but having trouble finding the jungle temple. Don't need exact coordinates. Not really good with them anyway. But can someone point me in the right direction? Can trade for info for something else. Have found a couple spawners, about 70 diamonds, and a mineshaft. Plus the witches hut. Please and thankz
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