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    posted a message on Minecraft crashing after startup
    My problem is that when I log into Minecraft via the .jar, Minecraft shuts down.

    I just recently installed Ubuntu on my laptop, it's version 10.10. I'm kinda new to Linux in general, so I can't really provide more details without you asking for them.
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    posted a message on [MOD] [WIP] Nightmare Craft!
    I really, really like the idea. Maybe on Peaceful it would be a 'good dream' where there are no enemies, and it's day time. In Easy it could be night, and you get good armor and weapons to start with. On Normal it would be night, and you would get like, stone armor and a stone sword. Finally, on Hard, it would be night, and you would start with only a wood sword and a breastplate.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Crashing [Resolved]
    Lets start things off with what my computer is and what I've done...

    It's running Windows 7 Professional x64, Java 6 update 21 (build 1.6.0 23-b05), (I'm not sure if all of my individual specs (like motherboard and video card) are required).

    What I've done
    1: Tried to open minecraft normally, it downloaded files (as I previously messed them up with a mod and I deleted them) I logged in, but it showed a black screen. After maybe 30 seconds it popped up with a minecraft crashed window saying this:

    Minecraft has crashed!

    Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem.

    If you wish to report this, please copy this entire text and email it to [email protected].
    Please include a description of what you did when the error occured.

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT a1dce528 --------
    Generated 1/20/11 10:03 PM

    Minecraft: Minecraft Beta 1.2_01
    OS: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1
    Java: 1.6.0_23, Sun Microsystems Inc."

    2: After this I tried to run it as administrator, all seemed well, but again when I tried to log in it went to a blank screen and then gave me the same error message.

    3: Then I went to minecraft.net, signed in, and tried to do it in the browser. It redownloaded all of the minecraft files (even though I didn't touch them). After that was done I attempted to play again, but it just gave me the same error after few seconds of black screen.

    Is anyone else having these problems and can someone please help me? Thank you in advance!

    It seems to be nothing more than for some reason I had 128x128 texture packs in my texturepacks folder.
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    posted a message on How does one merge mods?
    I want to use Auto Equip, and I also want to use SP commands, but they both use the minecraft.class. How would one merge these together (I'd rather learn than have someone else do it so I can do it other times as well).
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    posted a message on SimpleCraft (V15.2)
    I find this absolutely hilarious. I started making a texture pack with the same name and same theme. (I'm not accusing you of stealing as I've never given it to anyone). But I still think this is quite funny.
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    posted a message on [REQ] Redstone Wire Emits Light
    I was thinking that it seems kind of strange that redstone wire doesn't emit light when powered. I would do this myself, but I have absolutely no modding ability. This seems like a very easy project.
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    posted a message on [REQ/IDEA] Craftbook for SSP
    I feel ashamed that I know that exact episode of Spongebob... it brings me back.... back on topic: It's nice to see another person liking the idea!
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    posted a message on Cactus glitch
    Suck My Blowfish, I was doing some testing with this (before I found this topic) and when a cactus is placed against another cactus while in water the first cactus gets destroyed.

    Also, a new way to autoharvest cacti, if a cactus grows it refreshes the cactus in water, making it get destroyed. Along with the newly grown cactus. Sadly it's a one go thing, no auto-farming (like the other method) after the first time.
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    posted a message on [REQ/IDEA] Craftbook for SSP
    Well, I was thinking for quite a while about how SSP could be better. And one of my favorite SMP mods is Craftbook. It is by far one of the best mods, between ICs and all of the sign commands it is just amazing. So I was thinking if it would be possible/relatively easy to bring it to SP. I understand that it is a very complex mod, but I was thinking if it were possible to convert it, like base it off of the HMod version code.

    Your thoughts? (Please don't just flame, "THATS IMPOSSIBLE! YOU TARD!")
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    posted a message on [Guide] How to use outdated mods
    In this guide I will show you how to use the outdated mods that you absolutely love. It's a relatively simple process and it will keep you using the mods that you love.

    I would just like to say, this is only for PC users only. I don't know where the .minecraft folder is on macs.
    [Step 1]
    First of all you will have to locate your .minecraft folder, there are other guides for that part.
    [Step 2]
    Next you will have to locate your minecraft.jar file. Within the .minecraft folder it should be in the 'bin' folder.
    [Step 3]
    Now copy and paste your minecraft.jar file somewhere else.
    [Step 4]
    If an update breaks any of your mods then just copy the minecraft.jar into the bin folder, and overwrite the new minecraft.jar, it wont update, but it will be on the prior update, so you can use all of your last update's mods.

    If you copy the minecraft.jar file with all of your mods installed then when you copy it back into the bin folder you will have all of your mods pre-installed.
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    posted a message on [Mod Idea] Hey0's comes to singleplayer
    Tried and tried again, year old laptop+mincraft server+minecraft=bad

    Oh, and I use the SP command already, I love em :smile.gif: I just want all the plugins that come with hey0's
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    posted a message on [Mod Idea] Hey0's comes to singleplayer
    Alright, so this is my idea, it's quite simple, but it could be very cool. Bring Hey0's server mod for SP. All of the commands (not the ban and kick of course), and being able to install hey0's plugins for SP as well. Although this would be quite hard I think it would pay off. And with help from Hey0 one might be able to just convert it to work with SP. So please, tell me what you think.
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    posted a message on [Dedicated][BigBrothr][Mobs] HeroWebCraft Server *brand new*
    Name :Crockeo (In game)
    Age : 13 (But please, don't judge me on my age)
    Location : Massachusetts
    What kind of player do you think you are : I think I'm the kind of player that takes on really big projects, and finishes them.
    Experience in SMP : I've ran my own server (along with my brothers) and I've built quite a bit on that server, along with other servers, and I've never been kicked/banned.
    Why I want to join HeroWebCraft : I want to join because I am looking for a server that is up 24/7 (my brother's is not) that is still enjoyable to play on.
    Why I should be whitelisted (Besides "to be able to play", put thought into it): Because I can plan and create large projects that could really make the server look nice.
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    posted a message on New Private Server Looking For Members [anti grief][semivin]
    First of all, I have a question, what does IGN stand for, does it mean like, IGN.com? If so I don't have one, if it has something to do with Minecraft name then I can do that.

    IGN=Crockeo (if it's Minecraft name)
    Previous Servers: I was on many private servers for my friends and I.
    Why you left: Because they're hardly ever on and I want a server that's on more, but is still relatively small.
    What time zone are you in: -5:00 GMT
    What name do you liked to be called by: Crockeo
    Any buildings you've made: I've made many large monuments, and an arena that is actually used on one of my former servers as a way for prisoners to duke it out for freedom (prisoners being griefers).
    Anything else I'd like to add: I HATE griefing, griefers, and everything associated with causing grief to others.
    Age: I'm 13 (and although I am relatively young I am still responsible and mature)
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    posted a message on the problem with smp health
    I would like to put forth a worst case scenario:

    A greifer takes time to assimilate himself with the normal cool community. He spends his time collecting sand and gunpowder, he makes many many tnt, he then hides them all in someone's masterpiece. He sets up a redstone wire that will set all of them off. He runs away and D/Cs, no one know's who did it, but then it respawns, because that person got their thing protected by an admin, as it was amazing. So the greiefer comes back and cries, and then cuts himself to relieve the pain of failing to be a giant ass. (This is the worst case for the griefer, and to teach normal, good people, that they should use some sort of mod that can protect their blocks (I've seen them))
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