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Just another Minecraft player with a passion for building, drawing and creating things. I love the Yogscast, and most of my time in MC consists of working on my various builds and playing modded survival. I also spend a lot of time on The Hive and Hypixel.

The builds I create are usually big and are made up of more than just one structure; most of them I've never finished because of my habit of forgetting or because I lose interest quickly. I like building smaller stuff sometimes too, like singular castles and mage towers. I use texture packs a lot, usually a different one for each build, and a lot of the time I customize them to fit my needs.




- Drawing

- Writing

- Designing original characters

- Building in Minecraft

- Looking through/using different mods

- Playing on servers

- Reading, usually nonfiction information books

- Watching Let's Plays and Youtubers; The Yogscast, EricVanWilderman, Dan and Phil, Cryaotic, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye

- Watching old 50's shows like I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver

Location In a world of my own

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Minecraft Crow_the_Red

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