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    I like it. However. I think it should be Quartz Blocks around the coal instead of quartz shards. Hardened clay and stained glass use the block so it would make since if this did too.

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    Where to begin...


    Timing, as of the writing of this post, I believe it has been a grand total of 529 days since the release of 1.8 on September 2nd, 2014. Making this the longest wait for a major update to Minecraft, at almost double the production time of 1.8. This is all fine and great when we are seeing actual feature added to the game during this time, but since October the game has seen no new features, leaving a full 3 and a half months since we've seen even a hint of a new feature.


    Combat, the combat in 1.9 (in my opinion) has greatly improved since 1.8, however, other than sword timing, combat itself hasn't changed very much, sure, we've gotten Potion Arrows, Lingering Potions, Duel Wielding, Shields, and two new (non-combat related) enchantments. Heck, we've even gotten gliders, but, if we look at each of these items they aren't necessarily fully combat related.

    Elytra: the elytra is hardly a combat related item, seeing as doing combat with this would be near impossible with the player having to focus they're energy on flying over fighting, a simple 1v1 would take forever. This is more of an exploring item than combat related.

    Duel Wielding: Love it, I think its an absolutely amazing feature, but you cannot duel wield weapons, therefor taking away a major appeal that duel wielding would have had.

    Shields: I don't have any complaints here, the shields are fairly balanced, block a decent amount of damage. However, they block up way to much of the gameplay screen for me to consider using. I would say at least a fourth of the screen is taken up by the top of the shield, therefor limiting visibility, and gameplay.

    Enchantments: When the combat update was announced I was expecting new weapons, weapon related enchants, new arrows (success), but in the end we didn't get any new weapons, and only two enchantments, that weren't even related to combat... Very disappointing in my opinion.

    The other items were fine, but again, there are so many more combat related mechanics to explore, and instead they focused their time on non-combat related enchants and changing our current items instead of adding new ones.


    Mobs, this topic leads back to combat in a way but I felt it needed its own section. In 1.9 we only received one new mob, sure, it came with a new effect and a structure, but, when it comes to combat, fighting THINGS is a major part of it, and this update lacked in the way of new hostile mobs. 1.8 was not even labeled the combat update and it had more threats than 1.9 does.

    This is another place mojang could have majorly improved... And theres really not much more I have to say on the matter.


    World generation, structures. In 1.9 we got a huge overhaul to the end, with the terrain there being completely redone, two new structures and two plant types added to the game, this update was not lacking in the slightest when it comes to exploration, however, I feel like they have shown us they are fully capable of doing huge overhauls like this, and I expect more from them when it comes to the other dimensions in future updates, possibly a Nether overhaul, and even a new dimension would be great for everyone.


    Building, I don't even know where to begin. When it comes to builders, and blocks, they failed. Completely and utterly failed. When it comes to actual blocks in 1.9, we received... eight, eight blocks, and thats including the stairs and slabs for purpur, the frost ice, and the end rods. So technically speaking, we really only got maybe four or five blocks. Now that being said, the purpur blocks are very limited to where you can use them, they have a very distinct style and are hard to fit in to other normal builds. *Sigh*

    (End Stone Bricks, End Rods, Frosted Ice, Grass Path Blocks, PurPur Blocks, PurPur Pillars, PurPur Slabs, and PurPur Stairs.)

    The builders were greatly neglected in 1.9, and I expect them to make up for it with a Building Update for 1.10.


    Side notes.

    • Commands where completely redone in 1.9, however I have not really messed with them very much and don't know what/have much to say.

    • Im still waiting on the ability to remodel entities like we are able to with blocks. This is a feature that would bring texturing/modelsing to a whole new level.

    • Boats were fixed in this update, which is amazing, and should have happened a long time ago...

    • Im still waiting on the five other wood types for Trapdoors, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Bookshelves, Crafting Tables, Ladders, Chests, and Signs.


    This is all I have to say on 1.9, and Im interested to see what you all think of my opinions.

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    Quote from ErikAxeReal»

    Would you need some help with the map? I can help, as I work often in worldpainter...

    Thanks, but as I will point out in the following post, I have already figures out what Im going to do, but I will bookmark you incase I need help in a future project! Ill contact you if I ever need your help.


    Just a heads up to all of you, thanks for all the help, Ive decided to build the city first, then the island around it, so that will eliminate most of the work, and the Im just going to go around the edge and use the /fill command and a good bit of hand work to get it done, It'll take more time, but in the end I think it will look much better, but thanks again anyways for all the help. Maybe in a future project this info will be helpful.

    EDIT: for some reason my reply to Erik, and the second paragraph assigned to all of you keeps automatically combining into the same post, and I can't seem to figure out a fix, so just know that before the line is assigned to Erik, everything after is assigned to the rest of you.

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    I need this. This might actually be a planned addition, as we may get up to 16 different command blocks.

    When was it stated we might get 16 various command blocks? :o I NEED THEM!!! :_:
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    Okay, I had a major typo, its fixed now. xD I meant 1.8 was boring with the pvp/pve, not 1.9 xD

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