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    posted a message on Libercraft

    Ingame Name:


    Where are you from?:

    Finland. More precisely Lapland, the winter wonderland ;)

    Why do you prefer playing in a small community?:

    Well, to begin with, it's the small communities where you get to know people. Smaller groups of people usually grow to have a better team spirit and you can even make new friends faster. Often in a large community it tends to be quite hard to get noticed by others, leaving you in a position that you don't really feel like you are part of something.

    What is your favourite aspect of playing on a server with a vanilla-like gameplay?:

    Problem solving, I would really want to learn more redstone and use that knowledge to automate as many of everyday chores as possible. Of course there is FTB and other modpacks that would support this kind of project, but the basic Vanilla Minecraft is fascinating as it seems more simple than it really is. Also I feel that these modpacks have too much of the stuff, it gets overwhelming to me as I would want to learn and complete everything as I just keep on finding new items and machines.

    Tell us something about yourself:

    Well, what can I say, I'm usually the silent guy who does his own thing and answers when someone asks something. On the other hand, I think most of us Finns are like that, so what can you do. Once I get to know you, I'll start to socialize more and take part in conversations, maybe I'll even start one sometimes :D

    Why should we accept you?:

    Even though I'm quiet, I'm still a team player. Usually it is very fast for me to develop a bond to people, so I feel responsibility to help those in need. Usually I tend to do little pranks to people I end up spending time with, but there is often a gift involved so it's not that bad :D

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    posted a message on Thunder SMP | Brand New Vanilla Server!| 1.11
    Part 1 Getting to know you
    IGN: CrowDraven
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Discord Username + Number: I don't have a Discord account...
    Timezone: UTC+2
    Favorite Building Block: Spruce planks
    Favorite Biome to Build in: Anything with snow
    Do you know how to build an iron farm?: Never needed one, so I would have to say no... Luckily there is quite a lot of tutorials around

    Part 2: Advanced Questions:
    Do you have a favorite build style?
    I like to build cabins and old looking small houses to get started, after that I go for a large build that will take ages to complete. Usually it's a town or a city themed after ancient Greece or some other exciting ancient place where everything is breaking down and nature is slowly claiming the area back to itself.

    What is your experience with playing on a server?
    Used to play on a server where I also recorded my Youtube series, but then the server came to it's end. Soon after that I lost interest with Minecraft, but eventually I got interested with it again. I have tried a few servers since that, but they all were practically empty or full of bad trolls.

    Do you plan on playing a lot on the server?
    Currently I'm unemployed so I have all the time in the world. As long as I don't have something more important to do I'll most likely be playing. Even when I'm busy, I tend to boot up Minecraft to do quick and simple things in-game, before continuing on to getting other things done.

    What ideas do you have that you can add to the server?
    I'm quite keen on the idea that people on the server do stuff together, setting up events or building minigames or something. I would like to see a good team spirit on a server and do my best to help it. After all, what is the point on playing on a server, if you'll just be sitting there alone doing just your own thing.

    Part 3: Screenshots of Builds:
    I don't have a singleplayer world at the moment due to a fresh install, but you can check out my old videos to get an idea of my build style. I think it's quite a lot better to mention that possibility, rather than linking some quite obvious screenshots from Youtube videos.
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    posted a message on 1.9.2 SoulCraft Community! SMP 16+ [Custom Dungeons][Custom Features][Multi-world][Friendly staff][24/7][World Reset]
    Minecraft name: CrowDraven
    Age: 22
    Why ShadowCraft? Mature over 18 years old players to play with. Heard that there is a few youtubers on the server, looking forward to maybe recording together with them and sharing experiences. I like the idea of a monthly build-off, I'll most likely get good ideas for video content out of them. Rules seem fair and the server is just minorly modded, so I don't have to learn a million things like I would have to with feed the beast and stuff.
    Previous Bans: None
    Any friends in our community? Don't think I know anyone, but TexasCowGirl replied to my post in servers>looking for and did good job at making me feel welcome to the server :)
    Any mods you use? Usually none, sometimes optifine.
    How far must you be to build from others? I'm a bit picky of the place where I build, but I'll try to stay as close to others as possible. Without ruining any neighbourhood relationships by building too close to others, of course.
    Are you joining for Survival or Creative? Survival
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    posted a message on A lonely crow looking for it's new nest

    Welcome, hello, hi and good night.

    I'm called CrowDraven, or just Crow for short.

    I used to do youtube let's plays on a minecraft server, but due to the server breaking up, I decided to take a break from it all. Now I'm back, but the server isn't.

    I'm looking for a server, which accepts only mature players, I'd prefer 18 years old or older. I'm 22 myself and I don't have anything against younger players. On another thought. if I'm going to play a lot on the server, I don't feel like my sense of humor would be matching with someone who is quite a lot younger than I am. I am a family friendly guy and I don't swear a lot, it's just that I'm past the teenagers level of humor.

    Mainly I'm going to concentrate on having fun with other players and making youtube videos. That's why I'd really like to find a server, where I'm not the only one recording. I don't mind modding the game, but as an example, feed the beast has too much going on and I don't really enjoy it as my main way of playing the game. I'm a happy go lucky kind of a guy and I try to do my best to help others.

    To make it short, can you answer "yes" to these claims, when thinking about your server?

    • Mature and active players
    • Youtubers and/or livestreamers on board
    • Vanilla or minorly modded
    If yes, I'd be happy to talk with you and see if your server would be a place for me to build my new home in. For more information, could you take a look at this resume video I made, it might answer some of your questions and you'll see the quality of my videos at the same time.

    Thank you for your attention, I'd be happy to chat with you. Feel free to ask any questions that you have, you can also PM me for my skype if it's easier for you that way.
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    posted a message on Realm of Kronus: Season 2 100% Vanilla, 18+ Youtube Server
    IGN: CrowDraven
    Age: 22
    Skype: Crow Draven
    You Tube Account Name: TheCrowDravenEffect, (link:
    Minecraft Forte: I would have to say I'm not sure about this one, but I prefer building multiple smaller buildings over one massive one. Definately not redstone, so maybe adventuring and I do make kinda cozy little homes.
    Minecraft experience (How long have you been playing minecraft): Few years now
    Have you recorded or done a live stream before?: Both actually, enjoyed both styles quite a lot.
    Are you willing to stand by recording a video a week or being a regular Minecraft live streamer?: I'm aiming for at least one video/week
    Do you plan on going far with You Tube or live streaming?: As a hobby, yes. I'm not even dreaming about earning money from it, I don't even aim on achieving that. I'm happy, if I get few views and comments here and there. Of course, the more the merrier.
    Why do you think you should be excepted into the server?: Dunno if you're still looking for players or not, but I'm a happy go lucky kinda guy. I want to play with other people, because I want to have fun. I used to play on a different server a while back, got some really good friends out of that experience and I would want to live those moments once again. I will happily help with things when needed and do my best to make recording videos as easy and enjoyable for others, as possible.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself: Bachelor of business administration to be, from Finland and proud about it. I enjoy spending time outdoors and playing games. I play guitar pretty actively and I enjoy nothing more than a good meal with friends and family members. So, pretty much, I'm just like everyone else. Here is a short video I made for this server search I've got going on at the moment, if you're interested I'd be happy if you took a look at it.

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    posted a message on Live streaming background music
    Quote from Emrendil

    Be carfeul about copyright stuff. I would recommend searching for "royalty free music"

    Yeah, that's why I mentioned in my second post that what I'm searching was websites or musicians who share their music for free to be played in the background of youtube videos, live-streams ect. I don't want to start messing around with copyrights, I'm a creative personality my self and I write some music and draw and I would hope that people appreciate my copyrights too :) Before someone asks, I don't have that much of my own music recorded that I would use it. Also, I would feel like an idiot for marketting my own music by playing it in the background when I'm streaming.

    Quote from ccardell

    You might try, an innovative online marketplace for royalty-free production music with over 20,000 affordable, high-quality tracks. has created this page of royalty-free music tracks that are absolutely free to use: http://www.musicrevo...oduction_music/ I am the co-founder.

    I'll take a look at once I have time and I remember. Thanks for telling me about it Ccardell. :)
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    posted a message on Live streaming background music
    Mm, thanks everyone for your answers :) I think I messed up my post as I posted it early in the morning and English isn't my native language. What I wanted to know was if there is websites or musicians who share their music for free to be played in the background of youtube videos, live-streams ect.
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    posted a message on Live streaming background music
    Well hello there everyone! :)

    I put this topic into discussion area as I weren't sure where else should I put it. So, question is: Where could one get some music to be played in the background while live-streaming?

    I recently bought minecraft after playing it at my friends for a while, now that I own it myself I plan to start making youtube videos and live-streaming it. What I don't want to know is that how many people live-stream it already or that there is already too many youtube channels that are filled with minecraft.

    Thanks, your sincerely
    Crow Draven
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    posted a message on Does your mature vanilla server need a new player?
    Like I PM'd you Danteland, thanks for the offer :) Just replying in here too so people won't think of me as an jerk :D

    So yeah, I just joined MDawgMillionaire's server and I have settled down for now :) I like it there so far and I'm waiting to meet more of the players during days to come. Anyways, if something dramatic doesn't happen, I think I'll be staying on that server and I'll start recording some videos for youtube in there from now on.
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    posted a message on Does your mature vanilla server need a new player?
    Yay :) I'll PM you in a moment.
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    posted a message on Does your mature vanilla server need a new player?
    I go by name CrowDraven, I'm almost 20 years old student from Finland. I'm looking for a server where I could re-boot my youtube video making career in.

    What I would want from the server, well like the title says, vanilla or just minorly modded and other players would be mature. No hate towards anyone, but I just don't feel like playing all day with 15 year olds. As far as server rules go, no griefing or stealing, but pranks are fine with me. I would be happy, if there wouldn't be massive ammounts of players, if there is about maxinum of 20 players, I'm fine with that. I don't wait everyone else to be an active youtube user, if it's okay with everyone else, I could even be the only one to record videos on your server.

    What would I do on your server, you may ask. Firstly, I would hopefully make some friends to play with. If someone could give me a quick tour around the server, I could proceed on and find my own little place to build my house in. During and mostly after I have settled in, I would be happy to take part in community kind-of-things, like building something together with the others or making let's plays with other players.

    Like I said, I'm a student, what I study is business and marketing and I have knowledge about information technology too, so if your server would need a new logo, some other graphics or even a basic website or an texture pack, I could help you out with that.

    Yours sincerely,
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